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July 5, 2018

A very warm welcome to you out there in the PHP community, and thank you for joining us :)

After an absence of several months, the Zend Framework Quick Bites podcast is back, discussing delegator factories and why you should use them.

Also this week, with constant talk of GDPR all around us, we take a look at an easy way for Laravel users to get rid of default cookies that have been set by the framework.

The latest Month in WordPress blog is out, discussing all that happened in the community in June.

Plus SymfonyCon Lisbon has been announced for December. With talks, workshops, discussions and other serious work around Symfony and its environment taking place over five days, tickets are on sale now.

And finally, voting for the Drupal Association Board positions is open now. Check out candidate profiles and get voting.

Enjoy your weekend,

Ade and Katie

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Enterprise Laravel Help Me: White-Labeled Clothing Stores
Recently, I grew tired of hearing people say, "Laravel is fine for small apps, but when you are working in the Enterprise..." You can almost hear the capital E in enterprise, like they're talking about the starship. I've spent the last few months trying to gather information about what makes people say this, and also stories of folks who are already successfully working with Laravel in enterprise context. I put out a survey to collect stories, and wrote and delivered a talk (which I hope to give again soon) titled "Laravel and the Enterprise."

Make PHP Great Again
Apologies for the clickbait title, but if you are a PHP developer, I really think that this topic deserves your attention.

GitHub Tips and Tricks
I’ve compiled a list of my favorite GitHub tips and tricks that I use in my workflow daily. You might be familiar with some or even all of them, but I find that developers new to GitHub and veterans alike might pick up a new tip or two by sharing!

It's Time To Vote - Drupal Community Elections 2018
Voting is now open for the 2018 At-Large Board positions for the Drupal Association!  If you haven't yet, check out the candidate profiles including their short videos found on the profile pages. Get to know your candidates, and then get ready to vote. Election voting will be held from 2 July, 2018 through 13 July, 2018. During this period, you can continue to review and comment on the candidate profiles.

Tutorials and Talks

Building Flexible Axios Clients
Recently I set out to improve how I work with APIs in my Vue applications by building a flexible Axios client that I can use in my Vuex actions and one-off components.

Concurrency in PHP with Swoole
Swoole is a CLI server written in C as a PHP extension. It handles HTTP, TCP and socket servers, offering some really interesting features. The ones I’ve tested and I’m pretty excited about are related to concurrency.

Keeping Credentials Secure in PHP
Effective PHP credential security can be tricky, but simpler is better than complex.

What Are Delegator Factories and Why You Should Use Them
Ever wanted to dynamically expand the functionality of an object which you retrieve from your dependency injection container, based on different needs, yet without creating messy, hard to maintain configurations? If so, then you're going to want to know about a powerful technique called Delegator Factories.

Using Fractal As Your OpenWhisk API's View Layer
When writing an API, it’s common to produce an output that conforms to a known media type such as JSON API or HAL, etc. I’m a strong believer that even though I’m writing an API, my application has a view layer. It’s not the same as building an HTML page, but you still need to separate out the code that creates the structured output from your model layer. For a couple of APIs that I’ve written recently, I’ve used Fractal for this.

WordPress File Delete to Code Execution
WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. According to w3tech, it is used by approximately 30% of all websites1. This wide adoption makes it an interesting target for cyber criminals. In this blog post we are going to introduce an authenticated arbitrary file deletion vulnerability in the WordPress core that can lead to attackers executing arbitrary code.

Let Changelog Linker Generate for You
Do you have an open-source project on Github? Do you want your users to know about new features and changes without you writing posts about it? Do you keep a changelog? Do you struggle with keeping it up-to-date and descriptive and with all the links to all merged pull-requests? Yes? Then you'll love Changelog Linker. A PHP CLI tool that does all this boring work for you.

PHP: Use Associative Arrays Basically Never
The other day I was working on some sample code to test out an idea that involved an object with an internal nested array. This is a pretty common pattern in PHP. But that got me wondering, is that common pattern really, you know, good? So like any good scientist I decided to test it: What I found will shock you!

103 Early Hints
103 Early Hints is an experimental status code. It can be used by a server to preemptively send headers to a client or intermediary. A client might be able to use these headers to make certain optimisations as early as possible in the process.

Optimisation Auditing: A Deep Dive into Chrome’s Dev Console
Chrome DevTools incorporates many sub-tools for debugging web applications on the client side - like recording performance profiles and inspecting animations - most of which you’ve likely been using since your early days of learning web development, mostly through the DevTools console. Let’s look at some of those tools, focusing particularly on the console and the performance metrics.

Join The Light Side, We Have No Cookies
If you haven't been in hibernation the last couples of weeks you might have heard of something called GDPR. If you are using Laravel, here's how you can (very) easily get rid of the default cookies set by the framework.

PHP Reflection
PHP provides a complete reflection API and multiple functions right out of the box. This provides an object the ability to examine itself and report back things like its methods and properties. With that functionality, we can automatically create documentation, inject dependencies, and a lot more.

Using Facebook Messenger Quick Replies with BotMan
I guess you already used quick replies for text buttons, right? But did you know that you can ask the user for email, phone number, and current location? It is time to give you a refresh of Facebook Messenger quick replies and how they work in the BotMan chatbot framework.

News and Announcements

Oscon - July 16-19th 2018, Portland
OSCON is the complete convergence of the technologies transforming industries today, and the developers, engineers, and business leaders who make it happen.The 20th Open Source Convention takes place next July. From architecture and performance, to security and data, get expert full stack programming training in open source languages, tools, and techniques. Tickets are on sale now.

