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October 16, 2014

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Welcome to the 77th edition of :o)

SitePoint has published a piece about the Yii 2 Framework this week, discussing the best reasons for choosing it over alternatives.

With just two weeks until ZendCon, in its 10th year, time is running out to buy your tickets.

Also, the first speakers for SymfonyCon Madrid have been announced, with the first reveal of the conference schedule.

Episode 8 of That Podcast has just been released, covering a whole myriad of topics including conference talks and PHP-FIG.

And in the latest Voices of the ElePHPant interview this week, Cal Evans chats with Lead WordPress developer Andrew Nacin.

We are always on the lookout for great articles and tutorials for our newsletter, so please feel free to share anything you may have written, read or heard about.


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ZgPHP Report - What We Learned
Last week was WebCamp in Croatia, which is an enormous free-to-attend conference dedicated to web technologies. The ZgPHP Conference is a one day event that was a part of WebCamp. Read about Bruno Skvorc's experience of the day.

How to Choose PHP Hosting
Lorna Mitchell shares her thoughts and tips on choosing hosting.

What’s The Difference Between Tightly-, Loosely-, and De-Coupled?
Paul Jones talks about a twitter discussion, and differences of opinion, last week around the subject of decoupling.

Most Important Features in PHP 5
PHP 5 introduced a set of new features and functionalities to improve performance, efficiency and more. There are three major areas in which the improvement is significant. This article will discuss the most important features introduced in PHP 5.

How to be a Good Developer
As a PHP developer, you need to constantly improve yourself in this ever-changing industry; you need to learn and use new knowledge every day. In this article, you’ll learn about how to be a better developer by following the “etiquette” of programming and you’ll learn how to use this information to perhaps teach others to better themselves.

Tutorials and Talks

Building a Pimple/Container From a YAML File
In a recent discussion about Dependency Injection Containers, Gonzalo Ayuso said that he prefers Symfony´s DIC to Pimple, mainly because of its configuration with YAML (or even xml) files. But it is possible to customise Pimple/Containers with YAML files in a similar way as with Symfony’s DIC. In this example we’re going to see one way to do it.

Creating Maintainable WordPress Meta Boxes: The Layout
In this series, we're looking at some best practices that we can employ in our WordPress development to make sure that we're writing code that's maintainable by ourselves or by our team, as it continues to evolve over time. In this post, we're going to continue planning and building our plugin. 

Using the Google Analytics API v3 with PHP: Fetching Data
In the first part of our series, we introduced the Google Analytics API, including the basic usage. In this part, we will continue creating our demo and see how we can extend it with more functionality.

What’s The Difference Between A “Pivot Table” And An “Association Table”?
An “association table” is a table that joins other tables in a many-to-many relationship. For example, if an Article can have more than one Tag, and each Tag can be placed on one or more Articles, then they are in a many-to-many relationship. To associate them to each other, we need a third table through which we can join them.

Bitcoin and PHP with Coinbase’s API – Demo App
In part 1, we covered basic installation and usage of Coinbase’s Bitcoin PHP API and the accompanying SDK. In this second and final part, we’ll be building our sample application.

WordPress Error Handling with WP_Error Class I
When it comes to programming, errors will undoubtedly creep into your application, either caused by programmers as a result of code error or by the users who are unwilling to conform to the application or website constraints. Since users' behaviour can't be predicted, a website or application can be programmed to out-right reject any invalid data entered by the user and inform the user that the data was invalid. This process is what is termed error handling.

Symfony2: Logging Out
One of the “golden rules” of Symfony2 is to never hardcode urls or paths inside your code or templates. Letting Symfony deal with the generation of your urls and paths makes your life a lot easier as a developer. One of the things I see regularly is that people are still hardcoding their logout urls like using “/logout”. But logging out is actually a bit more complex than it might seem, and while using a simple /logout might work for most cases, there are better ways to deal with this.

Laravel, BDD And You: Let's Get Started
This is a series about developing Laravel applications using a behaviour-driven development (BDD) approach. Full stack BDD can seem complicated and intimidating. There are just as many ways of doing it as there are developers. This series will walk you through this approach of using Behat and PhpSpec to design a Laravel application from scratch.

Building Dynamic Websites with PHP and MySQL
In this course you will learn how to create dynamic, data driven websites using the LAMP stack.

7 Reasons to Choose the Yii 2 Framework
Late last year, SitePoint published an article highlighting the top PHP frameworks. Tied for the number four spot was the Yii (pronounced Yee) Framework. At that time the latest version of the framework available was 1.1.14. Recently, Yii 2.0 was made available, so you can begin to use it in production. While we did cover it recently when it was still in RC status, it just reached full release status, and we feel like it’s time to revisit the topic with some reasons for choosing it over alternatives.

