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October 15, 2015

Hi PHP fans, and thanks for joining us this week.

If you didn't make it to DrupalCon in Barcelona last month, we have an article all about Drupal 8, with lots of reasons why you should be using it now.

We also bring you a tutorial about how to conquer Instagram with PHP.

The dev/hell podcast team recorded their latest episode just after the PNWPHP Conference, where they touched on what's happening with OSMI.

Plus we have a screencast to teach you how to protect your PHP apps from Brute Force Attacks.

And finally, the Call for Papers is open now for next years MidWest PHP conference, taking place in Minneapolis in March.

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Katie and Ade

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Bulgaria PHP Conference 2015 Recap – It Was a Blast!
When we started working on the concept for the Bulgaria PHP Conference, we were full of doubts and fears. We had this strong vision of what the event should stand for, but was it really going to turn out as we dreamed? What if we fail? We wanted this conference to be about quality of the content (the sessions), but more importantly to create a unique atmosphere and intensify the strong PHP community spirit that we feel is the number one reason for organising an event of that kind. Fast forward 8 months – yes, in short, the event topped our highest hopes and expectations! Here are some insights.

Visiting Other Islands This Fall
Drupal 8 RC 1 is out, and this is a good time to consider the impact that Drupal 8 has had on the PHP community. The "off the island" movement has grown large, and people outside of Drupal are echoing the same message. In fact, not one but two conferences this fall are actively trying to build bridges between PHP sub-communities: ZendCon and php[world].

Why You Should now Start Developing with Drupal 8
11 Liipers attended the DrupalCon Barcelona in September 2015. We learned a lot about Drupal 8. And heard over and over again: “Start working with Drupal 8 now!”.

Find Out The Best Resources for CakePHP Development and Programming
The years of experience of working with the technology and expertise of the developers helps in a big way as their contribution has been focused towards fraternity goals and is available in all-inclusive packages and easy-to learn environments. Few of them are official whereas the others are among the popular places to gather information online. You can hire Dedicated CakePHP developers from successful CakePHP development companies. There are these wonderful resources that present the core knowledge and tips on the technology and enable you to make quality decisions. Here is how they go.

Tutorials and Talks

Drupal 8 Third Party Settings and Pseudo-Fields
In the first installment of this series we started our journey towards creating some simple but powerful functionality. The goal we set was to have the possibility to load a form on each node page and to be able to choose which form type should be used on the different node bundles.

The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce: An Introduction to Managing Orders
WooCommerce is quite a versatile plugin which allows you to convert any ordinary website into an online store. With this plugin you can sell your products to customers in the best possible way. In today's article I will explain how WooCommerce helps you in managing your product orders.

The Beginner's Guide to Rebasing Your PR
You've successfully created a PR and it's in the queue to be merged. A maintainer looks at the code and asks you to rebase your PR so that they can merge it. Say what? The maintainer means that there have been other code changes on the project since you branched which means that your branch cannot be merged without conflicts and they would like to you to sort this out. These are the steps you should take.

Developing Joomla on AWS with Z-Ray
Development in the cloud is all the rage these days and the PHP world is no exception to this rule, as more and more developers are opting to move their development work to the cloud and other virtual environments (did I hear someone say Docker?) The workflow detailed in this tutorial showcases only one of the many options currently available for PHP developers, but demonstrates just how simple and productive the move to the cloud can be.

Pivot Tables and Many-to-Many Relationships
Today I want to talk about a feature of Laravel which is really useful but that can be potentially difficult to understand at first. Pivot table is an example of an intermediate table with relationships between two other “main” tables.

Incrementing Values in PHP
Take a variable, increment it with 1. That sounds like a simple enough job right? Well.. from a PHP developer point of view that might seem the case, but is it really? There are bound to be some catches to it (otherwise we wouldn’t write a blogpost about it). So, there are a few different ways to increment a value, and they MIGHT seem similar, they work and behave differently under the hood of PHP, which can lead to – let’s say – interesting results.  Let’s take a look.

