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July 19, 2018

Hello to the PHP community, and welcome to

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Ade and Katie

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When It Comes to Cloud-Based PHP Development, The Sticking Point is The Debugger
While there are cloud-based IDEs, doing PHP development in a cloud IDE is still far from turnkey.

Demonstrating The Interoperability and Decoupling of Zend Expressive
I have written a lot of posts about Zend Framework in general and Zend Expressive in particular, but I have noticed that I have never talked about one of the things that, from my point of view, makes Expressive so game-changing, Interoperability.

What Is Modernization?
What is modernization? Is it putting a new/fancy interface on top of existing data and business logic? I would submit that that is not a good definition of modernization. Any effort undertaken in business has to have a goal and a way to achieve that goal – and that is not different for modernization.

I Want Scalar Objects in PHP
Recently, I read an interesting article from Andrew Carter entitled Make PHP Great Again [cheap plug: this link was included in my most recent Newsletter]. In it Andrew brought up the topic of scalar objects.

29 Awesome Tools for Web Designers & Developers
We’re always on the lookout for the best web tools and services available for designers and developers. Which resources should we be using? Most customers don't need a website built from scratch - only customisations are necessary for many to find a perfect fit for their projects. Web designers and developers told us what they are using in their projects to get things done faster and better. Here are 29 solutions that work.

Tutorials and Talks

How To Install mcrypt for PHP 7.2
If you've discovered that you can't install mcrypt as you once could, fret not. Here are the steps to take so you can get that oft-used dependency installed with the help of pecl.

Creating and Updating Symfony Projects Much Faster
A few years ago, we introduced the Symfony Installer as the fastest way to create new Symfony projects. While Composer took up to several minutes to create a new project, Symfony Installer did the same in less than ten seconds.

MySQL Without The SQL - Oh My!
Do you work on projects where you begin coding before knowing what your data looks like? Or are you part of the vast majority of developers who have had little or no training in database theory, relational calculus, Structured Query Language, or sets? There is new hope for you.

New in Statie 4.5: Twig Support
Statie supports YAML and Symfony Dependency Injection for some time. But you wanted more! You wanted Twig. Sculpin and all the other PHP generators have it. So there you go! Enjoy

Convert CSV to Excel in PHP
During a recent data conversion project I needed to convert around 250 CSV files to Excel (xls) format. As this was a PHP project I decided to write a small PHP script using the PhpSpreadsheet library.

What's So Great About OOP?
One of my core responsibilities as a senior software engineer is mentoring the junior engineers and interns at work. It's one I don't take lightly, and as a follow-up to discussions where new concepts are introduced, I usually try to find a good written reference for them to bookmark for later.

201 Created
201 Created, just like 200 OK, means that the request was successful, but it also resulted in a new resource being created. In the case of a PUT request, it means that a new resource was created on the actual url that was specified in the request.

Secure, Passwordless Authentication Using Auth0
In this article, you'll learn how to set up passwordless authentication using the Auth0 service. Auth0 allows you to outsource authentication features for your app.

Lazy Loading Services Using Zend Service Manager
Any more complex application includes a big dependency injection tree of services, some of which can have a more complicated creation logic. If the service is injected as a dependency, but not necessarily used at every execution, you may want to lazily initialise that service until it is really needed.

Testing with a MySQL 5.7 Database On Codeship
Every site I've used Codeship on—until today—has either used SQLite in testing or has worked fine with MySQL 5.6. But recently, one of our teams tried to test a codebase that uses JSON columns, meaning we needed to use MySQL 5.7+, which doesn't come enabled on Codeship out of the box. Here's a quick walkthrough of how to set up a MySQL 5.7 testing database, locally in Codeship and without needing to rely on RDS.

New Outer Array Functions Coming to PHP 7.3
PHP 7.3 introduces two new array functions for working with the “outer” keys of an array. The RFC proposal included four new functions for both keys and values, but only the array key functions were accepted.
News and Announcements

Laracon EU - 29-31st August 2018, Amsterdam
Laracon EU is a unique international Laravel event with over 750 attendees. The conference has multiple tracks and is focusing on in-depth technical talks. Come learn about the state of the industry while networking with like-minded and diversely experienced developers. Tickets are on sale now.

Northeast PHP Conference - 19th-21st September 2018, Boston
Our event is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community. While grounded in PHP, the conference is not just about PHP. Talks on web technology, user experience, and IT management help PHP developers broaden their skill sets. Tickets are on sale now.

Symfony Live - September 27-28th 2018, London
Symfony is proud to organise the 7th edition of the British Symfony conference and to welcome the Symfony community from all over the UK. Join us for 2 days of Symfony to share best practices, experience, knowledge, make new contacts and hear the latest developments with the framework! The Call for Papers is open for another few days, and tickets are on sale now.

php[world] - November 14-15th 2018, Washington DC
PHP as a language and a community has been rapidly changing in the last few years. A staggering 83% of the Web runs on PHP, and those websites are built on frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Symfony, ZF and Laravel, each of which has their own strong community. We created a conference designed to appeal to all these communities and bring them together. Hence, php[world] was born. The Call for Papers closes in a few days.


Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast - New Jobs, Engagements and Marathons
In this weeks episode Mick and Edd have a long overdue catchup! We start off the show by discussing Mick’s new job, the new stack he is using, and the benefits of working in a team. From here we highlight how his company uses Scrum (Sprints, Planning Poker and Story Points), handling event-sourced models with the introduction of GDPR, and logic within annotations. Finally, we touch upon Edd’s recent engagement and marathon, a new Serverless/React blog series he is working on, developing applications for the Ethereum blockchain, and how to manage application secrets.

Laravel Podcast Episode 14 - Interview: Nuno Maduro, Creator of Collision and Laravel Zero
An interview with Nuno Maduro, creator of Collision and Laravel Zero.

PHP Web Development Podcast Ep #7 - Learning Laravel for Junior & Middleweight Developers
Continuing from last week, we will be talking about what you should do as a Junior - Middleweight PHP Developer if you are hoping to learn Laravel. We will touch on the importance of learning TDD & BDD, using React and some of the other latest front end technologies.

Full Stack Radio Podcast Episode 93: Justin Jackson - Who You Want to Help > What You Want to Build
In this episode, Adam and Justin Jackson have a candid conversation about a life-changing realisation Adam recently had about what he does for a living. They talk about why it's important to define your business by the people it serves instead of the product you make, and how to stop stressing yourself out trying to come up with the perfect SaaS app idea.

Laravel News Podcast LN65: Jigsaws, Git tools, and Laravel Development Packages
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

PHP Ugly Podcast #113 - Excessive Frequency
This month the team discusses a Hacker Breaking Down 'Ocean's 8' Hacking Scenes | WIRED Brand Lab - YouTube

Reading and Viewing

7 Web Development Kits for Less Than The Price of 1
For most of us $29 isn’t going to break the bank. However, if you’ve got an interest in web development and a bit of drive to learn some handy new skills, it could be life changing. That’s the price that The Complete PHP & MySQL Web Development Bundle has been slashed to this week. This combination of seven online training kits and 44 hours of expert instruction is enough to take you from an absolute noob to web dev guru by the time you’re done.

Cloudways Interview - Dmitry Voronenko
Interview with the CEO and founder of TurnKey Lender.

Calling all Drupal Agency Leaders: Participate in the 2018 Drupal Business Survey
The third edition of the annual Drupal Business Survey is here. Exove and One Shoe created the survey in collaboration with Drupal Association, to gain insight of Drupal’s health, focus and latest business trends. It also gives perspective on how Drupal agencies are doing and how customers see Drupal.

ReactPHP Tutorial - POST Requests
In this tutorial, I'll show you how we can handle POST requests in ReactPHP and parse the data which have been sent within the body of these requests.

Cluster: More Interactive than a Book, Deeper than a Post
I started this 2-part series by Don't Read Books. What should we do instead? There is no silver bullet, but I have few proposals that anyone sharing knowledge in text form can do to rise quality of the content better and make readers get more out of it in the long-term. It will not earn as much money as "bestselling" books, but if you value education more than money like me, keep on reading.


*Sr. Backend Engineer, New York, NY*

GoReadyMade is a food tech start-up located in New York City. We are backed by a larger, well-established food industry leader.  We're offering an amazing opportunity for experienced PHP Engineers to actually learn Golang in a live environment.

This is a win, win for any PHP Engineer that wants to expand their knowledge base, become more marketable to employers, and ultimately upgrade their career opportunities.

Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A flawless framework for building scalable and testable API-Centric Apps with PHP 7 and Laravel 5.6.

Twine is a simple string manipulation library with an expressive, fluent syntax.

Open-source software for volunteer computing and grid computing.

A modern PHP framework to simplify web application developing and provides a RAD environment to speed up the process of creating system prototype.

PHP WSDL creator using PHPdoc (annotations, reflections).

Incredible flexible headless CMS built on top of Symfony and GraphQL.

The library provides a Office365 client for PHP applications. It allows to performs CRUD operations againts Office 365 resources via an REST/OData based API.

Laravel plugin for processing payments through PayPal. Can be used separately.

PHP-malware-finder does its very best to detect obfuscated/dodgy code as well as files using PHP functions often used in malwares/webshells.

Open Source VoIP Billing Solution for Freeswitch. It supports prepaid and postpaid billing with call rating and credit control.

Ximdex CMS is a Decoupled Headless Semantic Content and Data Management System (headless CMS DMS) that allows the manipulation and generation of content, data and apps to be published in different target technologies.

Ultra lightweight and uber speedy markdown to html parser written in PHP.

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