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September 12, 2013

Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian
Hi there. Hope you've had a great week!

The past week has flown by for me, but we have some great links and stories for you.  We've also got a few more jobs listed and more enquiries for this.  In addition we are going to be looking at adding sponsorship into our newsletter to cover our costs, though we will keep this as subtle as possible to ensure that they do not detract from the content.  As ever, if you have any questions, comments, criticisms... and even praise we'd love to hear from you

Until next time :)

All the best

Katie and Ade


PHP From The Inside Out
PHP 5.5 co-release manager Julien Pauli provides a quick tour of PHP’s guts and how they fit together in action.

Understanding Realtime PHP Apps
In the first of a two part series, Phil Leggetter looks at the insatiable appetite for lightning quick delivery and the difficulties encountered in the race to zero.

New Designs Floating Around
In a new post to his site Hannes Magnusson talks about the current PHP documentation (and site) formatting and how, while changes to it are quick, they should be instant. He suggests a path to get there and a new tool that could help.

Tutorials and Talks

Installing Jenkins CI Server with GitHub Integration For A PHP Project
Here are the details of how to install Jenkins CI server on a CentOS server (version 6.4 in this case) and set it up with GitHub integration so pushing to GitHub automatically triggers a build. Our project is a PHP project so the build will have PHP related stuff and we are going to use Ant as the build system.

Introduction to Document Databases with MongoDB
If you've been wanting to get into document databases (NoSQL stuff) but haven't had a good beginners guide to look at, Derick Rethans has just the post for you. It introduces some of the concepts behind these databases with just a splash of how to use it in PHP.

Returning JSON Errors in a ZF2 Application
If you have a standard ZF2 application and accept application/json requests in addition to application/html, then you have probably noticed that when an error happens, HTML is created, even though the client has requested JSON. One way to fix this is to create a listener on MVC's render event to detect that an error has occurred and substitute a JsonModel in place of the ViewModel.

Zend Framework 2 XML Sitemap
In a new post to his site Adam Culp shares how he created an XML sitemap for his Zend Framework 2-based application as he made it (the SunshinePHP site) more SEO friendly.

The Cardinal Sin of Object Inheritance
Brandon Savage talks about the "cardinal sin" of working with object inheritance in PHP applications - adding public methods to a class that extends/implements another.

Bringing Unicode to PHP with Portable UTF-8
PHP allows multibyte variable names like $a∩b, $Ʃxy and $Δx, mbstring and other extensions work with Unicode strings, and the utf8_encode() and utf8_decode() functions translate strings between the UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encodings. Yet it’s widely acknowledged that PHP lacks Unicode support. This article covers what the lack of Unicode support means, and demonstrates the use of a library that brings Unicode support to your PHP application, Portable UTF-8.

Phil Sturgeon shares some of his thoughts about the almost "fear of change" that the PHP project seems to have. He cites the example of the T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM constant, one that can be confusing for those not familiar with it.

DTrace with PHP Update
Christopher Jones has recently been working with the in-built DTrace code in PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5, specifically stabilising its configuration on Solaris and Oracle Linux. DTrace is an always-available, low overhead, tracing framework that has just celebrated its 10th Birthday. DTrace support in PHP was originally via a separate PECL extension. In PHP 5.4 David Soria Parra (then at Sun) merged DTrace functionality to core PHP making it more accessible.
News and Announcements

php[tek] 2014 - Chicago May 19-23rd
We here at php[architect] (and are excited to announce our plans for the upcoming php[tek] 2014 PHP conference! We will be back again at our traditional location at the Sheraton O’Hare in Chicago (actually in Rosemont, IL, just outside of Chicago). Registration will be opening soon, and keep an eye out for our Call for Papers!

International PHP Conference 2013 - Munich October 27-30th
The International PHP Conference is a globally recognised event for PHP developers, webworkers, IT managers and everyone interested in web technology. Register for tickets before September 26th for the early bird discounted rate.

Reading and Viewing

Test{able|ing} Symfony2 Applications
Symfony2 is a popular framework for developing web applications in PHP. But just because you use an off-the-shelf framework as the foundation for your development effort does not mean that you do not need to think about the architecture, design and testability of the software you're building anymore. This workshop, presented by the creator of PHPUnit, teaches best practices you can use to ensure that your Symfony2 application is easy to test and explains how to test it with PHPUnit.

PHP Quick Scripting Reference (by Mikael Olsson, published 4th September 2013) 
The PHP Quick Scripting Reference is a condensed scripting code and syntax reference to the PHP scripting language, the most popular Web scripting language in use today. It presents the essential PHP script in a well-organised format that can be used as a handy reference. 