PHPUnit + XHProf = BOOM!
Matthew Turland ran into an issue recently while trying to run PHPUnit tests in an environment using XHProf. Google didn’t prove to be much help, so he thought he would document the problem and solution here for posterity. 

Custom Conditionals with Laravel's Blade Directives
One of the greatest aspects of Laravel Blade is that it's incredibly easy to handle view partials and control logic. But sometimes the repetitive code isn't the view itself, but the conditional logic you are running.

Compiling HHVM with GCC 4.9/5.2 and Boost
For my development environment I prefer using Debian unstable, as it usually has the latest and greatest things available. This tends to work a lot better with living-on-the-edge software like HHVM. However, in this case, GCC 5.2 was a little bit too living-on-the-edge for HHVM. Some system libraries were 'suddenly' compiled with GCC 5.2, which did not interact well with HHVM's GCC 4.9 (or even GCC 5.2) compiles. It mostly has to do with that GCC 5.1+ employs a new ABI for C++ compiled objects.

Create Microsoft Word DOCX files from HTML in PHP Part 1: Simple Example
Many PHP applications require exporting documents in Microsoft Word formats. However, most PHP developers only have experience in generating HTML Web pages. Read this article to learn how to quickly create Microsoft Word DOCX format using HTML templates.

Conquering Instagram with PHP and the Instagram API
Instagram’s API allows us to interact with data such as user info, media (photos and videos), likes, comments, and tags. For example, you can search for media around a specific location and filter the results by time. The API also allows us to post comments or like specific media. For now, only uploading media isn’t supported. You can always look at the API endpoints documentation if you want to know about the full functionality.
News and Announcements

Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 Released
We now present the first release candidate for Drupal 8.0.0! Drupal 8 includes a tremendous number of new features and improvements for both users and developers.

Sunshine PHP Conference - February 4-6th 2016, Miami
The SunshinePHP Developer Conference is hosted by the South Florida PHP Community (SoFloPHP) in Miami, Florida from February 4th - 6th, 2016, and you're invited! We'll host some of the best speakers, awesome talk topics, latest technologies, and up to date news in PHP. And don't forget our Hack-a-thon and Uncon'ference, as well as a great hallway track and fun social events! Early bird tickets go on sale tomorrow.

php[world] - November 16-20th 2015, Washington DC
Once again, we will be inviting all the varied sub-communities of PHP to join us under one roof; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento, Zend Framework, Symfony, CakePHP, Laravel and more!  We will be planning specific tracks for each framework, as well as finding great crossover talks that will appeal to everyone. Tickets are onsale now.

ZendCon - October 19th-22nd 2015, Las Vegas
Now in its 11th year, ZendCon is the "must attend" event and the largest gathering of the PHP community. ZendCon brings together industry thought leaders, recognised PHP experts, enterprise decision-makers, IT managers, dev and ops teams, and independent developers for four days of professional and business development. Tickets are still onsale for the next few days.

MidWest PHP  - March 4-5th 2016, Minneapolis
Midwest PHP returns in March next year, to Minneapolis, at a brand new venue. In its 4th year, the conference brings all the things you have come to expect from Midwest PHP, including great speakers and fantastic talks for all skill levels. The Call for Papers is open for another month, and Blind Bird tickets are onsale now.

PHP UnConference Europe - May 28-29th 2016, Majorca
In its 5th year, tickets are already available for the 2016 PHP UnConference. Further details to follow.


dev/hell Podcast Episode 66 - Aquinas on Customer Service
Episode 66 was recorded live right after the inaugural Pacific Northwest PHP Conference. We make fun of our sponsors, talk about smelly tests, Thomas Aquinas, remote pairing with juniors, and new stuff happening with OSMI.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Bernhard Schussek
This week Cal Evans talks to long term Symfony team member Bernhard Schussek, otherwise known as webmozart.

The Changelog Podcast #175: OSCON, Open Source, and More With Rachel Roumeliotis
Our guest this week is Rachel Roumeliotis, the Strategic Content Director at O’Reilly Media, and the Programming Chair for OSCON and O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference.

