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September 25, 2014

Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian
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From PHP 5 to 7
Since around 2005 we've heard talk about PHP 6 development. There have even been books sold about it. But where is it? As of July of this year it was decided that there won't be one and that PHP will skip directly to version 7. Why is it skipping to the next major version, and what ever happened with PHP 6? And if we're already jumping to PHP 7, what kinds of features will it have?

18 Critical Oversights in Web Development
This article will cover the biggest coding oversights most PHP developers make, when dealing with medium and large projects. Oversights such as not differentiating between development environments or not implementing caching and backup.

Tips on Speaking
After appearing as a guest on NoCapes, a new web series about sharing advice and encouraging folks to engage in the PHP community, Ross Tuck has written some tips on what works for him as a Speaker.

PHP Annotated Monthly – September 2014
At JetBrains they strive to help PHP developers with excellent tools, like PhpStorm, that improve code and workflow. But there’s more to developing PHP applications than that: learning from others and keeping up with what’s going on out there so we can improve our own code. This post highlights the most interesting content from around the web, posted by developers like them.

Tutorials and Talks

What to Expect from Yii 2.0
Yii 2.0 was released into beta last April and the goal for a first stable release was set for the middle of 2014. The GitHub issue list has 300 open issues and 2913 closed, and both numbers are still increasing. The progress to the 2.0RC milestone was at 99%. With a little longer to wait let's take a look at what we can expect, by looking at an already available example.

Create a Custom Theme With OpenCart: Part Three
In the previous part of this series, we learned how to create a custom theme and enable it from the back-end of OpenCart. We also studied how the template overriding system works in the application. In this part, we'll go further and dissect the important templates to understand the basic elements used in a general OpenCart template. We'll also go through a detailed use case to interpret the complete process of page generation. 

Create A Single Page Application Using Templates With AngularJS And Bootstrap
With growth of the mobile platform, single page applications have gained a greater popularity. Mobile and tablet sites benefit most from the single page application, and with the use of responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap, a single site can be created to service all browser sizes. This tutorial will use AngularJS and Bootstrap to create a single page application without page refresh for display of different data by using templates.

An Introduction to Magento Design Terminology and Concepts
Are you a Magento beginner? Want to create a theme of your own? If so, this article is written specifically for you. In order to start with Magento theme design and customisation, it is very important that you have a strong understanding of Magento design terminology and the basic concepts of Magento's flow of control.

Orchestrating PHP Dependencies with Composer and IronWorker
Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs, and it will install them in your project for you. This is a tutorial describing how to include and use Composer with IronWorker.

Refactoring Legacy Code - Part 10: Dissecting Long Methods with Extractions
In the sixth part of our series we talked about attacking long methods by leveraging on pair programming and viewing code from different levels. We continuously zoomed in and out, and observed both small things like naming as well as form and indentation. Today, we will take another approach: We will assume we are alone, with no colleague or pair to help us. We will use a technique called "Extract till you drop" that breaks down code into very small pieces. 

Create a Movie Recommendation App with – Setup
This tutorial walks you through Prediction IO, an open-source machine learning server. It allows you to create applications that could recommend items, predict user behaviour, identify item similarity and rank items.

Data Cleaning in PHP Applications
One of the important tasks in any web application is proper sanitisation and standardisation of data. Any data stored in a database should be in a standardised format, especially data that comes from a variety of sources. Scrubbers or data cleaners are an important part of the data transformation process.
News and Announcements

PHP 5.4.33 Released
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 5.4.33. 10 bugs were fixed in this release. All PHP 5.4 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

ZendCon - October 27-30th 2014, Santa Clara CA
ZendCon days are packed with unique opportunities to learn from a wide variety of technical sessions, hear keynote presentations from thought leaders, and engage with prominent PHP speakers and vendors. If a tutorial is part of your game-plan, look for the pre-conference lineup. If you’re keen to talk about a topic that’s not on the agenda, don’t miss the UnConference.

Joomla! 3.3.4 Released
The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team are proud to announce the release of Joomla! 3.3.4. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla! and addresses two security issues. A 3.2.5 release is also available for users who are still using Joomla! 3.2 which addresses these security issues.

Joomla! 2.5.25 Released
The Joomla Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 2.5.25. This is a security release for the 2.5 series of Joomla! and addresses one moderate level security issue.

PhpStorm 8 Released
Blade, Behat, WordPress, Remote PHP interpreters, multiple carets/selections, and more. This release champions the needs of developers working with proven and emerging web technologies, for both front and backend development.

PHP South Africa Conference - 2nd-4th October 2014, Cape Town
PHP South Africa is aimed at proficient developers, new developers and people who care about developers. Our events are all about working together to inspire each other to greater heights in our skill and passion for coding. Early bird tickets are still available.

