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January 8, 2015

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Hello to all in the PHP community;

If you are interested to know what important resources you should have in your brain/toolbelt before building anything with PHP this year, then SitePoint has just the article for you.

Also, Amanda Palmer talks about using the Use What You Can approach during software development.

The Developing PHP Extensions with C++ and PHP-CPP series continues, this time addressing advanced topics.

Plus, there's only a month until the Sunshine PHP conference in Miami, which this year includes a Hackathon and an Unconference.

And the Three Devs and a Maybe podcast team bring us their End Of Year review, including their hopes for the coming year.


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Want To Have Your Server Pwned? Easy: Run PHP
More than 78 per cent of all PHP installations are running with at least one known security vulnerability, a researcher has found. Google developer advocate Anthony Ferrara reached this unpleasant conclusion, by correlating statistics from web survey site W3Techs with lists of known vulnerabilities in various versions of PHP.

PHP Tips, Resources and Best Practices for 2015
The SitePoint team has posted this article, listing important resources you should have in your brain/toolbelt before building anything with PHP in 2015.

The Pitfalls of Code Review (And How To Fix Them)
It’s a well-accepted concept that code review improves the quality of the code produced by your team. But code reviews aren’t perfect, and can often become problematic if they aren’t totally understood. There are a bunch of common problems that companies face when doing code reviews. Here are some of the most common, along with ways you can solve them in your organisation.

UWYC: Use What You Can
In her book, Amanda Palmer talks about DIY, and how when you start asking for help, Do It Yourself is a strange term. Instead, she suggests UWYC, which stands for Use What You Can. This is exactly how we should approach software development.

Common WordPress Issues and How to Fix Them
For many developers, WordPress is a go-to solution for both large and small jobs. However, as with most things in life, it’s far from a perfect solution. Despite being a leading platform on the web, WordPress’ versatility makes it difficult to pinpoint the sources of failure when something breaks. While it’s impossible to explain every WordPress issue within this article, the guide below should help you navigate a few of the most common mistakes.

Building Your Startup With PHP: Getting Started
This is the first installment of a series geared towards walking you through the stages of transforming a cool business concept into an actual startup. If you're an idea person, curious about the entrepreneurial process, this series is for you.

Symfony 2014 Year in Review: London Symfony Meetups
2014 was a really successful year for the Symfony Meetup Group in London, which actually became a regular thing as of this year.

Tutorials and Talks

Coding and Registering Your WordPress Widget
This is the second part in a series showing you how to create your first WordPress widget. In the first part you learned about the Widgets API and the WP_Widget class. In this part you'll learn how to start the process of building your widget by creating the class to hold it and registering it.

Single vs Double Quotes In PHP
This brief tutorial takes a quick look at Single vs Double Quotes In PHP. 

Working with Combined Expressions in WHERE Clauses in Laravel 4
When retrieving records from tables in our database, you often have to write combined expressions in WHERE clauses.

Introducing eBay’s Trading API – Setting Up
In this tutorial series, I’ll walk you through Ebay’s Trading API. The Trading API allows you to build applications that can be used for selling in Ebay. In this tutorial, we’ll be creating an app that allows users to create a product on eBay through the use of the API.

Increasing Speed and Adding Rich Snippets in Magento
So far in this series, we have made most of the required steps for on-site optimisation. Now, in the third part of this series, you'll learn how to optimise your Magento installation to reduce page load time, and how to integrate rich snippets to make your search results look more professional.

Basic Usage of Closures in PHP
Closures have been introduced in PHP 5.3 and their most important use is for callback functions. Basically a closure in PHP is a function that can be created without a specified name - an anonymous function. Here's a closure function created as the second parameter of array_walk(). By specifying the $v parameter as a reference one can modify each value in the original array through the closure function.

Create a Custom Payment Method in OpenCart: Part 1
Accepting online payments is an essential feature in any eCommerce website. In this series, we're going to explore the payment methods available for OpenCart. We'll start in this tutorial by discussing OpenCart's built-in payment methods. Then later, we'll see how to create a custom payment method, which is the ultimate goal of this series.

