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April 19, 2018

Hello to the PHP community, and welcome to

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Ade and Katie

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20 Laravel Eloquent Tips and Tricks
Eloquent ORM seems like a simple mechanism, but under the hood, there’s a lot of semi-hidden functions and less-known ways to achieve more with it. In this article, I will show you a few tricks.

The Main Reasons We Use Symfony for Web Application Developments
At Outsourcify we work on projects of varying sizes, from small sites with a few pages to complex business applications. Depending on the case, we recommend different technical solutions (we do a lot of Javascript SPA and Wordpress also), but for the most complex cases, when we have to chose a technology to build large web applications that require several weeks or months of work for several web developers, Symfony is our framework of choice.

What PHP Can Be
Have you ever wondered how your life as a PHP developer would be different if that one feature you want was added? I've made the thought experiment quite a few times already, and came to surprising conclusions.

Tutorials and Talks

Unpacking Binary Data in PHP
Working with binary files in PHP is rarely a requirement. However when needed the PHP ‘pack’ and ‘unpack’ functions can help you tremendously. To set the stage we will start with a programming problem, this will keep the discussion anchored to a relevant context. The problem is this : We want to write a function that takes a image file as an argument and tells us whether the file is a GIF image; irrelevant with whatever the extension the file may have. We are not to use any GD library functions.

PHP Version Support and Fatal Errors
This document covers WP Google Maps PHP Version Support and is relevant to users experiencing fatal errors after updating to Version 7.

WordPress Form Submission The Right Way
Building a WordPress form can be a tricky way to do it, if you want to do it the right way. Done a little bit of study on the subject and found out what is seem to be the right way to handle form submission on WordPress, a quick how to explained below.

Sending a Daily Email with Laravel and Campaign Monitor
Here on Laravel News, we offer multiple ways of staying up to date with new content. Everything from auto-sharing to all the social media channels, a read-only Telegram channel, a weekly newsletter and last March we started offering a daily email digest. To send the daily email we utilize the Laravel scheduler and Campaign Monitor so it’s completely automated. In this tutorial let’s look at how its all setup and how you can easily add this to your site to start sending out automated emails.

Sharing Databases Between Laravel Applications
We have a customer-facing members area and an internal CRM that both work with the same main database. In late 2017, we started migrating our CRM to Laravel as well, in order to modernise the code base a bit, give it a standard structure, and make it easy to make changes to it moving forward. Now that we had two Laravel applications, we started looking at how best to share data between them.

The State of Testing in PHP in 2018
Testing code is an essential aspect of writing software of any level of quality. It’s essential because it helps us know that the code works as it should; whether that’s a specific unit of functionality or the application as a whole from the perspective of the end user. So how is PHP faring in 2018? What’s the state of testing in PHP in 2018? In this article, I’m going to answer that question from a variety of perspectives.

5 Steps to Your First Fixer or Sniff Test
When I wrote my first Sniff 4 years ago I wanted to test it. I expected testing class, that would register sniff, provide ugly code and compare it to fixed one. So I started to explore PHP_CodeSniffer looking for such feature. Found one class, second class, warnings, errors, uff and after 10th error, I closed it. 

Storing Passwords the Right Way
How should passwords be stored? The short answer is: DON’T! I see countless posts on reddit and around the web from people who are trying to figure out how to use PHP’s “new” password functions.  These new functions are awesome in that they have finally made it so that those who are not security specialists can start managing passwords the right way.  PHP’s password functions do things the right way and give us a means by which to ensure our sites can continue to stay secure – even as the red team closes in, coming up with new ways to break the systems.

Laravel Page Cache for Lightning Fast Page Loads
Laravel Page cache is a plugin by Joseph Silber designed to cache HTTP GET responses as static files for lightning fast page loads. This plugin gives you the benefit of a full PHP application, with the benefits of full-page static file caching for all your routes or any specific routes that are static.

An Extremely Picky Developer's Take on PHP Static Site Generators: Part 1 - Sculpin
I was walking around the park a few days ago. It was a bright day, clear sky, I could see kids playing and their parents chatting a few steps away. "This is nice", I thought, "but what about static site generators for PHP?" Well, that's obviously a made-up story. I wasn't at the park and that day it was actually raining, but that’s really what I was thinking.

Understanding Design Patterns - Observer
Defines a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when an object changes state, all of its dependents are notified and updated automatically.

New in Symfony 4.1: Ignore Specific HTTP Codes From Logs
Logging as much information as possible is essential to help you debug the issues found in your applications. However, logging too much information can be as bad as logging too little, because of all the "noise" added to your logs. That's why in Symfony 4.1 we've improved the Monolog integration to allow you exclude log messages related to specific HTTP codes.
News and Announcements

Imagine 2018 - April 23rd-25th 2018, Wynn Las Vegas
Imagine 2018 attracts the biggest innovators in eCommerce. You can network with key merchants, partners, and developers, and join industry leaders in live breakout sessions, customer panels, and keynotes. Can you afford to miss it? The last few tickets are on sale now.

php[tek] Conference - May 31st-June 1st 2018, Atlanta
php[tek] 2018 is the premier PHP conference and annual homecoming for the PHP Community. This conference will be our 13th annual, and php[architect] and One for All Events are excited to continue to host the event in Atlanta! Tickets are on sale now.

