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June 20, 2013

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Another week has flown by, but here's a great list of PHP-related links for you to peruse!  See the News and Announcements section regarding PHP 5.5

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Best 10 PHP Frameworks for Developers
PHP Frameworks have been around for a while, and help web developers create effective and logical applications. Most web developers choose a PHP Framework and stick with it, but it sometimes helps to try others and see which one works best for you. In this article we'll be going through some PHP History and the Best 10 PHP Frameworks for Developers.

Google App Engine and a Plea for Phalcon
Let’s find out about Google’s recent embrace of PHP in Google App Engine, what it means for the PHP community, and how it can be improved even further if they add support for the high performing PHP framework Phalcon.

Tutorials and Talks

5 Surprises for PHP Developers Coming to JavaScript
PHP programmers often see the familiar C-like syntax of JavaScript and think it’s all flowers and roses. While trivialities like loops and conditions are pretty much equivalent in both languages, things get very weird very quickly. Let’s take a look at the top 5 marvels JavaScript has to offer to the unsuspecting PHP veteran.

Apache PHP Injection to JavaScript Files
Server-side injections are not only limited to Apache modules or binaries. They can also be done via global .htaccess injections and PHP auto appends/pre-appends, which is covered in this article.

Simple User Authentication in Laravel 4
With the recent release of Laravel 4, PHP developers have at their disposal one of the finest frameworks for application development.

Combining Laravel 4 and Backbone
For this tutorial, we’re going to be building a single page app using Laravel 4 and Backbone.js. Both frameworks make it very easy to use a different templating engine other than their respective default, so we’re going to use Mustache, which is an engine that is common to both.

Data Structures for PHP Devs: Stacks and Queues
A data structure, or abstract data type (ADT), is a model that is defined by a collection of operations that can be performed on itself and is limited by the constraints on the effects of those operations. It creates a wall between what can be done to the underlying data and how it is to be done.

Integrating Twig in Your Legacy PHP Code
If you are working on a legacy code that is years old, it might have its own template mechanism that doesn’t really allow you to take advantage of the benefits that a structured and object-oriented engine like Twig would. In this situation, when a complete replacement would cost too much for your organisation, take advantage of a wild integration between this advanced template engine and your existing code.

Create Your Own Captcha in PHP
In this PHP Code tutorial learn how to create a captcha for your feedback, registration or any other form.

Build a PHP SaaS App from Scratch
This is the first of 3 posts which will talk about launching your own SaaS product (or converting your existing single tenant app to a SaaS app). We will cover various aspects from developing the app to building a SaaS site (to enable your clients to sign up for it).

Dynamically Cache and Combine All CSS Files
Does your website use a lot of CSS files? If so did you know you can increase your website’s speed by caching and combining all of your CSS files into a single file?

How To Use Multiple PHP Versions (PHP-FPM & FastCGI) With ISPConfig 3 (Ubuntu 13.04)
Since ISPConfig 3.0.5, it is possible to use multiple PHP versions on one server and select the optimal PHP version for a website. This feature works with PHP-FPM (starting with PHP 5.3) and FastCGI (all PHP 5.x versions). This tutorial shows how to build PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 as a PHP-FPM and a FastCGI version on an Ubuntu 13.04 server. These PHP versions can be used together with the default PHP (installed through apt) in ISPConfig.

Check Username Availability with jQuery and PHP
Many websites have user registration forms, where the user inputs data like name, username, password and other details. The user then clicks on the submit button, and can sometimes get the error message “Username Not available!”. This really creates a bad impression on someone who has invested a lot of time filling in the form. In such cases developers need to take care of the username availability immediately.

Creating a PHP application on Openshift
What is OpenShift? It is a cloud, from Red Hat. To be more precise: A PaaS (Platform As A Service).

Becoming a PHP Master - Reputation
As you progress in your career as a PHP developer, you will of course learn new things, increase your skills and gain expertise. You may become an expert as PHP develops, but if others are not aware of your expertise, you may not gain the recognition you deserve. The PHP Classes website is launching a new feature that is intended to make your reputation as a PHP developer more visible.

