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November 13, 2014

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Welcome back PHP fans,

With lots of drama on Twitter recently surrounding PHP-FIG, Padraic Brady shares his thoughts on the situation.

Also, with big changes to the Facebook development platform in the pipeline for next Spring, read about the upcoming changes and get tips on how to stay on top of them.

The next International PHP Conference has been announced for Spring 2015, in Berlin. The call for papers is currently open.

Plus, if you missed PHPCon 2014, Piotr Pasich has summarised several workshops and presentations that he attended.

And finally, the team at the Changelog Podcast interviews Sara Golemon about her work at Facebook.

We are always open to suggestions and articles, so please contact me at [email protected] if you have anything to share.


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A Lesson In Security
Recently, a severe SQL Injection vulnerability was found in Drupal 7. It was fixed immediately (and correctly), but there was a problem. Attackers made automated scripts to attack unpatched sites. Within hours of the release of the vulnerability fix, sites were being compromised - remote code execution, backdoors, the lot. What went wrong, or right, or could have happened better?

PHP-FIG: All Your Dramas Are Belong To Us
Padraic Brady talks about the recent dramas surrounding PHP-FIG on social media, and how the actual work that gets done is almost overlooked.

Announcing the Hack Transpiler
This week, Facebook announced a first, experimental release of h2tp, or the “HH (Hack) Transpiler,” a tool which allows projects that have converted from PHP to Hack to still make releases that target the PHP language. Learn all about what it does.

Tutorials and Talks

Google Analytics API v3 and PHP: Filters and Charts
In the previous parts of this series we learnt about how to use the Google Analytics API and created a demo showing some base functionality. In this part, we’re going to expand the demo, adding some new functionality.

Deploying the Laravel PHP Framework on OpenShift
Laravel is one of the younger PHP frameworks and has recently become much more popular. Built on Symphony components, it inherits a proven codebase, but gives developers a new way of writing PHP applications.This tutorial expects you to be familiar with Laravel and to already have an application you want to deploy on OpenShift. 

4 Ways to Access an OAuth API Without User Interaction
OAuth is a protocol used to access APIs on behalf of a user, but the user does not need to be present when the API is accessed. There are even ways that allow applications to access APIs using tokens obtained without any user intervention, thus allowing greater application automation. Read this article to learn about several ways to access a OAuth based API without the user presence.

Re-introducing FuelPHP
PHP framework FuelPHP has a built-in modular structure and complete flexibility, with emphasis on community.

Private Composer Packages with Gemfury
Composer works effectively and seamlessly in conjunction with Packagist, a comprehensive repository of public packages. However, sooner or later, the time will come when you’ve written your own package which, for whatever reason, cannot be open-sourced and shared freely via Packagist. Gemfury is a PaaS alternative. Aside from the peace-of-mind that comes from a hosted solution, it has the added advantage of supporting not just PHP Composer packages, but a whole number of languages.

Decoupling From A Service Locator
There are lots of valid use cases for using a service locator, but Matthias Noback has posted a few tips on how to decouple from using one in your application. 

Creating Maintainable WordPress Meta Boxes: Refactoring
This series has focused on building maintainable WordPress meta boxes, as in working to create a WordPress plugin that's well-organised, follows WordPress coding standards, and that can be easily adapted and maintained as the project moves forward over time. Although we've implemented some good practices, there is still room for refactoring. 

How to Run Multiple Versions of PHP on One Server
In this particular post, we’ll demo a solution to install multiple versions of Phalcon and PHP and run them on a single web server. PHP 5.5.x and 5.6.x will be used here, but you can replace them with other versions.

Building With the Twitter API: OAuth, Reading and Posting
In this series, we're building an application called Birdcage that interfaces with the Twitter API in PHP. In this article, learn to use OAuth for authentication and begin processing and posting tweets via our open source PHP-based Birdcage application.