How To Set Up A Server With Apache, PhP, Perl, MySQL & PhPadmin: Set Up Yours Now (by Justice Akpadie Jnr, published 8th September 2013)
This book describes the steps required to set up your own web server. 

Expert PHP and MySQL: Application Design and Development (by Mark Rochkind, published 21st August 2013)
Expert PHP and MySQL is about bringing commercial-grade practices to PHP and MySQL projects. You're a competent PHP developer, so you're comfortable in working with the language and the database; you've even implemented a few projects using them. Now is the time to focus on successful practices for organising your projects, setting mutually agreeable targets with clients, modelling and managing data, always with the end goal of delivering polished and robust applications that will stand the test of time and reliably deliver on customer needs.


If you have a position that needs filling, let us know and we will include it.

Full Stack Developer
Major television production company seeks an experienced web developer to join its digital division. The ideal candidate possess a deep expertise and abiding love of web development, an incredible track record of producing stellar web applications (with a long list of URLs & GitHub repositories to prove it), a near-supernatural work ethic and a fantastic sense of humour.

Junior PHP Web Developer to support charity clients at Fat Beehive in London
Are you personable? A problem solver? Passionate about web technology and interested in charity and not for profit clients? Fat Beehive are looking to hire a junior PHP web developer! We are excited to be looking for a proactive developer, a natural problem solver, who will enjoy working with our not-for-profit clients, and be an integral part of our team.

Machine Learning / AI skills (project based)
Inovica are looking for someone to work with them on detecting ecommerce products on sites and extracting relevant information. In the first instance please email [email protected] stating the experience you have in this field. They don't have a job description online but will reply to every email they receive.

Message Digital Design Ltd is Hiring a Web Developer (PHP) 
We are looking for an experienced developer to work in our spacious offices in central Brighton, helping to deliver high-quality websites, e-commerce and online systems to a wide range of clients. At Message we give a damn about building the web the right way, and the successful applicant will too.

Ballers Bridge is Hiring a Sr. Yii Developer
We are looking for a motivated and outstanding candidate to lead our product development. The ideal candidate is an experienced problem solver, quick thinker/learner, self-motivated and not afraid of challenges.

PHP Engineers for Bright.Com in San Francisco
We are looking for PHP engineers to join our growing team! The ideal candidate is language agnostic, and can work with both scripting languages (such as Python and PHP) as well as strongly typed languages (such as C++ and Java), and has a passion for taking an idea and exploring, tinkering, debating, and demonstrating the fastest, most efficient, flexible and scalable implementation approaches. Experience working with traditional SQL databases as well as newer technologies, indexes and data stores is key (such as Solr, ElasticSearch, Redis, or Neo4j), and you must be comfortable using Linux and other open source technologies.

Senior PHP Developer in Bucharest, Romania
We are searching for a passionate PHP developer who will be part of a team of senior programmers and experienced testing engineers, directly involved in technical development projects, using Agile Scrum as methodology.

Performance Telecom (UK) seek freelancer (Remote worker) - Python and PHP Developer
This position is primarily Python, but PHP skills are also required.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Numbers provides a simple and powerful way to convert numbers in various string formats, like scientific notation or unit-suffix notation. It also gives you control on numbers precision (that's different of the numbers of decimals!), making it simple to format numbers as you want in your view layer.

PHP and Git with changelog generator. Nicely formatted changelog generator for your git repository.

Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client and framework for building RESTful web service clients.

MDA (Multi Dimensional Array) access helpers for PHP.

Extension for the Yii PHP framework that registers with the Grunt livereload server.

Enables level triggered logging for each psr-3 Logger Interface. This component ships a collection of enhanced proxy logger handling tools.

Archer is a library for standardising PHP unit testing, continuous integration and documentation behaviour across multiple projects, using a convention-over-configuration approach. It brings together several high-quality libraries to help improve the quality of a project's test suite and reporting tools.

This is an unofficial Pusher PHP client for interacting with the REST Pusher API. Contrary to the official client, ZfrPusher is based on modern tools with a better architecture.

A PHP implementation of a Naive Bayes statistical classifier, including a structure for building other classifiers, multiple data sources and multiple caching backends.

A CakePHP plugin for making sorted, cached and organised list of controllers.

Snappy is a PHP5 library allowing thumbnail, snapshot or PDF generation from a url or a html page.

Simple and useful event emitter

A modern and powerful PHP debugging helper. 

To put it simply, Krumo is a replacement for print_r() and var_dump(). By definition Krumo is a debugging tool (initially for PHP4/PHP5, now for PHP5 only), which displays structured information about any PHP variable.

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Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian

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