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January 22, 2015

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Hello to all of our readers, old and new, and welcome to the latest edition of PHP Weekly.

We start this week with some PHP mocking. No, not making fun of it, but an article talking about mocking internal PHP functions and methods.

Also this week PHP Zeitgeist 2014 was published, analysing the most interesting PHP related topics of last year.

Dutch PHP Conference 2015 has been announced, taking place this year in Amsterdam at the end of June. The Call for Papers is now open.

And the next tutorial in the series Building with the Twitter API has been released, focusing on building a service that re-tweets randomly selected status updates.

Finally, the latest Loosely Coupled podcast has been released, talking about mentoring and apprenticing.

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The PHP 7 Revolution: Return Types and Removed Artifacts
With the planned date for PHP 7’s release rapidly approaching, the internals group is hard at work trying to fix our beloved language as much as possible, by both removing artifacts and adding some long desired features. There are many RFCs to study and discuss, but this post focuses on three specifically.

A Few Things to Unwrap on Drupal's Birthday
Happy Birthday to Drupal! On this day in 2001, Drupal 1.0 was released. This milestone is the perfect time to talk about some of the findings of their recent community survey. The survey findings offer a window into what community members are thinking as the project matures and evolves. It also gives those at the Drupal Association a way to better understand what they're doing right and what they could be doing better.

PHP Zeitgeist 2014: Top PHP Trending Topics of 2014 
The latest edition of the PHP Zeitgeist 2014 was just published, with the analysis of new topics that PHP developers have been interested in, in 2014. 

Mocking PHP
No, not making fun of PHP! Joe Watkin's recent article talks about mocking internal PHP functions and methods, so that we can test code that relies upon them.

Predictions for 2015
Every year the Drupal community predict what the year ahead will bring for them. It's time to reflect on previous predictions, and for you to share your thoughts and your predictions here for 2015.

Tutorials and Talks

Using a Mobile Accelerometer to Enhance Web app UI
An accelerometer is one of the most important sensors in mobiles. This sensor, along with a gyroscope, is essentially used by most mobile games to detect motion in 3 dimensions whenever a mobile is moved or shaken. In this post, we will see a couple of demos using a mobile accelerometer that will fire an event whenever a mobile is shaken. 

Building With The Twitter API: Repeating Tweets From a Group
This tutorial is part of a series related to the Twitter API. This tutorial builds on an earlier tweet storm article to show you how to build a service that posts a randomly selected status update about your work, on a recurring basis.

Resource Discovery with Puli
Recently, Puli's first beta release was announced. This post shows how Puli’s Discovery Component helps you to build and use powerful Composer packages with less work and more fun than ever before.

Building Your Startup With PHP: Feature Requirements and Database Design
This is the second part in the Building Your Startup with PHP series, in which I lead you through development from concept to launch of my startup, Meeting Planner. In this part, I'll provide an overview of the feature goals and requirements, and then lead you through the initial database design and migration.

How I Set Up my Local PHP Developement Environment on MAC OSX YOSEMITE in Three Easy Steps
Erland Wiencke has posted a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up a PHP development environment on OSX.

How to Encrypt Large Messages with Asymmetric Keys and phpseclib
This tutorial will show you how to encrypt arbitrarily large messages with asymmetric keys, and a PHP library called phpseclib.

Getting Started With Laravel Homestead
Laravel is a new framework that has taken the PHP community by storm. Mostly developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel follows a slightly different approach to PHP development. Using ideas usually found in the .NET environment, such as Facades, and sporting an Inversion of Control Container, Laravel claims to be the future of PHP. Whether or not this is the case is too early to tell, but it certainly is popular.

Starting a New PHP Package The Right Way
The SitePoint team has posted an article this week, focusing on how to write a good PHP package.
News and Announcements

PHP South Coast Conference - 18th July 2015, Portsmouth
Community members from around the world come together to learn and share information about the latest trends and technologies in professional PHP development. There will be twelve captivating talks across two tracks for the day, and an opportunity to socialise in the evening. Blind Bird tickets are available now until the end of this month.

Dutch PHP Conference - 25-27th June 2015, Amsterdam
The target audience for this conference are PHP and Mobile Web Developers of all levels, software architects, and even managers. Beginners will find many talks aimed at helping them become better developers, while more experienced developers will come away inspired to do even better and with knowledge about the latest tools and methodologies. The Call for Papers is now open.

Web Security : In-Person Training : February 11th
Are you handling user input correctly, storing passwords securely, and guarding against SQL Injection and other attacks? If you’re not sure, the team at php[architect] are offering a one-day version of their online Web Security training live and in-person in the Washington, D.C. area, on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015. If you missed this course on training day at php[world], this is another opportunity to learn how to secure your web applications through lectures and hands-on exercises.