Introducing Laravel 5 Elixir
Writing code is but one of many tasks the modern developer has to juggle when working on even a simple web application. You’ll want to compress images, minify CSS and JavaScript files, remove debugging statements, run unit tests, and perform countless other mundane duties. The Laravel 5 developers hope to reduce some of the time and hassle associated with these sort of tasks by providing a new API called Laravel Elixir.
News and Announcements

International PHP Conference Spring Edition - June 7-10th 2015, Berlin
The International PHP Conference is the world's first PHP conference and stands since more than a decade for top-notch pragmatic expertise in PHP and web technologies. At the IPC, internationally renowned experts from the PHP industry meet up with PHP users and developers from large and small companies. The call for papers is now open until 24th November.

Drupal 7.33 Released
Drupal 7.33, a maintenance release with numerous bug fixes (no security fixes) is now available for download. See the Drupal 7.33 release notes for a full listing.

Midwest PHP Conference: March 14-15th 2015, Minneapolis
Now in its third year, the conference will bring together developers from across the PHP community to learn about modern web development practices across a range of technologies, including PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and more. The call for papers is only open for a couple more days.

Nomad PHP US - November 20th 2014 20:00 CST
Behat v3! Behavioral-Driven-Development, Functional Tests and Selenium, presented by Ryan Weaver. In this chat, I’ll introduce you to Behat (version 3!!!!): a behaviour-driven-development (BDD) library that allows you to write functional tests against your application just by writing human-readable sentences/scenarios. To sweeten the deal these tests can be run in a real browser (via Selenium2) with just the flip of a switch. If you asked me to develop without Behat, I’d just retire. It’s that sweet. By the end, you’ll have everything you need to start functionally-testing with Behat in your new, or very old and ugly project.

Nomad PHP EU - November 20th 2014 20:00 CET
Iterators in PHP, presented by Jake Smith. PHP iterators have been around since PHP 5, but are heavily under utilised. With all the built-in iterators there is no reason why you shouldn’t be leveraging its power and flexibility. In this session you will learn about all the built-in PHP iterators and be guided on how to extend and/or create your own iterators.

Reading and Viewing

On April 30, 2015 Facebook is Going to Break Their API. Are You Prepared?
Facebook recently announced some big changes to their development platform which introduces a number of new features, limitations and breaking changes. In this presentation, Sammy Powers outlines what Facebook is changing and explains the new Graph versioning timeline and process. He also gives tips for upgrading your app to the latest version of Graph and how to stay on top of the Facebook platform changes going forward.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast: I Want You Back
Two weeks in the making, we are finally back with another podcast instalment. This week we touch upon the Unix philosophy, client drama, and shiny new MacBook Pros. We then move on to discuss the security concerns that have arisen from the introduction of contactless payment systems. Leading on from this we talk about the YubiKey and how it can be used to provide two-factor authentication, for services such as LastPass. Finally, we close with how 'tombstoning' your code trumps the dreaded commenting out everytime.

The Changelog Podcast: Episode #129 - Facebook’s Sara Golemon and the PHP Language Specification
Adam and Jerod talk with Sara Golemon about her work at Facebook and making PHP awesome.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Emma Jane Hogbin Westby
This week Cal Evans interviews Emma Jane Hogbin Westby, technical project manager, author and trainer specialising in Drupal and team dynamics.

PHPCon 2014 - A Summary of Presentations
After recently attending PHPCon, Piotr Pasich gives a summary of the workshops and presentations he attended.

OpenShift Cookbook (by Shekhar Gulati, published 29th October 2014)
Over 100 different solutions and shortcuts that help you to develop and deploy your next application quickly and efficiently.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Assets manager for PHP.

A task oriented PHP web framework.

PHP library for the GoCoin API.

A PHP Security Scanner.

Experimental framework.

A high performance PHP cURL library.

Develop WordPress sites faster and more elegantly.

A library of helper classes for PHP.

Javascript Minifier built in PHP.

Eloquent model validating trait.

All in one PHP user authentication class.

A thin wrapper over PHP iterators.

The Laravel Framework.

A detached logging facility for PHP to aid your daily development routine.

PHP Client and Router Library for Autobahn and WAMP.

A date & time library that is decoupled from the system clock.

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