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April 30, 2015

Greetings PHP Fans.

This week, for those of you interested in PHP OOP we bring you a PHP OOP cheatsheet, assisting with OOP concepts, SOLID principles and Design principles.

We also have an introductory article on Sami, the new API documentation generator.

ArtisanConf has been announced for this summer, which is a two day event for Laravel and modern PHP enthusiasts.

Plus, on the Nomad PHP site this week is a video presentation about working with files in PHP.

And finally, this edition of brings you an unprecedented 11 Podcasts!

If you have written an article, created a tutorial or produced a podcast that you would love to share with the PHP community, email it to me on [email protected].

Have a great weekend,

Katie and Ade

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PHP Object Oriented Programming Cheat Sheet
OOP Concepts, S.O.L.I.D Principles, Design Principles.

The Ultimate Guide to CakePHP Libraries for Image Resize, Thumbnail, Cropping and Manipulation
CakePHP is a widely used framework followed invariably by developers from different skill backgrounds and approaches towards web development. We have seen CakePHP helping us with a lot of new and versatile facilities in form of leveraging features and expert support. These useful tools and libraries can help you crop, manipulate and resize images whilst working on Cake. 

Back from LoneStarPHP 2015
On the DragonBe blog this week, Michelangelo van Dam gives us his high-lights of the LoneStarPHP conference.

Tutorials and Talks

Creating a PHP Nexmo API Client using Guzzle Web Service Client - Part 3
Now in part 3 let’s go ahead and add another SMS related API to show how easy it is, since we already have the base client and description in place. Nexmo also has APIs to search for a specific message, multiple messages based on some criteria, as well as for rejected messages. Let’s go ahead and add these three interfaces to our SMS description and see what it takes.

PHP renewed: Password Security in Modern PHP
Keep your PHP web applications' passwords safe from hackers. PHP continues to evolve with the web, and more web applications need to store passwords securely. In the second installment of the four-part PHP renewed series, learn about the new password-handling features added in the PHP 5.5 release.

Inspecting PHP Code Quality with Scrutinizer
In this article, we’ll take a look at Scrutinizer CI - a continuous integration tool that’s quite expensive and closed to private projects, but very handy for public ones.

Getting Rid of Redux Framework Annoyances
Redux Framework is a nice option framework for WordPress theme and plugin developers, and is probably one of the most used frameworks out there. However, it comes with a few annoyances that many people are complaining about. This article shows you how to make some simple changes.

A Beginner’s Guide to The WordPress Loop
Everyone is familiar with the WordPress loop, even if they don’t know it. It is a method WordPress uses to display posts on any given page. In addition to being performed on most pages you see, it offers tons of flexibility by allowing itself to be modified. The end result of this is the ability to list posts by comment count, show only those with featured images, display only password-protected ones and so on. In this article we’ll take a look at how the default WordPress Loop works, what you can do to modify it and how you can create your very own custom loops.

Adding WordPress Like Shortcodes to Your Web Applications
One of the cool features of WordPress is its shortcode feature. There may be times one wished to add this capability to your PHP web applications. Recently I found one such library which allows you to add shortcode features to your web apps. The library discussed here implements WordPress style shortcode syntax as a standalone package. It is a small package, so can be easily integrated into you existing applications. Content from editors, databases, etc. can be scanned by the Shortcode Manager and the contents replaced by a custom callback.

PHP IPC with Daemon Service using Message Queues, Shared Memory and Semaphores
In a previous article, we learned how to create a simple daemon service in PHP to monitor and process an important activity on a machine in the background. Now we move with a more advanced topic which is how daemon processes can communicate with other programs, or with other instances of the same daemon process. Read this article to learn how to perform IPC, Inter-Process communication in PHP to send and receive data using message queues, as well as to transmit large volumes of data using shared memory, and using semaphores to prevent problems caused by simultaneous accesses.

Generating PHP Documentation with Sami
Documenting your methods, classes and functions is becoming second nature for everyone, so it makes sense to have a way to generate a separate documentation instead of navigating through the source code. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Sami, the new API documentation generator.

