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December 18, 2014

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Welcome back PHP fans, it's that time of the week again.

Have you ever wondered what makes a really good developer? Christoph Rumpel has asked some of the greats from around the world and come up with a list of ten things to make you a better developer.

Also this week, on the Symfony blog is a request for volunteers to help review several hundred pending issues still outstanding, to bring this number down to more manageable levels by the new year.

Part 2 of the "5 PHP Components Every Drupal 8 Developer Should Know" series continues, this week looking at Guzzle, a PHP-based HTTP client library that greatly simplifies the process of consuming RESTful web services.

Plus, the Lately in PHP team brings us their latest podcast, discussing how your PHP programming style can hurt your code performance.

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Ten Things That Will Make You A Better Developer
Christoph Rumpel asked great developers from all around the world what they think makes someone a really good developer.

Objects as Keys
Prior to putting his RFC on "objects as keys" to the vote, Stanislav Malyshev outlines the case for it here, and addresses some criticisms and questions raised whilst discussing it.

Why I Am Actively Going to Drop PHP 5.3 Compatibility
Now we are in the year 2014, Fabian Schmengler believes all developers should be working on PHP 5.5, considering PHP 5.3 stopped receiving updates in August of this year and PHP 5.4 is already in the “security only” phase.

The Symfony 500 + 100 Challenge
On the Symfony blog this week they are asking for help reviewing over 900 pending issues still outstanding. Are you up for the  "Symfony 500 + 100 Challenge"?

7 CRM Options Compatible with Drupal
Whether you want to call Drupal a CMS (Content Management System), a CMF (Content Management Framework) or a CMSomething, the ‘C’ always stands for Content. Content is where Drupal shines and is what it’s designed for.

Tutorials and Talks

5 PHP Components Every Drupal 8 Developer Should Know: Part 2 - Guzzle
In our previous blog post, we took a look at Composer, a PHP-based class autoloader and dependency management tool, and used it to begin managing some dependencies and downloaded Guzzle. Guzzle is a PHP-based HTTP client library that greatly simplifies the process of consuming RESTful web services. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of Guzzle’s basic abilities, and use it to begin building a simple SDK of sorts.

Get a Fast Start with the Mailgun Plugin for WordPress
When you self-host WordPress, getting a contact form running can be one of the more confusing tasks. The contact form in your theme usually isn't the problem - it's configuring the outbound mail server. I highly discourage people from running a mail server on their own. There are many reasons not to do so, especially performance and security. Luckily, there's an easy solution - the free Mailgun Plugin for WordPress.

AngularJS in Drupal Apps
Angular.js is the hot new thing right now for designing applications in the client. Well, it’s not so new anymore but is sure as hell still hot, especially now that it’s being used and backed by Google. It takes the idea of a JavaScript framework to a whole new level, and provides a great basis for developing rich and dynamic apps that can run in the browser or as hybrid mobile apps. In this article I am going to show you a neat little way of using some of its magic within a Drupal 7 site.

Extracting Media Information From Online Videos
Essence is a simple PHP library to extract media information from websites, like youtube videos, twitter statuses or blog articles. In this post we will see how we can use the library to gather meta information about various online video sources like YouTube, TED, dailymotion, vimeo etc.

Writing API Documentation with Slate
Slate allows you to write your API documentation by hand using markdown, which it will then package up as a pre-styled static HTML site for you. Because it generates static HTML, hosting is straightforward – in particular, it’s a breeze to host with Github Pages. Let’s take a look at how it works, and go through an example from installation through to deployment.

Overriding the Built-in Twig Date Filter
Rob Allen shares his experience of using Twig, in a recent project, to format a date received from an API.

A Comprehensive Approach to Magento SEO: The Basics
This is the first part of a four-article series in which we'll explore Magento Search Engine Optimization techniques in detail. In this article, you'll learn how to develop an effective keyword strategy for your Magento website, some general Magento admin panel configurations to make it more SEO friendly, how to create the robot.txt and sitemap.xml files, and how to set up Google Analytics for a Magento store.

Getting Started with Medoo - Examples of Use
In this article I’m going to walk you through Medoo, a lightweight database abstraction library for PHP. While Medoo is nothing revolutionary, and the fact that it sports a very small filesize matters little to few, it’s still an interesting project that went from being outright dismissed to vaguely accepted. It’s on its way up, and that’s our reason for taking a look at it.
News and Announcements

WordPress 4.1 Release Candidate
The release candidate for WordPress 4.1 is now available.