Oscon - July 16-19th 2018, Portland
OSCON is the complete convergence of the technologies transforming industries today, and the developers, engineers, and business leaders who make it happen.The 20th Open Source Convention takes place next July. From architecture and performance, to security and data, get expert full stack programming training in open source languages, tools, and techniques. Tickets are on sale now with the Best Price ticket sales ending tomorrow.

CoderCruise - August 30-September 3rd 2018, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Tired of the usual web technology conference scene? Want a more inclusive experience that lets you get to know your fellow attendees and make connections? Well, CoderCruise was designed to be just this. It's a polyglot developer conference on a cruise ship! This year we will be taking a 5-day, 4-night cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL that includes stops at Half Moon Cay and Nassau. Tickets are on sale now.


Laravel News Podcast LN61: Releases, Live Events, and Eloquent Eloquent
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community. 

Post Status Draft Podcast - The Future of Content Distribution
This week the Brians put their brains together and discuss content distribution across various mediums and platforms as well as subscriptions for both digital and physical products.

Ember Four Years Later
Chad Hietala joined the show to talk with us about the long history of Ember.js, how he first got involved, his work at LinkedIn and his work as an Ember Core team member, how the Ember team communicates expectations from release to release, their well documented RFC process, ES Classes in Ember, Glimmer, and where Ember is being used today.

Reading and Viewing

How Anyone Can Write a Post Here
Do you want to write about PHP, but don't have a blog? Do you have some ideas you'd like to share, but don't have time and know-how to spread them over social networks? Do you want to share your ideas to hundreds of listening programmers? Just write a post in Markdown and send PR to this open-source blog.

Cloudways Interview - Raúl E Watson Shares Magento And Ecommerce Developments, And Personal Experiences
Raúl E Watson is a well-known Certified Magento Professional. He is currently associated with Space48, a prolific Magento development agency based out of United Kingdom (UK). He has more than ten years of experience under his belt and has worked on some fantastic award-winning ecommerce projects.

Uncovering Drupalgeddon 2
Two weeks ago, a highly critical (25/25 NIST rank) vulnerability, nicknamed Drupalgeddon 2 (SA-CORE-2018-002 / CVE-2018-7600), was disclosed by the Drupal security team. This vulnerability allowed an unauthenticated attacker to perform remote code execution on default or common Drupal installations. Until now details of the vulnerability were not available to the public, however, Check Point Research can now expand upon this vulnerability and reveal exactly how it works.

The PHP Lands Map
Explore the PHP language and ecosystem in a fun and interactive way using a pirate map.


LaraTalent - Companies apply to YOU
LaraTalent is a reverse job board. We find the best PHP developers and showcase them to companies looking to hire the best talent.

Senior PHP Front End Developer - Limassol, Cyprus
Cooperating closely with the design team and content writers to implement any necessary changes to multiple company websites. Developing and testing new features. Overseeing the correct functionality of the multiple company websites and solving any problems these websites encounter and/or liaising with the appropriate expert. Performing routine site maintenance as needed and detecting errors. Staying abreast of the latest developments in his/her field, emerging technologies and services that may enhance the web experience. Making relevant recommendations to the PHP FED team. Assisting other departments with any queries related to PHP FED team responsibilities.

Senior PHP Back End Developers - Limassol, Cyprus
Gathering requirements, designing and implementing new features/projects. Maintaining and refactoring existing web applications such as the Company’s payment gateway. Resolving support tickets for IT related issues. Researching and integrating new web technologies. Collaborating with other departments or IT staff members.

Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

The process virtual machine. Build workflows\business processes with ease.

A Laravel helper package to make automated lists with filters, sorting and paging like no other.

This is the Mapbender module, the main-component of the Mapbender application.

A simple PHP and MySQL based internet forum that displays the messages in classical threaded view (tree structure).

Object Graph Mapper for managing RDF data in Mongo.

voten is an open-source, beautiful, highly customisable yet deadly simple, and warm community. 

WBF is an extensive WordPress framework.

Geodesy-PHP is a PHP port of some known geodesic functions for getting distance from a known point A to a known point B. Given their latitude and longitude.

Provides enumerations for PHP & frameworks integrations.

MyAAC is a free and open-source Automatic Account Creator (AAC) and Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP.

Always-current tests for `php artisan auth:make` command. Curated by the community. 

A free, open source and online accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers.

The most complete question and answer system for WordPress.

Builds on zend-stratigility to provide a minimalist PSR-7 middleware framework for PHP.

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