Building Your Startup With PHP: User Settings, Profile Images and Contact Details
This tutorial is part of the Building Your Startup With PHP series on Tuts+. In this series, I'm guiding you through launching a startup from concept to reality using my Meeting Planner app as a real life example. Every step along the way, we'll release the Meeting Planner code as open source examples you can learn from. We'll also address startup-related business issues as they arise. In this tutorial, we're going to build our key areas around the users own data for broader use through the application.
News and Announcements

WordPress 4.2 "Powell"
Version 4.2 of WordPress, named “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.2 help you communicate and share, globally.

Announcing Our Book: “Hack & HHVM”
We’d like to get more developers in the community using Hack. But we know there’s been something lacking: a good, consolidated resource for learning Hack and getting the most use out of it. We have documentation online, but it’s more of a reference than a tutorial. I have good news on that front: for the past few months, I’ve been writing a book about Hack and HHVM, and starting today, you can get an early look at it through our publisher, O’Reilly Media.

ArtisanConf - July 9-10th 2015, London
ArtisanConf is the premier UK conference for Laravel and modern PHP enthusiasts. Up to 300 artisans will convene in the heart of London’s Tech City for two days of inspirational talks, engaging networking and amazing learning opportunities. Tickets are available now.

DrupalCon - May 11-15th 2015, Los Angeles
DrupalCon brings together thousands of people from across the globe who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform. The North American DrupalCon is the most widely attended Drupal event in the world. Taking place in sunny Los Angeles this year, DrupalCon will feature a full schedule of educational, networking and contribution opportunities. Still a few late pricing tickets available now.

php[tek] Conference - May 18-25th 2015, Chicago
php[tek] is a PHP conference like no other. It brings together great technology content and great people, and mixes them up in a wonderful cocktail of PHP fun. You will find high-quality presentations by the brightest experts in the PHP world, coupled with a welcoming and friendly community of attendees and speakers. Still some tickets available now.

Nomad PHP US - May 21st 2015 20:00 CDT
An In-depth Look at Slim Framework 3.0, presented by Josh Lockhart. Join Josh Lockhart as he discusses the Slim Framework, a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. You’ll learn about the framework’s history, and you’ll get an in-depth look at the architecture and improvements in version 3.0. Josh will demonstrate how to build and organise a Slim Framework application. He’ll also demonstrate how to integrate popular third-party components.

Nomad PHP EU - May 21st 2015 20:00 CEST
How to Serialise a Closure and Get a Million Downloads, presented by Jeremy Lindblom. Did you know that you cannot serialise a Closure object! Well, that is what the PHP runtime tells you when you try to do it, anyway. Back in 2010, I set out to prove PHP wrong with my SuperClosure project, which allows you to serialise - and then actually unserialise and execute - PHP closures. I’ve learned a lot along the way, especially about closures, reflection and lexical parsing. I want to tell you the whole story, teach you some of PHP’s dark magic, and show you how some code snippets in a blog post evolved into a quirky open source project that has been downloaded over two million times, despite its usage of the infamous eval().


Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 58 - Readying PHP 7 for its Release
According to the proposed PHP 7.0 timeline, on March 16 started a period on which there will be only finalisation and testing of the implementation of proposed features. This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in Episode 58 of the Lately in PHP podcast. They also commented on important approved features like the scalar type hinting, exceptions in the engine, anonymous classes, and the proposal to have consistent function names.

PHP Town Hall #40 - Return of the Ferrara
Regular guest Anthony Ferrara joins us “in the studio” to talk about the new version of his scalar type hints, which since recording - a f**king month ago - has been accepted for PHP 7. We thought it would be good to have a bit of a chat about the feature, the nonsense that surrounded it and a bunch of other random internals and PHP 7 related blathering.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast: The One That Crashed!
Hey folks! Sod's law but just as we were getting into our stride recording this week the technology failed us! Thankfully we managed to ramble a sufficient amount before this happened. Finally the 4 of us all were online together so lots to catch up on, i.e. Mike's fascinating computer animation module, Fraser's React JS workshop among other usual ramblings. It also looks like we may have Adam from the popular web podcast 'Full Stack Radio' joining us soon which we all look forward to. So without further ado, enjoy the rest and thanks for listening as well as your feedback.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #33 - Java's The Clergyman
The guys get personal with Karen Baker from Webshopapps and Kalen makes fun of her accent. She flips the tables and runs the rest of the show. Hilarity ensues.