Joomla! 2.5.28 Released
The Joomla! Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla 2.5.28. This is a maintenance release for the 2.5 series of Joomla! and is the final scheduled release of the series. Support for Joomla! 2.5 is scheduled to end on December 31, 2014.

ConFoo - February 16-20th 2015, Montreal
ConFoo is a multi-technology conference for web developers. With 150 presentations by popular international speakers, covering a multitude of web and mobile technologies. The organisers are looking for volunteers to help with the conference setup, and/or to be stationed in the speaker sessions and around the conference venue to help with attendee requests. Email your application now.

International PHP Conference Spring Edition - June 7-10th 2015, Berlin
The International PHP Conference is the world's first PHP conference and stands since more than a decade for top-notch pragmatic expertise in PHP and web technologies. At the IPC, internationally renowned experts from the PHP industry meet up with PHP users and developers from large and small companies. Register now for the very, very early bird special ticket offers.

Nomad PHP US - January 22nd 2015 20:00 CST
/Regex Makes me want to weep/give up, presented by Brett Florio. REGEX! Love it or hate it, sometimes you actually need it. And when that time comes, there’s no reason to be afraid or to ask for help from that one weirdo on your team who actually loves regular expressions (I’m that weirdo, fwiw). This session is geared towards beginner and intermediate regex users, and will cover various topics using practical examples that you might encounter in your own projects.

Nomad PHP EU - January 22nd 2015 20:00 CET
Encryption, It’s For More Than Just Passwords, presented by John Congdon. As developers, most of us are familiar with password hashing and encryption, but are you doing it in the most secure way? A simple md5() isn’t going to cut it. Then there are times you want other data encrypted in a way that you can decrypt it as well. Think Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, and any other sensitive data that you still need to work with. We will discuss best practices for protecting your data.

Reading and Viewing

Lately in PHP Podcast #54 - How Your PHP Programming Style Can Hurt Your Code Performance
The recent article by Anthony Ferrara, explaining how disabling garbage collection improved the performance of Composer, exposed how certain programming styles can hurt PHP code performance. That was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Cesar Rodas in Episode 54 of the Lately in PHP podcast. They also discussed proposed features for PHP 7, like built-in annotation support, Unicode character escaping, the removal of PHP 4 constructor style, among other related topics. Now listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript, to learn about the details of these interesting PHP discussions.

That Podcast Episode 12: The One Where We Find the Time to Discuss Not Finding the Time
Because what we both really needed was to spend an hour or so recording a podcast. Beau and Dave take time out of their busy schedules to discuss what they've been up to recently and get in to the how they do or don't find the time for side projects and open source, in and around work and family.

Install PHP and MySQL on Windows Server Essentials (by Terry Walsh, published 27th November 2014)
The combination of the popular PHP server-side scripting language and MySQL database management system powers many of the leading web applications available today. When your home or small business server is correctly configured to support PHP MySQL applications, you can really begin to stretch the boundaries of what that box can do!

Heroku Cookbook (by Mike Coutermarsh, published 26th November 2014)
This practical guide is packed with step-by-step solutions to problems faced by every production-level web application hosted on Heroku. You'll quickly get comfortable with managing your Heroku applications from the command line and then learn everything you need to know to deploy and administer production-level web applications.

The Artisan Files: Sara Bine
In this weeks Artisan Files, Eric Barnes introduces us to Sara Bine, a web developer from Denver, Colorado.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Stefan Koopmanschap
This week Cal Evans talks to Symfony developer Stefan Koopmanschap.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Generate PHP classes.

The lightest PHP database framework to accelerate development.

Asset Management for PHP.

Localisation and text management library for PHP.

Braintree PHP client library.

Get info from any web service or page.

A collection of helper functions written in PHP for PHP.

A PHP 5.5 microframework based on generator-style middleware.

A simple PHP authentication and authorisation library.

Allow Guzzle to act as FirePHP client, proxying headers to original caller.

Mango API client for PHP.

Official Bugsnag notifier for PHP applications.

The leading free/libre analytics platform.

A PHP micro job scheduler framework like cron.

Simple wrapper class around PHP's SoapClient class.

Stripe PHP bindings.

Fast PHP framework using an event-driven architecture.
Tooling for PHP - testing, code coverage and formatting.

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Monitoring without alerts ruxit configures itself automatically as your application and infrastructure evolve. It uses AI to get to the root of issues much faster than a human can.
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