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September 26, 2019

Welcome back PHP fans.

Various announcements have been made this week - PHP 7.4.0RC2, WordPress 5.3 Beta 1, Joomla 3.9.12 and Laravel 6, all available now.

The Call for Papers is still open for the Laracon AU conference, taking place in Sydney at the end of October. 

The September edition of the php[podcast] is out this week and, to celebrate 25yrs of PHP, the
php[architect] Impact Awards are coming back to recognise everyone and everything to have made a significant contribution to PHP development. 

Enjoy your read folks,

Katie and Ade

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GitHub Security Alerts Now Support PHP Projects
Code hosting website GitHub announced today plans to add support for a Dependency Graph for Composer-based PHP projects. Since the Dependency Graph feature is intertwined with the Security Alerts (Vulnerability Alerts) feature, this also means GitHub users will also be eligible to receive automatic security alerts for any vulnerabilities that crop up in the dependencies of their PHP projects.

2019 Impact Award Nominees
To celebrate of “25 Years of PHP” at php[world], we’re bring back the php[architect] Impact Awards to recognize the projects, tools, services, and people which have made a significant contribution to PHP development and the community in general.

SymfonyLive London 2019 Was A Great Success!
Last Friday, we had the chance to meet the British community during the SymfonyLive London 2019. We were thrilled to welcome more than 250 people, 14 speakers and our amazing sponsors at the 8th edition of the Symfony conference at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in London and hope that the attendees left with plenty of new, exciting Symfony knowledge and fresh ideas to continue building their experience and business.
WordPress site hacked. If it happens to you, it’s tempting to panic. In this post, I’ll help you identify if your site has been hacked, take you through steps to clean your site and help you make it more secure. Finally, I’ll give you some tips to prevent your WordPress site from being hacked again in the future.

Tutorials and Talks

Getting Started With Laravel APIs Part 3: A Cleaner Default
The default installation of Laravel is aimed at a typical web application, which is a great entry for most people. However, when building an API things need to be changed slightly.

Organise Your WordPress Media Library With Folders
Today’s WordPress websites need to be media-rich to draw in and retain traffic. If you have a WordPress website, chances are you will have uploaded a video or images to be displayed on your pages and posts. In this article, I am going to show you how to organise your media library and create a gallery using the WordPress media folder plugin.

Creating a Laravel Specific Package (part 1/5)
In my experience, learning to develop a package for Laravel can be quite challenging. In this series of posts I try to provide a comprehensive guide to develop a Laravel specific package from scratch.

Using phploc For A Quick Code Quality Estimation - Part 1
When I want to get a very rough idea of the quality of both code and structure of a PHP code base, I like to run phploc on it. This is a tool created by Sebastian Bergmann for (I assume) exactly this purpose.

The End of The HTTP Series
Last year I quit my job at Yelp, and wanted to be a more active blogger again. I thought it would be a neat idea to write 1 post per week, one for each HTTP status. This was quite an undertaking, and I ended up having to write 67 blog posts, one each week. Was it worth it? I don’t really know.

How We Used Caddy and Laravel's Subdomain Routing to Serve Our Status Pages
We recently launched our new Status Page feature. Under the hood, it's using the Caddy proxy server and Laravel's subdomain routing to serve the right status page on the right domain. With this technology stack, we can automatically generate, configure & renew the SSL certificates for custom domains of our clients. In this post we'll deep dive in to our current setup.

Customising The Markdown Email Template in Laravel
It’s possible that we need a bit more control over our markdown email templates. Maybe we want to hide the header or the footer, but we can’t achieve that on the usual way.

The End of Jigoshop? What Happened to The Once-Popular Ecommerce WordPress Plugin
I woke up this morning to an email from an old client from my days as a freelancer building WordPress sites, asking about SCA compliance. I built them an ecommerce site with Jigoshop back in 2011, and had added the Stripe addon a few years back. I tried to have a look to see if the premium Jigoshop Stripe extension had an update available, and I found the site was down....

How to Enable “Notify Me When Back in Stock” in Magento 2?
This feature will enable the customer to get subscribed to the out of stock products and get notified when they are back in stock. Magento 2 allows you to enable ‘notify me when back in stock’ feature from backend. Let’s see how to do this.

Run Prettier or PHP-cs-fixer With GitHub Actions
The public release of GitHub Actions is coming closer and closer. Over the past few weeks I've added a handful of workflows to my projects. One workflow is really like, is to run prettier and php-cs-fixer to automatically format my code and commit the fixed files back to the repository.
News and Announcements

PHP 7.4.0RC2 Released!
The PHP team is glad to announce the second release candidate of PHP 7.4: PHP 7.4.0RC2. This continues the PHP 7.4 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki. Please DO NOT use this version in production, it is an early test version.