Developing PHP Extensions with C++ and PHP-CPP: Advanced
In my earlier articles, I have introduced the PHP-CPP lib to create an extension for PHP using C++ (first article and second article). In the latter, I demonstrated a bit of the OO side of writing a PHP extension with a Complex class doing complex number manipulations. In this article, we will further drill down the Complex lib development, adding more member functions, and addressing some advanced topics in writing a PHP extension with OO features using PHP-CPP.
News and Announcements

PHP Unconference Europe: 9-10th May 2015, Majorca
The third PHP Unconference has been announced for this May, in Majorca. The mission of PHP Unconference Europe is to bring together an international group, who have detailed knowledge of PHP and related web technologies. Tickets are on sale now.

Sunshine PHP Conference - February 5-7th 2015, Miami
Hosted by the South Florida PHP Community, tickets are on sale now. With some of the best speakers, awesome talk topics, latest technologies and up to date news in PHP, as well as a Hackathon and an Unconference, this year's event has something for every level of PHP developer.

Midwest PHP Conference: March 14-15th 2015, Minneapolis
Now in its third year, the conference will bring together developers from across the PHP community to learn about modern web development practices across a range of technologies, including PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and more. Early bird tickets are available now.

Reading and Viewing

5 Resources to Learn About The Laravel IoC Container
The Laravel IoC container is a powerful tool for managing class dependencies. It is widely used in Laravel and an important tool for your arsenal. The community has created several tutorials for this and here are five resources that will teach you all about it, along with a video walkthrough on IoC and unit testing.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast: End of Year Review
In this weeks episode, Mick and Edd reflect on their busy year. We first discuss how work has wrapped up for the new year, and how subtle design changes result in huge benefits. Following this, we compare our personal experiences with product and agency work - chatting about the different programming design mindsets and work-flows used in each case. This leads on to the well-timed appreciation for the work of Martin Fowler, Uncle Bob and Greg Young - inc. valuable tests, the importance of a name and there not being a single 'silver bullet' to solving a problem. Finally, we wrap up with what we both would like to learn this upcoming year, and Edd's experiences building a mega PC for a friend.

The Changelog Podcast #135 - EOY 2014 with Adam and Jerod
Adam and Jerod close out the year and give thanks to everyone who helps support The Changelog - everyone from members, listeners, readers, sponsors and our various partners. We also discuss The Changelog Weekly and how we use Trello as a CMS, contributing to the topics we cover through our Ping repo on GitHub and what’s to come in 2015, as well as top topics from 2014. Thank you for your support and listenership of this show. Help us cover open source better by becoming a member and sharing what’s on your radar at thechangelog/ping on GitHub.

Drupal & PHP: Linking Islands, The Podcast – Part 2
Part 2 - Larry Garfield and I had a long chat in front of my camera at DrupalCon Amsterdam to warm him up for writing "Building Bridges: Linking Islands" in the Future of PHP guest blog series on In this second part of our conversation, we touch on Drupal's specialist value-adds over and above straight PHP, what defines community, sustainable contribution and services v products businesses, rebuilding Drupal's foundations to make a better project for everyone, the php[world] conference and Drupal 8 itself, as manifestations of all the good changes coming with PHP interoperability, how communities are building bridges between their islands and sharing innovation, and how to do the Drupal Hug™.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #17
Kalen Rides a Segway.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with The Europeans
This week Cal Evans talks to four members of the PHP community - Michelangelo van Dam, Rafael Dohms, Thijs Feryn and Michelle Sanver.


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Toptal PHP Developer
Freelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO & JPMorgan. Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an elite PHP developer. See if you have what it takes!

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A powerful php scaffolding framework, that helps developers generate their code by custom templates.

PHP caching library based on Doctrine cache.

A PHP library for accessing D3 API.

Command bus package for PHP.

PHP chart library based in Libchart.

A PHP driver good enough for OrientDB that uses binary protocol.

A PHP library for interacting with the CubeSensors API.

Listen to Supervisor events in PHP.

Proxy for AWS PHP library.

Object-oriented IMAP library for PHP 5.3+.

Extension of php-callback format.

Expectation is the assertion library for unit testing.

A light-weight framework for PHP.

PHP wrapper for Kendo UI widgets.

A utility toolkit for PHP.

Pure PHP key-value storage.

Simple PHP Library for RESTful APIs.

A simple PHP task runner based on Iterators.

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