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November 6, 2014

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Hello to all in the PHP community;

PHP 7 is moving full speed ahead, and is due for release next year. Find out about some of the performance improvements expected.

We have an article this week that gets you started with Yii2, from installation to hosting.

Also the start of a new series of tutorials, covering different design patterns that are available in programming.

The Laravel podcast team streamed their latest episode live on Google Hangouts this week. With no specific topic, listeners were encouraged to ask questions live on air. Hear how that went.

And finally, Cal Evans chats with freelance developer Frank de Jonge.

Have a great weekend people ;)


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PHP 7 Moves Full Speed Ahead
PHP 7, the next major update to the server-side scripting language due next year, will offer performance improvements and more capabilities, along with deprecation of some existing features.

You're Doing Agile Wrong
Anthony Ferrara posts "To some of you, this may not be new. But to many of the people preaching "Agile Software Development", Agile is not what you think it is. Let me say that again, because it's important: You're Doing Agile Wrong." 

PHP Evolution
20 years of PHP development history.

Welcoming New Authors – September, October 2014
Bruno Skvorc from the SitePoint team writes "In the past two months, the influx of new authors was a bit smaller than before, but we’ve noticed an increase in resurrection of old authors, and an increase in authors from other channels becoming interested in publishing on the PHP channel. For all intents and purposes, we’ll treat those as new authors and welcome them with the same loving arms we use to welcome everyone else!"

Strategic Initiatives for in 2015 is an amazing installation of Drupal. At nearly 13 years old, it is one of the largest, continuously operating examples of Drupal. It is difficult to fathom, but has been upgraded in place from version to version for this entire timespan.

PHP is Getting Faster
Competition is helping to drive big performance gains in PHP. Alternative ways of running PHP are becoming viable and with them comes accelerated speed.

Tutorials and Talks

Programming with Yii2: Getting Started
This tutorial will walk you through installing Yii 2.0, setting up your local development environment, building a simple Hello World application, setting up your remote production environment for hosting and deploying your code from a GitHub repository.

Setting up Laravel Elixr with Bootstrap
One exciting feature coming in Laravel 5 is the new Elixir package. At its core it is a wrapper around gulp to make dealing with assets easier. Bootstrap includes three main components; CSS, JavaScript, and custom fonts, which all need to be accounted for in our setup.

Autoload PHP Classes
This tutorial will explain PHP autoloader and namespace concept using a few basic questions and answers regarding PHP autoload functionality, along with some examples.

How to Implement User Log-in with PayPal
With the “Log In with PayPal” tool, your users can authenticate into your application using PayPal. It’s the same procedure we already know for Facebook, or maybe Twitter and GitHub. Using this type of authentication is recommended if you want to integrate it with an e-commerce website, but you can use it in every situation and application that requires a user account or membership.

Building With the Twitter API: Getting Started
Learn the Twitter API with PHP using a standalone, open-source Yii application called Birdcage. Getting started with the Twitter API may seem a bit complicated, but it’s actually quite straightforward.

Best Practices for Refactoring in PHP
Refactoring code is an essential aspect of any programming language and PHP is no exception to this rule. This article talks us through how to refactor PHP code.

Design Patterns: The Facade Pattern
Code that employs design patterns is easy to understand, easy to maintain and easy to extend. This series of tutorials will cover some different design patterns that are available to us in programming. Learn about their pros and cons, and factors that indicate where we should use them. 

Period: Time Range API for PHP
Date/time programming is one of the tricky aspects of software development. Although inherently not complex in itself, coding date/time algorithms can be a subtle source of bugs. Especially in web development a feature such as payment subscription processing that ranges from days to weeks to months can get complex quickly. Period is a library that helps resolve many recurrent issues around time range selection and usage.
News and Announcements

True North PHP Conference - November 6-8th 2014, Toronto
Today is the start of True North PHP, with a day of tutorials followed by two days of the conference, designed to showcase Toronto's talent and give back to the community that has given so much. Tickets are limited but there is a few left.

php[world] Conference - November 10-14th 2014, Washington DC
The team at php[architect] magazine is excited to bring you a brand new conference in the Washington, DC area. They wanted to create a conference that appeals to all the different communities that exist around the PHP ecosystem. Whether you are a core PHP developer, a heavy framework user or a WordPress, Drupal or Magento developer, this conference will be for you. Tickets are available now.