Acquia Podcast - Small Agency Success with Reusability: Zurb, Drupal, and more!
One dev shop: Talking with Richard Moger about the success of his small-scale agency, Claritis, and how reuse of open source tools like Zurb Foundation and Drupal allow him to work efficiently and grow with his clients. Doing most of the work at Claritis himself, Richard has become adept at being efficient. His experience seems to have given him a good sense of when he should solve a problem himself and when he should bring in a specialist - for example a professional designer, or an open source tool - to get the job done quickly and well.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #63 - “That’s Not Possible” [feat Ben Staveley]
The guys interview Ben Staveley of dotMailer.

Run Geek Radio Podcast: Episode 9 - Crawling Before We Can Walk
So many startups attempt to skip the crawling stages and the MPV (minimum viable product) as they push to become successful. Just as many developers attempt to skip the vital stages of learning and forge ahead to create bugs, security holes, and poor code. Adam Culp, the host of Run Geek Radio, talks about how important it is to crawl before we can walk.

Laravel IO Podcast: Episode 35 - Dev School
In this episode, the crew talks about the challenges of learning to be a developer, developer bootcamps, advice to their former selves, and even their favourite clothes.

Reading and Viewing

Watch: Prevent Brute Force Attacks on a Login Page
Learn how to protect your PHP applications from Brute Force Attacks. I’ll show you how in this screencast.

PHP Environment Setup
This is my video tutorial on setting up a PHP development environment using Vagrant and PuPHPet. Although it may seem a bit harder than just downloading a LAMP package for your system, it is much more flexible and far easier to manage in the long term.

Are You A Good Scout?
One of the highlights of this years PHPNW Conference was Matt Cockayne talking about being a good code scout. This talk got promoted from the Unconference track to a spare slot on the Sunday morning. 

Now Available – Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migation Guide
Our newest book is now available: Zend Framework 1 to 2 Migation Guide by Bart McLeod. Zend Framework 1 has been around ages which means there are many legacy sites using it out there. If you’re tasked with maintaining one, or have inherited one, this guide will give you practical advice on how to update it to use Zend Framework 2, including discussion of how Views, Layouts, Databases, and Modules work in ZF2 compared to it’s predecessor. Purchase your copy today.

Hack and HHVM: Programming Productivity Without Breaking Things (by Owen Yamauch, published 26 Sep 2015)
How can you take advantage of the HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) and the Hack programming language, two new technologies that Facebook developed to run their web servers? With this practical guide, Owen Yamauchi - a member of Facebook’s core Hack and HHVM teams - shows you how to get started with these battle-tested open-source tools.


Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

An application development framework for PHP focusing on allowing developers to build enterprise ready applications that are fast, scale well, allow for architectural rethinks late in the project and that maximise the potential for code reuse.

Bedrock is a modern WordPress stack that helps you get started with the best development tools and project structure.

LdapTools is a feature-rich LDAP library for PHP 5.6+.

A full-featured email creation and transfer class for PHP.

Alice allows you to create a ton of fixtures/fake data for use while developing or testing your project.

Prophecy is a highly opinionated yet very powerful and flexible PHP object mocking framework. 

A simple and swift MongoDB abstraction layer for PHP 5.4+.

A highly customiseable and blazing fast ORM library for PHP 5.4+.

Pux is a fast PHP Router, and includes out-of-box controller tools.

The purpose of this library is to explore Functors, Applicative Functors and Monads in OOP PHP, and provide examples of real world use case.

A system for organising, loading and introspecting PHP classes and functions.

Nymph is a real time, pubsub ORM that is easy to use in JavaScript and PHP.

CodeLite is an open source, free, cross platform IDE for the C/C++ programming languages which runs on all major platforms.

Phinx makes it ridiculously easy to manage the database migrations for your PHP app.

CMS based on Phalcon PHP Framework with modular structure.

CosCMS is a simple modular framework for building web applications.

Essence is a simple PHP library to extract media informations from websites, like youtube videos, twitter statuses or blog articles.
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