The Loosely Coupled Podcast: Episode 20 - Like A Boss
In this episode, Jeff and Matt discuss the benefits and drawbacks to being someone’s employee or to being a freelancer and being your own boss. There are many reasons you might choose one or the other, and only you can make that decision. This episode is a discussion of the past experiences Jeff and Matt have with freelancing and being employed.

Sound of Symfony Podcast: Episode 7 - Talking About Tools
In this much delayed episode we discuss the huge backlog of news that we've missed, we talk to Benjamin Eberlei about development tools, and we talk about the upcoming Symfony conferences.

Binpress Podcast Episode 32: Dries Buytaert of Acquia
In this episode we talk with Dries Buytaert, founder of Acquia and creator of Drupal, the incredibly popular open source CMS. Dries covers how he got his start, Drupal’s origins, how Acquia found its footing, and why people skills are important for open source projects. He also discusses the beginning of an architectural shift for the web, how he manages burnout, and much more.

Voices of the Elephant - Interview with Chris Tankersley
This week Cal Evans talks to regular conference speaker Chris Tankersley, of the Northwest Ohio PHP User Group.

Full Stack Radio Podcast Episode 15: Everzet - Classicist and Mockist TDD
In this episode, Adam talks to Konstantin Kudryashov, creator of Behat and BDD Practice Manager at Inviqa. Konstantin and Adam talk about the schools of TDD, how to use test doubles effectively, and common challenges people face when trying to learn TDD.

Acquia Podcast - Yhteisöllisyys and Global Drupal: "Friendships Beyond Business"
If only non-Finns could easily pronounce it, I think "yhteisöllisyys" would be a perfect motto for Drupal. To explain what it means, I dragged Lauri Eskola, Drupal Craftsman from, away from the contribution sprints at DrupalCamp Brighton 2015 long enough for him to fill me in on that, as well as his trip to Drupal Camp Delhi 2015, what he's excited about in Drupal 8, and how doing business in the Drupal world - based on values like sharing and openness - must seem strange and different to outsiders.

PHP Round Table Podcast: 018 - F8 Afterglow & The PHP SDK
A short afterglow discussion about the 2015 F8 Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco, CA & a look at the new Facebook PHP SDK and where it's headed.

Reading and Viewing

PHP Files: An Introduction
Working with files in PHP can be a fun and a frustrating task; one you never know when you’ll be asked to do. In this talk, we’ll go over how to work with files and some of the most common built in functions to help accomplish your tasks. This video, from Nomad PHP, is presented by Jacques Woodcock.

Drupal 8 Configuration Management (by Stefan Borchert & Anja Schirwinski, published 23rd March 2015)
With all the complex configuration options of Drupal, the Configuration Management system allows you to keep track of your configuration and move configuration changes between several development environments with ease.

LAMP Stack for Humans: How to turn a laptop into a web server on your local network (by Jay Versluis, published 24th March 2015)
In this book I will describe how you can turn an ageing computer into an always-on server that can run web applications in the comfort of your own home or office. Together we will configure the entire server: you will learn how to install CentOS, Apache, PHP and MySQL (or MariaDB) and WordPress. I will show you how you can reach your server from other computers on the network and how to create regular backups. 


To post a job advert please contact [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Easypanel is a small content management system used for simple websites and quick setup. 

Package for using ReactJS with Laravel.

phpBB is a popular open-source bulletin board written in PHP.

A website crawler implemented in PHP.

Create a Phar (PHp ARchive) file of your Composer based PHP application.

Plum is a data processing pipeline that helps you to write structured, reusable and well tested data processing code.

Collection of development libraries to speed PHP development.

A PHP source code tagging system.

A PHP library to work with mathematical vectors.

A PHP library to build badges as seen on many open source services.

Restores a PHP object to its previous state using memento pattern.

A high-performance project management system in PHP.

A lightweight data mapper designed to take advantage of PHP 5.3+.

An Automation framework written in mainly PHP, using Behat and Mink. Designed to kick-ass and take names.

A Maybe monad implementation for PHP.

PHPScanner scans uploaded content for rootkits before your PHP script handles the request.
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