Install and Manage WordPress with Composer
This article is the first in a series of posts on managing different WordPress components with Composer.
News and Announcements

ZendCon - October 27-30th 2014, Santa Clara CA
It’s time to celebrate ZendCon’s 10th year of global community-building powered by PHP! From your wake-up call until the moment you hit the sack, you can fill your days and evenings with sessions, tutorials and networking time. ZendCon is the place to catch up on news, float new ideas and share coding challenges with developers from around the globe. If a tutorial is part of your game-plan, look for our pre-conference lineup. If you’re keen to talk about a topic that’s not on the agenda, don’t miss the UnConference. Got questions for Zend? Fire away at our annual Meet-the-Team panel. And yes, there is still such a thing as a free lunch at ZendCon – also a great time to share your ideas and brainstorm with other PHP community members.

Drupal 7.32 Released
Drupal 7.32, a maintenance release which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities, is now available for download. See the Drupal 7.32 release notes for further information.

International PHP Conference - 26-29th October 2014, Munich
The International PHP Conference was the world's first PHP conference and has been going for more than a decade, with top-notch pragmatic expertise in PHP and web technologies. At the IPC, internationally renowned experts from the PHP industry meet up with PHP users and developers from large and small companies. This event takes place in less than a fortnight. Register now for a three day pass and receive a free Intellibook-Tablet!

SymfonyCon Madrid Starts to Reveal its Schedule!
The first speakers for this conference have been revealed. Has your favourite been chosen?

PHP Conference Argentina - 7-9th November 2014, Buenos Aires
The largest developer conference in Argentina, this 3 day event is filled with talks by highly recognised speakers, and networking opportunities. Tickets are available now, with the opportunity for a 50% discount.

ConFoo - February 18-20th 2015, Montreal
ConFoo is a multi-technology conference for web developers. With 150 presentations by popular international speakers, covering a multitude of web and mobile technologies. Tickets are available now.

Reading and Viewing

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Podcast Report 
This is the October edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout, recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins, to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners' PHP and JavaScript packages, and the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of July 2014.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast: Paranoid Android
This week we start off the discussion with our bad pronunciation of PHP libraries. We then move on to highlight the stress of wrapping up freelance projects - with clients constantly requesting changes (mission creep). Finally, we chat about Google Web Designer and the new Alan Turing movie (The Imitation Game).

dev/hell Podcast Episode #51: Strange Loops for Serial Killers
We’re joined for Episode 51 by Margaret Staples, back-end programmer extraordinaire on Brunelleschi: Age of Architects. She shares her experiences doing indie game dev, travelling to the Strangeloop conference, and meeting geek celebs. We also talk about serial killers and Ed’s new job (obviously). This is our first episode released in stereo. The file size is larger, but man does it sound better. If you have any issues with playback, let us know.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Andrew Nacin
This week Cal Evans talks to Andrew Nacin,  a Lead Developer of the WordPress web publishing platform.

That Podcast Episode 8: The One Where PSR-0 is Dead
Beau and Dave are back together for another chat, covering conference talks, shellshock, Linux (on floppies), PHP Jeopardy and the marketing machine that is Jeremy Mikola, PHP-FIG, learning about AngularJS with and working with the TV on.

PHP Data Objects: Questions and Answers (by George Duckett, published 16th September 2014)
If you have a question about PHP Data Objects this is the book with the answers, taking some of the best questions and answers asked on the stackoverflow website.


Senior PHP Developer, Munich
Westwing is one of the world’s fastest growing eCommerce companies. To pursue our ambitious expansion strategy, we are looking for a Senior PHP Developer (m/f). As a senior developer, you will design and develop complex web applications and modules for our eCommerce platform. Furthermore you will optimize our platform for scalability during peak traffic hours.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A PHP client for

Brew & manage PHP versions in pure PHP at HOME.

PHP library for integration access to payU payment gateway.

Drupal 8 Console scaffolding module generator.

A PHP parser written in PHP.

PHP wrapper around Feedly's REST API.

The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any PHP application.

PHP Library used to discover favicon from given URL.

Tools in PHP for Web Development, based on famous libraries.

Collection of useful PHP utilities.

A PHP 5.4 library to control dynamic image assets in a cloud environment.

Set of PHP development tools to allow working on multiple projects.

Library containing a PHP implementation of the Ask query language.

A job queue engine for PHP.

PHP registry.

PHP extension for Cloudinary.

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Protect your PHP code with SourceGuardian

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