PHP Developer Days - September 21st-22nd 2018, Dresden
After a very successful edition in 2017 we aim to push this community driven conference to the next level in 2018. For the first time we will offer a full day with workshops, so you can get the most out of our excellent trainers. On the second day our international speakers will provide you with great sessions in a single track. We are committed to creating a unique community experience - an event where everyone is among #PHPriends. Tickets are on sale now.

Laracon AU - October 18-19th 2018, Sydney
Two days of learning and networking with the Laravel community in Australia for the first time. The two day conference will see us welcome some of the most prominent Laravel community members including Matt Stauffer, Adam Wathan, and the framework’s author Taylor Otwell as speakers alongside a host of terrific local speaking talent. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now.

PHP Central Europe - October 26-28th 2018, Prague
New season and new challenges! As conference organisers we understand perfectly that you can stay with peleton only when you focus on development. That is why phpCE, as an event aimed at a wide group of PHP programmers from Central Europe, leaves Poland for the first time. We are stronger than before thanks to the organisers of Brno PHP Conference and volunteers from the Pehapkaƙi group. Together we have been working for the success of this year’s edition and we are inviting you to Prague. With Rasmus Lerdorf already confirmed as a special guest, the Call for Papers closes today.

Symfony Con - December 4-8th 2018, Lisbon
Symfony is proud to organise the sixth edition of the SymfonyCon, the international Symfony conference. This year, to celebrate Symfony, we decided to bring the entire community to Portugal and discover the amazing city of Lisbon. If you like Symfony and share fun with professionals, this is where you want to be in December! Join us for talks, workshops, discussions and other serious work around Symfony and its environment.


Laravel News Podcast LN64: Babies, Packages and PHP 7.3
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

Zend Framework Quick Bites Episode 44 -  What Are Delegator Factories and Why You Should Use Them
Ever wanted to dynamically add functionality to services you retrieve from your DI container - without creating custom versions or long inheritance hierarchies? Do you want to do it in a simple, clear, and well structured way? If so, then tune into this episode and learn about delegator factories. They're an advanced and very powerful technique for handling just this situation.

PHP Ugly Podcast #111 - A Failed Transaction
Topics this week include VuePress and Laravel Horizon.

Post Status Draft Podcast - An Abundance of Acquisitions
In this episode, Brian and Brian discuss several acquisitions that have occurred in the WordPress space in recent weeks.

PHP Web Development Podcast Ep #5 - Why Laravel?
This week I am speaking to a champion in the Technical community. Clement  started his career as an intern and working his way up to a Technical Lead with experience leading a team. As a FullStack developer, His skills entail PHP, Symfony, Laravel, BDD,TDD, Solid Principles, Mobile development etc.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast - AWS, Golang and iOS Development with Alex Bilbie
In this weeks episode we are lucky to be joined by Alex Bilbie to discuss all things AWS, Golang and iOS development. We start off the show by exploring how he got into programming, the stack he currently uses, and moving from a Monolith Laravel application to Golang microservices (deployed using ECS). From here, we move on to highlight his time developing the popular PHP OAuth 2.0 Server package, and how he first got interested in the AWS platform.

Full Stack Radio Podcast Episode 92: Derrick Reimer - Building an SPA with Elm, Phoenix and GraphQL
In this episode, Adam talks to Derrick Reimer about building his new app Level as an SPA using Elm, Phoenix, and GraphQL.

Reading and Viewing

Theme Developer’s Guide to WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress
WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly known as Visual Composer) is probably the most popular page builder on Envato Market. Sitting at over 350,000 sales to date, this plugin is bundled with a large number of WordPress themes sold on ThemeForest. In this short course, you’ll learn how to integrate WPBakery Page Builder in your WordPress theme and customise it to fit your specific theme requirements.

php[architect] Magazine July 2018 - Navigating State
We write code to solve problems. Whether it’s allowing a client’s site to accept credit card payments to buy a plush toy or if we’re trying to automatically track our World Cup bracket results, the applications we make exist for a reason. While HTTP and PHP are stateless at their core, keeping track of the state of things is a recurring concern. It could be tracking if a user is logged in or knowing where they are in the shopping cart checkout process. In this issue, we survey tools to help you model and persist application state.

The Month in WordPress: June 2018
With one of the two flagship WordCamp events taking place this month, as well as some important WordPress project announcements, there’s no shortage of news. Learn more about what happened in the WordPress community in June.

PHP Extensions Status with Upcoming PHP 7.3
With PHP 7.3 entering stabilisation phase, time to check the status of most commonly used PHP extensions (at least, the ones available in my repository). Here is the exhaustive list.

7PHP Interview with Matthew Weier O’Phinney
Making Zend Framework Components Compatible With PHP 7.2 & Is It The End of Monolithic Framework at Zend | Hear It From The Mouth Of The Principal Engineer at Zend Technologies a.k.a Mr Matthew Weier O’Phinney.


Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Contao 4 has been designed as a Symfony bundle, which can be used to add CMS functionality to any Symfony application.

The most popular FOSS online survey tool on the web.

Official docker images suitable for Yii.

PHP wrapper around the `mediainfo` command.

A CakePHP plugin around geocoding tools and helpers.

A set of general purpose high-level abstractions aiming an API for declarative programming in PHP.

A high-performance PHP framework based on Laravel and Swoole

Poduptime is software to get live stats and data on listed Diaspora Pods.

A multi-gateway payment platform for PHP.

Grocery CRUD is a PHP Codeigniter Framework library that creates a full functional CRUD system without the requirement of extra customisation to the JavaScripts or the CSS to do it so.

Unofficial MyAnimeList PHP+REST API which provides functions other than the official API.

Chassis is a virtual server for your WordPress site, built using Vagrant.

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