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April 18, 2019

WRITERS WANTED! Get Exposure :)

We are wanting to start doing some original writing in PHP Weekly so if you have experience of writing and have interesting topics that you can bring our way it would be great to hear from you. We are looking for people who can write about PHP (obviously) programming, security, project management and anything else around this.

At this stage we are looking for volunteers, as we still don’t make money, but in the future we are looking to expand and so ideally we would like to be able to pay for some of our content. It will be a great way for you to get exposure also.

If you can email [email protected] with any experience and links to examples it would be wonderful. 

Thank you.

Katie and Ade

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The Six Things You Must Keep In Mind When Choosing The Tech Stack For Your Startup
Picking the right technology stack, a set of tools and frameworks used in software development, can ensure that the base performance of your product or software is solid.

Top Magento Developers: Where and How to Find Them
We have done the groundwork for you. Here is a list of the best places/websites to find top Magento development talent for your business.

Is Facebook Still Coded in PHP?
Is Facebook still coded in PHP? It started as a pure PHP codebase. Then Facebook became “viral” and old PHP could not cope with millions of concurrent requests per second.

Zend Framework Becomes Laminas Project
Today it was announced that Zend Framework is being rebranded as Laminas project. Along with the rebrand comes some other important changes as well. Yes, this includes Expressive and Apigility, so continue reading.

Tutorials and Talks

Filtering With Array Functions [part 3]
This is the third chapter of the series in which we will break down an entire other section on array functions. This part is all about filtering elements from an array.

Applicative and Monadic Validation in PHP
In my last post I described a way to structure data validation inspired by the principles of functional programming, in particular immutability and compositionality. Such an approach allows to validate any kind of data in a safe and stateless way, building more and more complex validators starting from basic ones. In this post I’m going to present a way, actually two, to define complex validators in term of simpler ones, which is really easy and terse.

420 Enhance Your Calm
The 420 Enhance Your Calm status code is an unofficial extension by Twitter. Twitter used this to tell HTTP clients that they were being rate limited. Rate limiting means putting restrictions on the total number of requests a client may do within a time period.

How to Decrease Your Site Testing Time: Automated Acceptance Testing for WooCommerce
We’ve written before about how we are using automated acceptance testing to test our WordPress plugins which has decreased manual testing time and helped catch bugs before they are released. But it wasn’t until recently that we applied this same standard to our site itself.

Audience-Engaging WordPress Tools
As a WordPress site owner, you’re probably always on the lookout for new opportunities to engage with your audience. Shareaholic is a popular WordPress plugin/service that comes with a suite of tools to help you do just that, and maybe even make a little extra money in the process. In this post, we’ll take a deep look at Shareaholic.

How to Mock Final Classes in PHPUnit
Do you prefer composition over inheritance? Yes, that's great. Why aren't your classes final then? Oh, you have tests and you mock your classes. But why is that a problem?

PDF Rendering with WKHTML and Laravel
Formerly we wrote an article about DOMPDF and Laravel. That solution is working well when you need to render a small PDF. But what if you have a multi-page document that you need to render? You can use WKHTML and integrate it with Laravel.

Create a Custom Shipping Method for WooCommerce
In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to set up custom shipping methods using the plugin. As I'm based in the UK, I'm going to set rates for the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world.

Master Vue Validation in Laravel and Handle Form Requests Effectively
Laravel is an advanced PHP framework built perfectly for web artisans. It helps create robust APIs and optimised web applications. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to validate data in Laravel using Vue validation.

Using Oh Dear! To Keep Your Varnish Cache Warm
Slow websites are annoying, right? We sure think so. One common solution is to introduce a caching proxy like Varnish to help cache pages and reduce your server load. The good news is, if you have Oh Dear!, you can let those 2 work together.

Using PHPStan To Detect Errors (problems) In Your Magento Project
A few weeks back at MageTestFest 2019 in Florence, I gave a presentation on QA tools I like and gave some insights how they can be used in a Magento project. One of the tools I mentioned was PHPStan - a static analysis tool.

PSR-14: Advanced Providers
In part 3 of our series we looked at some common Provider patterns for PSR-14. But the flexibility and complexity of Providers is limited only by your imagination. Today we'll look at a few more interesting examples of Providers that are all equally valid but tailored to particular use cases.

An Important Security Release For laravel-query-builder
Our laravel-query-builder package exposed a serious security issue: it allowed SQL injection attacks. Laravel Query Builder v1.17.1, which is now available, fixes the vulnerability. If you're using the package, stop reading now and upgrade to the latest version first. For Laravel 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8 you're safe if you use v1.17.1. For Laravel 5.5 you should be on 1.16.1. Any other version is considered unsafe.
News and Announcements

Laravel 5.8.12 Released
The Laravel team released the 400th release of Laravel (v5.8.12) yesterday with a new duplicates() collection method and other new features, fixes, and changes to the framework.

Joomla 3.9.5 Release
Joomla 3.9.5 is now available. This is a security fix release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses three security vulnerabilities and contains over 20 bug fixes and improvements.

WordPress 5.2 Beta 3
WordPress 5.2 Beta 3 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with the new version.

Symfony 3.4.25 Released
Symfony 3.4.25 has just been released with a list of the most important changes.

Symfony 4.2.6 Released
Symfony 4.2.6 has just been released with a list of the most important changes.
Global WordPress Translation Day Set for May 11, 2019
The 4th edition of the Global WordPress Translation Day (GWTD) has been set for Saturday, May 11, 2019. It is a 24-hour virtual and in-person event that brings together new and experienced translators. For more information, check out the #GWTD4 tag on the Polyglots blog and join in on the #polyglots-events Slack channel. 

