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July 10, 2014

Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian
Hello PHP fans! After my request to the PHP community last week for some additional proof reading assistance, I've been overwhelmed by the support and response received. Thanks to all of you who have offered your help.

I will be calling on you all in the coming weeks to lend me your eyes, and will thank each of you personally.

Cape Town's 2nd Annual PHP Conference has been announced, 2nd – 4th October 2014. Early bird tickets have been released, but only a limited number so be quick.

Before that though, the Northeast PHP Conference 2014 will take place in Boston, early September. Tickets are still on sale.

This week the Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast team chat with web designer Kris Jeary, about all things design.

And we bring you Part 7 of the Refactoring Legacy Code series, this time identifying the presentation layer.


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8 Must Have PHP Quality Assurance Tools
Quality Assurance in PHP is a valuable but very rarely seen aspect. In a world focused on rapid deployment and a “ship now, worry later” mentality, a focus on quality is a rare sight, especially when dealing with the web.

How to Pick the Perfect Design Patterns for Your Project
Brandon Savage speaks a lot on design patterns. This year, he has given nearly a dozen talks on the subject, relating to his book Practical Design Patterns in PHP. One of the questions Brandon gets asked the most about design patterns is, “how do I pick a design pattern to use in my project?”. His answer is always the same: you don’t.

A Better PHP Testing Experience: Introduction
This is the introduction to a series of articles related to what Matthias Noback would call: the "PHP testing experience". He is not really happy with it, as are so many others. In the last couple of years he's met many developers who have experienced a lot of trouble while trying to make testing a serious part of their development workflow. 

HHVM Faster GitHub Commits
The HHVM community is awesome, particularly when it comes to directly helping to fix HHVM through pull requests. Until now, the actual pushing of commits back to the master HHVM branch on GitHub has been a manual process, and takes more time than would be preferred.

Tutorials and Talks

Symfony2: Framework Independent Controllers Part 3: Loose Ends
In the third part of his series, Matthias Noback starts off explaining why he is writing all of this, and why would you ever want to decouple controllers from the (Symfony2) framework?

Refactoring Legacy Code: Part 7 - Identifying the Presentation Layer
In this seventh chapter of our refactoring tutorials, we will do a different type of refactoring. We observed in the past lessons that there is presentation related code scattered all over our legacy code. We will try to identify all the presentation related code that we can and we will then take the necessary steps to separate it from business logic.

Custom Post Types: Take WordPress Beyond Blogging
If you’ve used WordPress as a CMS for your clients, you’ve probably had to reassure a client that it’s not just ‘a blogging platform’. The Dashboard, however, doesn’t help. Unless you’ve installed plugins that provide custom post types, all an editor can add are posts and pages. This article will compare Types and Pods, two plugins for creating unique custom post types to match your (or your client’s) needs precisely.

Continuous Integration with PHP-CI
Creating an application is one thing. Keeping it to a certain quality level is another thing entirely. These days, you can find many tools which can help you to keep the quality of your application in shape. Running these tools one by one can be very time consuming. For that, you can install so called continuous integration (CI) services. PHPCI is one of those and, in this article, we will dive into it.

A BDD Workflow With Behat and Phpspec
In this tutorial, we will have a look at two different BDD tools, Behat and phpspec, and see how they can support you in your development process. Learning BDD can be confusing. New methodology, new tools and many questions, such as "what to test?" and "which tools to use?". 

How To Display Random Ads
A PHP code snippet teaching how to display random adverts on your website.

The Drupal 8 Version of EntityFieldQuery
Even though Drupal 7 core fell short of a proper way of handling its brand new entity system, it did give us EntityFieldQuery. For those of you who don’t know, EntityFieldQuery is a very powerful querying class used to search Drupal entities programatically (nodes, users, etc). This article talks about what we have in Drupal 8 for querying entities.

How to View an Instagram Photo Stream in Zend Framework 2
One of the best things about being online is the ability to consume and share photos. So in today’s tutorial, we’re going to learn how to retrieve and display an Instagram photo stream in Zend Framework 2. 

Automate PHP with Phake – Introduction
As developers, we often have to do repetitive tasks such as updating the database structure, seeding the database, writing CRUD code, running tests and uploading files to a server. Phake, an automation tool written for PHP, can do those tasks for you. This two-part series walks you through integrating Phake into your workflow.
News and Announcements

PHP 5.6.0RC2 Is Available
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of the second release candidate of PHP 5.6. As we entered the feature freeze with beta1, this is a bugfix-only release. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs in the bug tracking system.

PHP Cape Town Conference - 2nd-4th October 2014
If you're PHP-Curious or a Skilled Developer we would like you to share in the experience. Thank you to the PHP Cape Town Community for volunteering and helping out. Call for Papers will close on 20th July 2014.

Northeast PHP Conference - September 6-7th 2014, Boston
The Northeast PHP Conference is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology and UX. There has been a lot of demand for such a conference in this region, and we are excited to be hosting it again. We are bringing in over 300 attendees from across the northeast and beyond. Tickets are on sale now.