Nomad PHP US - February 19th 2015 20:00 CST
Dependency Injection, Dependency Inversion, and You, presented by Jeff Carouth. As developers, we’re told to limit the coupling of our code for testability, reusability, and a whole host of other reasons. Taking the time to understand exactly what Dependency Injection is, and how we can accomplish it in PHP projects, is important. Then we hear about the Dependency Inversion Principle and think we are okay, because we are injecting dependencies. In this talk we will take a look at both dependency injection and dependency inversion, from a theoretical and practical standpoint. At the end of the session you should understand the motivation for practicing dependency injection, as well as how the Dependency Inversion Principle can make your code more SOLID.

Nomad PHP EU - February 19th 2015, 20:00 CET
Laravel Forge: Hello World to Hello Production, presented by Joe Ferguson. With the recent release of Laravel Forge and Homestead, it has never been easier to go from nothing to something with an easy to use PHP Framework. This talk will cover creating a basic Laravel application using the Laravel specific Vagrant box “Homestead”, connecting to a server (Linode, Rackspace, Digital Ocean), and deploying the application via Forge. The talk will also cover tips and tricks on customising Homestead to fit custom needs as well as how to use Forge to deploy new versions of our application.

Reading and Viewing

The Loosely Coupled Podcast: Episode 17 - Mentoring and Apprenticing
In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about the idea of establishing and participating in mentoring relationships. As participants in the PHP Mentoring organisation or initiative, mentorship is an important part of Jeff’s and Matt’s lives as developers. The main theme in this episode is that you should find a way to get past your fears and find a way to get involved with mentoring in your community. Along the way they cover some advice based on past experiences of what to expect and how to establish successful relationships.

PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report Podcast: January 2015 Edition - October 2014 nominees
This is the January edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout, recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins, to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners of PHP and JavaScript packages and the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of October 2014.

dev/hell Podcast Episode #54 - Phil is Still Wrong
Our latest episode was special in two ways: we recorded a video of it, and it was a simulcast with our friends at the PHP Town Hall podcast. What great people! They’re still wrong, but that’s okay. We talk about mouthing off in public, whether async features should be built into PHP, and the appropriate ways to encourage people to use current versions of PHP. Then Chris gets mad.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with John Coggeshall
Back in the summer at ZendCon, Cal Evans interviewed PHP core developer John Coggeshall.

The Changelog Podcast #137 - Better GitHub Issues with HuBoard and Ryan Rauh
How do you build a business on top of the Github API? What are the technical challenges of serving big enterprise with your SASS? What would you do if Github wanted to acquire your business? Ryan Rauh joins us today to answer these questions.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #19
Magento 2 Round Table.

Acquia Podcast: PHP: Getting The Job Done, Really Easily – meet Stephan Hochdörfer
Stephan Hochdörfer from bitExpert AG and I got the chance to sit down and chat in the event hotel lobby following his session (and my keynote address :-) at SymfonyLive Berlin, 2014. Surprisingly, this podcast contains "the s-word" once. You have been warned. :-)

That Podcast Episode 14: The One With Some Accountability
Beau and Dave welcome in the new year with discussions on their plans for 2015, including health and fitness, martial arts, managing finances, building reputation, the sculpin community, Beau and Rebekah's new #ossart project and various other things.


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Fuzzy Matching Project Work
We are looking for someone to help on a specific project which will involve matching products on one website with products on another website. Someone with skills and demonstrable experience of matching algorithms is a necessity. If you can’t prove that you can do this kind of work please do not contact us. For the right person there is ongoing exciting work. In the first instance please contact us at [email protected] with “Fuzzy matching project” as the subject and we will then create a shortlist, providing the shortlist with information about our company.

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Infrastructure Engineer - Atlanta, GA
We’re looking for an Infrastructure Engineer for our Cloud-based healthcare software services and IT system, who is dedicated, adaptable, collaborative and fun!  With an ever-growing number of healthcare providers across the country using our software application, this is an exciting time to assume a key role in a fast-paced technology company.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

PHP framework designed to support and enforce solid architectural design patterns.

PHP convenience library for publishing messages using the EPCP protocol.

Detects the PHP-version requirement of a given piece of code.

Simple PHP authentication and authorisation library.

Event based, MVC, lightweight and fast PHP framework.

The PHP developer tool belt full of rainbows and awesome output!

Stripe PHP library.

A redacted PHP port of Underscore.js with additional functions and goodies.

Mathematical PHP library for scientific computing.

PHP Backup utility.

A Lightweight PHP interface for the Pusher API.

A SQL query builder for PHP 5.4+.

Official Redbooth API PHP client.

Database component for Solve framework.

PHP backend for Shariff. Shariff enables website users to share their favourite content without compromising their privacy.

Simple PHP library for posting to several social networks.

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