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December 27, 2018

Well here we are folks, on the cusp of 2019, bringing you the last edition of of 2018.

Packed with the usual mixture of podcasts to listen to, tutorials to work on and conferences to sign up for.

Ade and I would like to thank each and every one of you out there in the PHP community, who have subscribed to our weekly newsletter and who help us immensely with article submissions, ideas and general advice.

With over 16,000 people receiving and reading PHP Weekly each week, we would not be where we are today without all of you. We are humbled by the kind words and inspired by the advice.

Here's to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019 for you and your families.

Katie and Ade

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Happy Developers, Happy Ecosystem: The Intangible Impact of WordPress’ Minimum PHP Version Bump
For years, WordPress has been ever-so-slightly behind the times on PHP version support…to put it kindly. However, WordPress’ legendary support for PHP versions back to 5.2 — versions long unsupported by the PHP project itself — wasn’t born out of a “we hate developers” strategy (although you’d be forgiven for thinking so given the reaction that policy often gets from developers). Instead, it was a genuinely noble and pragmatic effort to make WordPress, and thus publishing on the web, as widely available as possible.

End of Support for PHP 5 and PHP 7.0
At the end of 2018, PHP will stop releasing security updates and supporting PHP 5.6 as well as PHP 7.0. Considering there are millions of websites who are still running these old versions of the PHP framework, this move can put those millions of websites at risk. Some experts predict that flaws found in new and supported versions of PHP might be exploitable in the older versions too, but only 7.x will receive security updates.

WordPress Security – 24 Tips to Secure Your Website from Hackers
WordPress security should be the first priority when managing a website. You design your website, publish content, sell products online, but if you do not take WordPress security seriously, your site can get hacked anytime. Every day 30,000 websites get hacked and more than 2,000 websites get blacklisted by Google. You are not an exception. If a government website can get hacked, then why not yours? In this article, I will share 24 best WordPress security tips to protect your website from hackers and malware.

How a User Group Can Change Your Live
Do you know if there is a user group in your area? And if so, have you been there? If you answered one or both of this questions with „no“ and you are wondering why you should care? Let me tell you a little story.

Tutorials and Talks

Building a Laravel Translation Package – Pre-launch Checklist
In the last part of the series, we finished up building the Laravel Translation package. With this completed, we are ready to start thinking about releasing the it to the world. However, before we do, there are few important steps we need to take.

How to Manage Configuration in Symfony without Bundle, Extension and Configuration?
Symfony Flex is moving towards of bundle-less applications. That doesn't mean you should create a monolith code in /src as fast as possible, but rather control everything via .yaml and .env files. It's takes few steps to remove extension and move to import of services.yaml. But how would you approach a simple task as setup an account number parameter?

Create Style Variations for WordPress Gutenberg Blocks: Part 2
In the previous post, we learned all about block style variations and how they're used in the brand new WordPress 5.0 editor to switch between predefined styles easily. We'll take things a little further in this post by providing more examples to give you a solid base for implementing block style variations in your own projects.

Implementing Callback in PHP
In PHP, callback is a function object/reference with type callable. A callback/callable variable can act as a function, object method and a static class method. There are various ways to implement a callback. Some of them are discussed below.

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: the Basics
In this tutorial, we'll explore WordPress theme file structure in depth and learn how to create a basic WordPress theme from scratch.

Hosting WordPress Yourself 2017 Update
It’s been 2 years since I started writing the Hosting WordPress Yourself series, and in that time a lot has changed! If you had tried following along with the series recently you will probably have noticed that a few of the steps outlined in the articles no longer worked, or were no longer relevant. A few exciting new technologies and services have also been introduced over the last few years (e.g. PHP 7.1, Let’s Encrypt, HTTP/2) which can improve both the performance and security of your sites. As such, Brad suggested that I update the entire series to reflect what’s changed over the last couple of years.

Comparing PHP Database Abstraction Layers and CRUD Plugins
In this article, we're going to look at different database abstraction layers for PHP. We'll also look at a couple of PHP CRUD database plugins that could make your life easier when interacting with a MySQL database.

The Mystery of the Missing Breakpoints
Occasionally I see people mentioned that Xdebug does not stop at certain breakpoints. This tends to relate to multi-line if conditions, or if/else conditions without braces ({ and }).

405 Method Not Allowed
405 Method Not Allowed should be returned by a server when a certain HTTP method is not supported at a resource. It’s a bit different from 403 Forbidden. 403 suggest that the server might support the HTTP request, but the client doesn’t have the right privileges to do the HTTP request.

Collaborating on Multiple Projects via Organisations
Blackfire is a great tool to collaborate on profiling and (automated) performance testing. Environments are very flexible, and let companies set teams and workflows according to their own specific context, disregarding the number of machines or applications they want to profile.

Finding N+1 Queries in Laravel
Using Laravel's Eloquent Active-Record, it becomes incredibly easy to define relations between your models. But with all this ease of use, developers might not notice that their application could be suffering in terms of performance, because of underlying database calls. To give you a better understanding of what I mean, let's take a simple example.
News and Announcements

Laravel Cashier 9 Released
The Laravel team released Laravel Cashier v9.0 this week requiring an upgrade of PHP and upping the minimum Laravel version to Laravel v5.7.