Nomad PHP US Chapter - July 24th 2014 20:00 CDT
Beyond Design Patterns, presented by Anthony Ferrara. Many people teach design patterns as a fundamental step to Object Oriented Programming. They are so universally seen as important that almost every single programming conference that I have been to has had at least one talk about them. They are quite often used as interview questions to test a candidate’s OOP knowledge. However, just like inheritance, they are not needed for OOP. And just like inheritance, they are a distraction rather than a foundation. Instead of focusing on patterns, I suggest focusing on learning about abstraction and communication. Why? Come and find out!

Nomad PHP European Chapter - July 24th 2014 20:00 CEST
Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified. Understanding stability and semantic versioning makes a huge impact on daily life with Composer. Learn how to decode Composer’s solver errors, get a better understanding of semantic versioning, how dependencies interact with each other when it comes to stability, and how to use Composer features like branch aliases to make things run more smoothly.

Reading and Viewing

Scaffolding an Application with Phalcon
In this video you’ll learn how to create a basic, modular application in Phalcon using the Phalcon command-line tools.

Joomla Community Magazine - July 2014 Edition
The online July issue of the Joomla Community Magazine is here! 

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast: Designing for the Web with Kris Jeary
This week we are lucky to have Kris Jeary on the show to discuss all things design. Starting off with how he got introduced to the world of web design, we move on to discuss the process he uses to create websites. We then touch upon where he gets inspiration from, and how the emergence of responsive and SPA ideologies has changed the way we think about the web. Finally, we wrap up the show with some good advice to anyone looking to get into web design.

Easy Oracle PHP: Create Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data (by Mladen Gogala, published 26th May 2014)
This unique book focuses on removing the guesswork from creating dynamic web pages with Oracle content. Packed with working code examples, this book shows working examples of connecting to Oracle and delivering data into an HTML page. This indispensable reference shows working examples of complex Oracle queries in PHP, updating Oracle from PHP, and passing parameters to a PHP program.

PHPUnit Essentials (by Zdenek Machek, published 27th May 2014)
This book is a practical guide to PHPUnit and unit testing, covering all aspects of writing PHPUnit tests and using them. The book shows why testable code is better code and how to write good tests with the help of simple and easy-to-understand examples.

Embark on Your Programming Journey with AMP (by Vaibhav Kaushal, published 12th June 2014)
This book is an insight into running Apache, MySQL and PHP (AMP) on Windows. The author leads readers through his own experience to point out where the pitfalls are. This article is particularly useful for newbies venturing into AMP.


*CMNTY is Looking for a Symfony2 PHP Developer!
CMNTY Corporation develops online communities. Our SaaS solutions will belong to your main task areas. You will be responsible for the architecture, planning and development of our products. You will implement new features, find and fix bugs and optimize code. Visit our Facebook page to learn more.

PHP Developer in Dallas, TX
We are looking for a mid-to-senior PHP developer to help scale our eCommerce infrastructure at Speed Commerce. You will be working on both legacy systems and new projects using PHP, Postgres, Redis and Symfony. Our system is very complex, so if you enjoy working on difficult problems then Speed Commerce is a great place to grow. Because you'll be working on very difficult problems used by millions of people, pay is above average. Position is located in Dallas, TX.

Developer for Performance Telecom
Performance Telecom require a developer, based near Durham, UK, to work on an exciting Customer Satisfaction system. This role would suit someone with experience as well as someone who is willing to learn new 'stuff'. Contact [email protected] with your CV/Resume and for more information.  This is NOT a remote position.

DeskPRO is hiring Full Stack PHP Developer (Symfony/AngularJS) in London or Remote.
Join our small London based team (excellent remote workers considered as well) building a large PHP application where your work will have immediate impact on our millions of end users. Lots of interesting projects coming up including adding elasticsearch and memached to our stack, writing a DeskPRO app for telephony based upon Twilio, integrating our software with other companies APIs, adding functionality to our phonegap mobile app as well as continuing the development of our core software platform.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

scssphp is a compiler for SCSS written in PHP.

PHP Enterprise Service Bus Implementation supporting CQRS and DDD.

Worker thread used to run your callback in another process.

cygnite / framework
Rapid web application development framework.

Factory class that creates either File Storage or Directory Storage PHP 5.2.17 and up.

Recaptcha Plugin for CakePHP.

A PHP framework

A lightweight but extensible BBCode parser written in PHP 5.3.

Simple PHP mail library

Floppy is a file storage library that allows you to upload files to FloppyServer instance.

A PHP wrapper for WorldPay.

Common tools for PHP.

Bringing lessphp into Laravel.

PHP framework for self-sufficient developers.

A PHP library that will help you to create anti-aliased charts or pictures directly from your web server. 

A Yo! client for PHP.

A database abstraction library.

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Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian

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