PHP: XPath on HTML and XHTML
A discussion on how to load HTML files properly and run XPath on their DOMDocument objects.

Laravel 4 on Google AppEngine for PHP
Since Google recently announced that they'd be supporting PHP on their App Engine service, developers have been trying out various setups to see how well they'd work. In this recent post Gilles Mergoil shares some of his experience with getting a Laravel 4-based application up and running in App Engine.
News and Announcements

PHP 5.5
Literally just in before sending this out, so adding it in quickly.
Download here

Istanbul PHP Conference July 6th 2013 
Talk "cutting edge" PHP technologies at Yildiz Technical University.

International PHP Conference, Munich October 2013
The International PHP Conference is a globally recognised event for PHP developers, web workers, IT managers and everyone interested in web technology. We are about to start planning the next conference so if you have some projects to talk about, you can submit your sessions here:

Reintroducing the php[architect] Web Summit Series!
php[architect] is relaunching their Web Summit Series, on a regular basis throughout the year. The first one will be held on July 16th, focusing on DevOps. Register and purchase tickets here.

Win TWO Free Tickets To Nomad PHP June 2013
At the 2nd PHP Nomad Talk hear Phil Sturgeon discussing Laravel 4.

Reading and Viewing

Lately in PHP Podcast
The PHP 5.5.0 final release is about to happen. After about 16 months of development PHP 5.5 is bringing even more maturity to the PHP language, which by Google numbers is present in 75% of the Web sites. This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Ernani Joppert in episode 36 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

PHP Array Filtering (by Sam Hennessy, published June 2013)
Take your PHP skills to the next level. The Use Case series of books is a series intended for both beginner and advanced PHP programmers. This series will break the language down into smaller chunks and make sure you learn everything about PHP. You will learn about each feature using real world scenarios that feature fully functioning PHP code.

The Development Hell Podcast
Episode 33 - Pol Pot-level Sucks. Chris and Ed cover an eclectic mixture of subjects including the loss of trust in Google, vintage gaming and computing, and just how private can you be on the internet in the light of widespread government surveillance.

Handsonlabs in Php/MySql (by Owoeye Oluwatobi, published 15th June 2013)
Handsonlabs in Php/Mysql is a real time fired up practical experience borne out of a proven course outline used to equip graduate and under-graduate students seeking Software Development skills, which in turn is useable for immediate & profitable applications.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Simple PHP Agenda 2.2.8 (edit_event.php, eventid param) - SQL Injection
Simple Php Agenda is a simple agenda tool written in PHP with MySQL backend.

Weathermap 0.97c (editor.php, mapname param) - Local File Inclusion
Network Weathermap is a network visualisation tool, to take data you already have and show you an overview of your network in map form.

Klein – Lightning fast router for PHP
Klein is a light weight routing library for PHP 5.3+. Flexible regular expression routing, a set of boilerplate methods for rapidly building web apps, and almost no overhead => 2500+ requests/second.

Assetic – Asset Management
Assetic is an asset management framework for PHP. An Assetic asset is something with filterable content that can be loaded and dumped. An asset also includes metadata, some of which can be manipulated and some of which is immutable.

Idiorm – Lightweight ORM Library
A lightweight nearly-zero-configuration object-relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5. Makes simple queries and simple CRUD operations completely painless, gets out of the way when more complex SQL is required and is built on top of PDO.

An OAuth library written in PHP. Goals include: Support OAuth 1.0A, use authorisation headers instead of query string or POST parameters, allow uploading of images and provide enough information to assist with debugging.

PHP MicroID Library which provides methods needed to generate and verify MicroIDs.

PHP-RQL provides a driver to access RethinkDB databases from PHP code. It requries PHP 5.3 and RethinkDB 1.6.

Using PHP Libraries with CodeIgniter
Your library classes should be placed within your application/libraries folder, as this is where CodeIgniter will look for them when they are initialised.

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