Sunshine PHP Conference - 7-9th February 2019, Miami
The Sunshine PHP Developer Conference is hosted by the South Florida PHP community (SoFloPHP) in Miami, Florida from February 7th - 9th 2019 and you're invited! We'll host some of the best speakers, awesome talk topics, latest technologies and up to date news in PHP. And don't forget our Hack-a-thon and Uncon'ference, as well as a great hallway track! Tickets are on sale now.

PHP UK Conference - February 20th-22nd 2019, London - Schedule Announced
PHP UK Conference is pleased to bring to you two options for a full day of training on Wednesday, 20th February 2019, a day before the conference. All course options are a full day (9am-5pm) of hands on immersive training with top professional trainers. Tickets include breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. Please bring your laptop; power and wifi will be available.

ConFoo - March 13-15th 2019, Montreal
ConFoo Montreal is a multi-technology conference for web developers, with 155 presentations by popular international speakers, focused on pragmatic solutions for web developers. Great content and an amazing experience. Discounted tickets are on sale now.

PHP Serbia Conference - 25-26th May 2019, Belgrade
The Serbia PHP conference takes place next May. Super Early Bird Tickets are on sale now.

Dutch PHP Conference - June 6-8th 2019, Amsterdam
The Dutch PHP Conference is very pleased to announce the dates for the 2019 edition: we will be organising DPC19 on 6, 7 and 8 of June 2019! We will be hosting the conference again in the RAI Amsterdam venue. Traditionally we start with a preconference tutorial day on Thursday June 6, followed by 2 full conference days packed with keynotes, sessions, community events, parties and more! The Call for Papers is now open.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Beachcast Tech Videos - An Introduction
Our host, Adam Culp, introduces his idea behind Beachcasts and what he hopes to accomplish with it. Since he enjoys hacking to learn new technologies and skills, why not share it with others through video.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Josh Holmes
This week Cal Evans spoke with Josh Holmes, member of the Web Platform Team at Microsoft.

Laravel News Podcast LN76: Tracking Errors, Linting Code and Dusk Dashboards
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials and happenings in the community, including the release of Laravel Mix 4.

Sven Morgenroth Talks About PHP Object Injection Vulnerabilities on Paul’s Security Weekly Podcast
Sven Morgenroth, a security researcher at Netsparker, was interviewed by Paul Asadoorian and Larry Pesce for Paul’s Security Weekly #584. Sven talked about PHP Object injection vulnerabilities and explained the dangers of PHPs unserialise function. Sven’s talk was divided into three sections: some background, a technical demo and a final focus on vulnerabilities.

PHP Ugly Podcast #132: The C Word
This week Eric and Thomas discuss Linux Fu and Lighthouse GraphQL Server for Laravel.

PHP Web Development Podcast Ep#27- What Makes Developers Want to Move Jobs?
In this episode we will be discussing the reasons why developers tend to want to move jobs. We will discuss things such as boredom, salary etc. Do legacy system and in-house frameworks put off developers? We will be discussing the friction that happens when there is a disagreement between developers and management and the balance that's needed.

Reading and Viewing

New Short Course: WordPress SEO Without Plugins
We all want our sites to be SEO-friendly, don't we? A boost in search engine ranking can result in huge increases in traffic and sales. In our new short course, WordPress SEO Without Plugins, you'll learn some techniques and best practices you can use for better SEO on your WordPress site without having to install an SEO plugin.

A Week of Symfony #625 (17-23 December 2018)
This week, the upcoming Symfony 4.3 version improved debug:autowiring to make it work without PHPdoc reflection and continued adding links in the console to improve the developer experience. In addition, Symfony explained its business model for the next year and it announced the workshops of the first 2019 conferences in Lille and Paris.

Sponsoring New Adventures
My love of the web has led me to do something I’ve never done before. Faculty is sponsoring a conference. Not just any conference, of course. New Adventures. For a new company, any expense (even a small token of support) is a big decision. Here are a few of the reasons we decided it was a good idea.

Stop Learning Frameworks
We are developers. We need to stay up to date with technology. Every day, we learn programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. The more modern tools we know — the better. Keeping up to date with Angular, React, Vue, Riot, Ember, Knockout is fun. But we are wasting our time.


Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A SDK for building Chatbot, Shop, Article, Social API, Login, Official Account messsage, Official Account Follower Managed... on Zalo Platform.

A collection of useful PHP scripts and functions, all designed to be copy-and-paste-able into your current framework.

PHP Backup Utility - Creates and encrypts database and file backups, syncs your backups to other servers or cloud services and assists you monitor your backup process.

Open source marketing automation software.

Opensource ISP billing system based on stargazer.

A PHP library to support implementing representations for HATEOAS REST web services.

Open source API management platform which helps to build and manage RESTful APIs.

Manages configuration settings stored in the database and makes them accessible via a service in your Symfony project.

A PHP package for mapping remote {json:api} resources to Eloquent like models and collections.

A non-blocking stream abstraction for PHP based on Amp.

This Laravel >= 5.5 package allows you to associate views with Eloquent models.

TwigView plugin for CakePHP. This plugin for version 3 of the CakePHP Framework allows you to use the Twig Templating Language for your views.

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