PHP Conference Argentina - 7-9th November 2014, Buenos Aires
The largest developer conference in Argentina begins today. This 3 day event is filled with talks by highly recognised speakers, and networking opportunities. With a few tickets still available it's not too late to get there.

PHP Australia Conference: 12-13th March 2015, Sydney
PHP Australia is the country's first ever PHP conference, aimed at proficient developers, new developers and people who care about developers. Among the amazing international and local speakers sharing their knowledge at this event is none other than Rasmus Lerdorf. 

Reading and Viewing

PHP Town Hall #32: Ben and Phil Catch Up
This week Ben and Phil take some time to catch up on each others lives and let you listen in. Ben doesn’t remember how to code. Phil is leaving PHP for Rails. They’re both moving again.

Outside the Box: Joomla! at php[world] Conference
We’re used to seeing all Joomla community members attending only Joomla events. Nowadays that’s changing. David Hurley and Michael Babker are representing Joomla at a global event, the PHP World Conference mid-November. They will not only represent Joomla, but will also try to attract new members to the community. That’s worthy of an interview.

That Podcast Episode 9: The One That Wasn't Invented Here
Beau and Dave give updates on their recent shenanigans, conferences, health, talk about the NIH and cloning discussions that have been had recently in the community, side projects, games, and two factor auth.

Sound of Symfony Podcast: Episode 5 - The No-theme All-content Episode
In this episode we don't have a specific theme. We do however have a lot of fun content for you. We discuss Magnus' trip to Symfony Live New York, the Best Practices document, (née SensioLabs Profiler) and much more. We also have a long interview with Jordi Boggiano of Composer fame, and two short interviews with Jeremy Mikola and Anne-Sophie Bachelard respectively.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Frank de Jonge
This week Cal Evans talks to freelance developer Frank de Jonge, creator of Flysystem.

There is a (PHP or JS) Class for That: Community based Best Package Recommendations
If you tried to find good packages for certain purposes but you ended up wasting a lot of time trying low quality packages, you will like that the PHP Classes and JS Classes site are launching a new solution for that problem. It is a package recommendation system that lets you get advice from experts on the topics of the problems you need to solve. Read this article and watch the demonstration video to learn how it works, so you can start getting good package advice, or even give advice to other developers looking for packages about topics that you understand.

Nomad PHP - Zombies and Binary
You may not use the PHP bitwise operators but every conditional you do is binary logic. These boolean comparisons underpin every-day programming and they can also be modelled in Minecraft. In fact, Minecraft is also a great place to model the internals of many common electronic components! Watch this video presentation by Christopher Pitt.

Laravel IO Podcast: Episode 19 - Streamed Live on Google Hangouts
The latest episode from the Laravel podcast team was streamed live this week on Google Hangouts. With no specific topic, listeners were encouraged to ask questions live on air.


To post a job advert please contact [email protected]

Toptal PHP Developer
Freelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO & JPMorgan. Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an elite PHP developer. See if you have what it takes!

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

This Distance PHP class can calculate the distance between two latitude/longitude locations using PHP.

A simple, secure and scalable PHP application framework.

PHP DocBlock parser and generator. An API to read and write DocBlocks.

A collection of tools made to help you create and edit subtitles in different formats.

An open-source PHP security library that takes care of the common security tasks a web developer faces.

A Docker client in PHP.

A PHP wrapper for OSQuery.

A back-end interface for end users and developers.

A PHP parser written in PHP.

Parallel testing for PHPUnit.

Dependency Container for PHP.

One more simple router for PHP.

PHP web server log parser library.

PHP Collections library, which contains ArrayList, Set, Map, Queue & Stack.

Common PHP interfaces and classes.

Library for managing PHP configurations.

A data file loader/parser for PHP 5.4+.

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