Italian PHP Conference - May 10-11th 2019, Verona
PHP day is aimed at IT managers, developers and innovators. We'll show new development traits, best-practices and success cases related to quality, revision control, test-driven development, continuous integration and so on. There are also talks about design, project management, agile and various php-related technologies like Zend Framework, Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, WordPress and more. Tickets are on sale now.

CakeFest Conference - November 7-10th 2019, Tokyo
For 2019 we're hosting our annual CakePHP conference in Tokyo, Japan. Covering 2 full days of workshops, showing off the latest and best practices with the framework, followed by another 2 days packed with noteworthy talks from some of the most influential members of the global community, this is a must for any CakePHP developer. Tickets are on sale now.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Town Hall Podcast #63: Dollar Bills Yall - Part 2
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Jason McCreary to discuss further discuss investing and trading. This episode gets a bit more in the weeds on investing and trading for those interested, discussing everything from 401k to index funds to speculation. We also briefly cover Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) and how developers are well positioned to work towards financial independence. 

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Freek van der Hauten and Dries Vints
Cal Evans Interviews Freek van der Hauten and Dries Vints about their upcoming conference, Full Stack Europe.

Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast - PHP + JIT = GR8 with Joe Watkins
Discussion on PHP 8 getting a JIT, a new parallel concurrency API and much more...

Full Stack Radio Podcast Episode 112: Guillermo Rauch - Building Serverless Applications with Now
In this episode, Adam talks to Guillermo Rauch building and deploying serverless web applications with Now.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #192 - “Lee Goldsworthy, Unfiltered”
Kalen and Phillip sit down with Lee Goldsworthy, a merchant who takes them through his extensive and impressive vetting of eCommerce platforms and guides us through his own journey towards settling on Magento.

PHP Internals News: Episode 5: Comprehensions
In this fifth episode of "PHP Internals News" we talk to Larry Garfield (Twitter, Website, GitHub) about his Comprehensions RFC, and briefly about Palm OS development.

Laravel News Podcast LN81 - New Releases, Search Strings and Craftsmen
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

Beachcast Tech Videos 013 - Make a List Handler Middleware in a Zend Expressive PHP REST API
We make a List handler middleware in a Zend Expressive PHP REST API application for a project using Doctrine ORM in PhpStorm. (see shortcuts below to key points) Adam Culp of Beachcasts refactors the read handler created in previous videos to become a list handler, then creates a new read handler.

Reading and Viewing

The Best Interview Questions for Remote Full Stack Developers
To hire full stack developers for your company can be quite a difficult task, but it is by no means an impossible one. With the right interview script you can breeze through interviews and find full-stack developers who are the perfect fit for your company. Here are the top 5 interview questions to ask.

Speed Up Your WordPress or Drupal Site with PHP 7.3
Today we’re happy to announce PHP 7.3 is now officially supported on Pantheon. Soon we’ll also make it the default for WordPress and Drupal 8 sites. In the meantime, you can update with confidence using Pantheon’s Dev, Test, Live workflow, because your PHP version is managed in version control and deployed along with the rest of your code.

Learn to Code With This Comprehensive (and cheap) Online Course
If you're looking to dive into a career with ample openings and generous pay, then you'll want to learn how to code. This massive e-learning bundle encompasses eleven total courses covering the languages you need to know to jumpstart a programming career this year.

A Week of Symfony #641 (8-14 April 2019)
This week, Symfony development activity focused on merging the last new features of the upcoming Symfony 4.3 version (such as a new SodiumPasswordEncoder and support for setting a callback for Console questions) and preparing for the future PHP 7.4 serialisation mechanism. In addition, the Symfony Warszawa 2019 conference announced its full schedule and the SymfonyLive São Paulo 2019 conference is coming in less than one month.

Meet The php[tek] Security Chairs
We’ve re-imagined the format of php[tek] this year in response to feedback from past attendees. We kept hearing a desire for a more cohesive, curated conference schedule which allows speakers to dig deeper into a topic than a general 50-minute talk permits.

Dynamically Add/Remove Input Fields in Laravel 5.8 using jQuery Ajax
If you want to use Laravel 5.8 framework for your web development then here we have come with one more advance level of web development topic like How to Add or remove HTML input fields dynamically using jQuery and how to save multiple records in Laravel 5.8 by using Ajax. So, here we have share one more topic on Laravel 5.8 and in this part you can learn how to add more fields using jQuery in Laravel 5.8 application, and for validate dynamically generated input fields we have also implement validation on dynamic generated fields also by using Laravel 5.8 Validator class.


Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

The KnpMenuBundle integrates the KnpMenu PHP library with Symfony. This means easy-to-implement and feature-rich menus in your Symfony application!

It is a simple, fast and small file manager with single php file. It is also a web code editor. It'll run either online or locally, on Linux, Windows or Mac based platforms. The only requirement is to have PHP 5.5+ available.

Working with financial data is a serious matter, and small rounding mistakes in an application may lead to serious consequences in real life. That's why floating-point arithmetic is not suited for monetary calculations.

PHP port of Twitch's Twirp RPC framework.

The Universal Device Detection library will parse any User Agent and detect the browser, operating system, device used, brand and model.

An open-sourced PHP framework that can help you build successful projects better.

MailChimp for Magento 1. Integration to sync all the Magento data (Newsletter subscriber, Customers, Orders, Products) with MailChimp.

The "Symfony Demo Application" is a reference application created to show how to develop Symfony applications following the recommended best practices.

The Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server are PHP extensions that allow for the reading and writing of SQL Server data from within PHP scripts.

PHPJasper is the best solution to compile and process JasperReports (.jrxml & .jasper files) just using PHP, in short: to generate reports using PHP.

Easy acceptance, functional, integration and unit testing for WordPress plugins, themes and sites using Codeception.

Composer package to enable a controller when using Blade with Sage 9.

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