WordPress 5.3 Beta 1
WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend running it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with the new version.

Joomla 3.9.12 Release
Joomla 3.9.12 is now available. This is a security fix release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses one security vulnerability and contains over 30 bug fixes and improvements.

Laravel 6 Is Now Released
The Laravel team is proud to announce the release of Laravel 6 and it’s now available to everyone.
International PHP Conference - October 21st-25th 2019, Munich
With over a decade’s experience, the International PHP Conference is the must-attend event for web developers from around the globe. Attend inspiring sessions, unique in-depth workshops, and benefit from our experts’ invaluable insights! Tickets are on sale now.

php[world] Conference - October 22nd-24th 2019, Washing DC
It is hard to believe but PHP is 25 years old. Join us as we celebrate this historic anniversary with special panels, anniversary parties, recounting the last 25 years of where PHP started and how far it has come. So study up on your PHP trivia and join us for a spectacular event! Tickets are on sale now.

Laracon AU - October 31st-November 1st 2019, Sydney
Two amazing days of learning, growing, and mingling with the Laravel community. The Call for Papers is still open for lightning talks and Early Bird Tickets are on sale now.

SymfonyCon - November 19th-23rd 2019, Amsterdam
Symfony is proud to organise the seventh edition of the SymfonyCon, the international Symfony conference. This year, to celebrate Symfony, we decided to bring the entire community to the Netherlands and discover the amazing city of Amsterdam. SymfonyCon Amsterdam is a 5-days event from November 19th to November 23rd with a two-day workshop, two day conference and one hack day. Tickets are on sale now.

Podcasts and Vlogs

php[podcast] Episode 24: Puphpeteer, 25 Years of PHP and Joe Ferguson
Eric, John and Oscar discuss some of the articles in the September 2019 issue “Master of Puppets”.

PHP Internals News: Episode 28: Moving PHP Documentation to GIT
In this episode of "PHP Internals News" I chat with Andreas Heigl (Twitter, GitHub, Mastodon, Website) about his endeavours of moving the PHP Documentation project from SVN to GIT.

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Bob Dunn
Cal Evans and noted WordPress and WooCommerce expert Bob Dunn sit town and talk ecommerce.

Full Stack Radio Podcast Episode 124: Leslie Cohn-Wein & Rafael Conde - Designing the User Interface at Netlify
In this episode, Adam talks to Leslie Cohn-Wein and Rafael Conde about designing and implementing new UI features at Netlify.

Beachcast Tech Videos - Conference Talk Preparation In 8 Steps
Adam Culp of Beachcasts PHP programming videos shares how to hone your presentation skills with public speaking tips, and how to prepare conference presentation.

Laravel News Podcast LN92 - Laracon US 2019 Speaker Interview Christoph Rumpel
Bill Condo interviews Christoph Rumpel at Laracon US 2019 in New York.

Reading and Viewing

Cloudways Announces Coding Challenge 2019
Cloudways has announced The Coding Challenge Contest where you can compete to be the best and win exciting rewards and prizes for your worthy skills.

GitHub Adds PHP and Composer Dependency Graphs
Here is some great news from GitHub: Dependency graph support is now available for PHP repositories with Composer dependencies.

Security Newsletter Issue 147
A weekly e-mail keeping you up-to-date with security news, with about 10 items in every issue.

A Week of Symfony #664 (16-22 September 2019)
This week, Symfony added support for the upcoming Twig 3 version, improved the test suite to fix unrelated test failures, and added a new feature to send notification emails. In addition, the new String component that allows to work with all kinds of strings in an object oriented fashion was nearly completed. Finally, the third part of the SymfonyCon Amsterdam conference schedule was announced.

Learn to Code WordPress Plugins With These 3 Practical Projects
If you want to get started coding your own plugins for WordPress, try our newly updated course, 3 Practical Projects to Learn to Code WordPress Plugins.


Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A package to remove junk from Composer installations and trim build sizes.

OroPlatform is a PHP Business Application Platform (BAP) designed to make development of custom business applications easier and faster.

Get info from any web service or page.

Bugsnag error monitoring and crash reporting tool for PHP apps.

Full featured PHP MySQL software program that you download and install on your own webserver.

The Stripe PHP library provides convenient access to the Stripe API from applications written in the PHP language.

A non-blocking concurrency framework for PHP applications.

Standalone PHP library for easy devices notifications push.

A small, speedy database abstraction layer for PHP.

PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open-source content management system.

ORM with a powerful query language, modern client library, REST and Publish/Subscribe servers and user/group management.

Distribute your PHP extension as self-installing phar executable.

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