ZgPHP Conference: 2nd October 2014, Zagreb
Free to attend, this one day conference brings amazing speakers, generous sponsors and a great bunch of developers and web aficionados. Spaces are limited so register now.

PHP Conference Argentina - 7-9th November 2014, Buenos Aires
The largest developer conference in Argentina, this 3 day event is filled with talks by highly recognised speakers, and networking opportunities. Tickets are available now, with opportunities for a 50% discount.

Reading and Viewing

Lately in PHP Podcast #51 - PHP 5.7 New Features
Now that PHP 5.6 has finally been released, PHP 5.7 is already being planned as a release before PHP 7. The new features planned for PHP 5.7 is one of the main topics covered by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in Episode 51 of the Lately in PHP Podcast. They also did an extensive review of the new features of PHP 5.6.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast: YARP (Yet Another Ramble Podcast)
Being without a guest this episode gave us the excuse to ramble on about many different topics that have been on our minds for the past couple of weeks. Starting off with Michael's experience using WebSockets and Fraser's fun with setting up a sound Gulp workflow, we move on to discuss the complications rebasing in Git can get you in. Following this, Edd rambles on about the differences between the 'Active Record' and 'Data Mapper' object-persistence design patterns - along with an interesting insight he found in-regard to TDD. Finally, we discuss the Apple keynote from last week and how we are all pretty much sold on the Apple Watch.

Voices of the ElePHPhant - Interview with Jonathan Sundquist
This week Cal Evans talks to Jonathan Sundquist, from the Minnesota PHP User Group.

Learning Magento Theme Development (by Richard Carter, published 20th August 2014)
Magento is an open source e-commerce solution. By using Magento's powerful theming engine, you can control the look, content and functionality, and easily launch a flexible e-commerce website. This book will help you build your own store and help you broaden your customer reach.

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set (by Jon Duckett, published 22nd August 2014)
A two-book set for web designers and front-end developers. Together these two books form an ideal platform for anyone who wants to master HTML and CSS before stepping up to JavaScript and jQuery.


Senior PHP Engineer (Full Time) Dublin, Ireland
This is a fantastic opportunity to join one of the most exciting new technology companies in Dublin. Xpreso is a 12 month old, VC-backed company which is revolutionising the last mile delivery. 

DeskPRO is hiring a QA Engineer with Codeception Experience. (London or Remote / Perm or Contract)
Join our team and lead the QA effort at DeskPRO. Your initial focus will be building a large acceptance test framework in codeception.

SHAREIGHT Full Stack Developer - London
SHAREIGHT are looking to add talented full-stack developers to their team. To gain a place in our team you should have solid experience building and maintaining complex software systems. Developers who apply creativity and passion to solve human problems with software and technology will fit right in with us. We work in an Agile way and value team players who can collaborate with others to deliver elegant solutions.

*CMNTY is Looking for a Symfony2 PHP Developer!
CMNTY Corporation develops online communities. Our SaaS solutions will belong to your main task areas. You will be responsible for the architecture, planning and development of our products. You will implement new features, find and fix bugs and optimize code. Visit our Facebook page to learn more.

Developer for Performance Telecom
Performance Telecom require a developer, based near Durham, UK, to work on an exciting Customer Satisfaction system. This role would suit someone with experience as well as someone who is willing to learn new 'stuff'. Contact [email protected] with your CV/Resume and for more information.  This is NOT a remote position.

DeskPRO is hiring Full Stack PHP Developer (Symfony/AngularJS) in London or Remote.
Join our small London based team (excellent remote workers considered as well) building a large PHP application where your work will have immediate impact on our millions of end users. Lots of interesting projects coming up including adding elasticsearch and memcached to our stack, writing a DeskPRO app for telephony based upon Twilio, integrating our software with other companies APIs, adding functionality to our phonegap mobile app as well as continuing the development of our core software platform.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

JPush's officially supported PHP client library for accessing JPush APIs.

A responsive-modular application framework built on CodeIgniter.

A task oriented PHP web framework.

Seo-core library for PHP.

Transform PHP types to JavaScript.

Playground Core Module.

A PHP library to find books via different APIs.

Simple implementation of the Repository Interface for Eloquent with the most basic CRUD methods.

Development kit for the PHP language.

A lightweight lexical string parser for BBCode styled markup.

A simple container for Dependency Injection.

PHP CLI tool and library for interacting with the VersionEye API.

PHP framework.

PHP Integrated Query, a real LINQ library for PHP.

cygnite framework
Cygnite PHP Framework- Rapid web application development framework. 

A command line command for the Faker PHP library.

PHP 5.4+ Automatic API Library.

Dependency injection and self-initialising fixtures for PHPUnit.

A quick and simple MVC framework for PHP.

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Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian

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