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November 28, 2019

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With the release of PHP 7.4 imminent, the PHP development team has announced the immediate availability of 7.3.12 and 7.2.25.

We also read a review about the new features, what has been deprecated and the overall changes on PHP core language.

Symfony 5.0.0 and 4.4.0 have also both been released this week.

Plus the results of the Drupal Business Survey 2019 are out now. Find out how Drupal business is doing.

And finally, the November edition of the php[podcast] is available, reviewing Object Oriented Programming.

If you have written, heard or read something you think would be of interest to the PHP community please feel free to share with us at [email protected].

Katie and Ade

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7 Tools for Best PHP Performance
With an increasing number of programming languages in circulation, the range of application monitoring tools is growing. This guide will specifically address Hypertext Preprocessor, better known as PHP, and the key features and advantages of some of the best PHP performance tools available. Before reviewing the PHP performance tools, let’s first take a look at PHP itself.

What Are Application Stacks: An Informative Guide
There are millions of apps in both the App store and the Google Play store. Many of them integrate with desktop programs as well. Most offer you cloud computing opportunities too. As a business owner, you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the tools you want to use. Whether you’re trying to choose apps for your business or you’re building one, it helps to understand what’s under the hood. That’s where application stacks come in. What is an app stack, and what does it do? This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Unit Tests in Legacy Code
Legacy code has many definitions. It is code without tests. It is code written by someone else. It is code written X time ago. It is obsolete code that is difficult to replace with newer code. It is code that has no documentation. It is all of these things. turns five!
How time flies. My blog is again one year older. I've been running it now for five years. Like all the previous years, I'd like to give an overview of everything that's happened on this blog in the past year.

Tutorials and Talks

Facing Error Establishing a Database Connection? Here’s How to Fix It!
If you are using your website in WordPress then you may have come across an error called “Error establishing a database connection”. It may look like a serious problem as you don’t get any other elements except for just texts. This error is also relevant to something called “White Screen Death” (WSOD).

How to Use the WordPress Responsive YouTube Playlist Video Player Plugin
In this post, I'm going to review the WordPress Responsive YouTube Playlist Video Player plugin, which allows you to integrate a video player that's capable of playing YouTube playlists seamlessly.

The PHP 7.4 series (Deprecations)
This article describes all the features that have been deprecated in PHP 7.4 and the alternative you must use when upgrading your web applications.

A Guide on Improving SEO for Your WordPress Website
If you wish to reach a large section of internet users, it is significant that your WordPress site ranks on the first page of the search engine. This means that WordPress SEO requires your constant attention so that you can maintain and improve your SERP rankings. Here are some of the most well-known brands that run their websites on WordPress.

Changing an SQL Server primary Key in Doctrine Migrations
I recently came across a rather weird quirk when trying to change a primary key in Sql Server using Doctrine Migrations: you need to use two migrations to get it to work. This is incredibly minor and I’m only writing it up as it confused me for a while so I thought that I’d document so that I’ll find this article if I run across it again in the future!

Remove index.php From The URL in Laravel
If you have a Laravel project, you might be surprised to find your routes are probably available on a number of different URLs.

WordPress Plugin Development Best Practices: Template Files
When we talk about templates in WordPress we are normally referring to page template files in the theme. However, there are plugins that use template files to display content, and that becomes another consideration when it comes to building WordPress themes. Can you override plugin template files? If so, how? If you are building a plugin that renders HTML, how can you make it easily altered by themes? In this article I’ll answer these questions.

PHP CodeSniffer: Ignoring rules
PHP CodeSniffer is a great tool for making sure all your code is consistent with a set of rules and guidelines. However, there are cases, when you need to ignore the rules for a particular code snippet. For example, when you are working with third-party frameworks or libraries.
News and Announcements 

PHP 7.3.12 Released
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.3.12. This is a bug fix release. All PHP 7.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.
PHP 7.2.25 Released
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.25. This is a bug fix release. All PHP 7.2 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Symfony 5.0.0 Released
Symfony 5.0.0 has just been released with a list of the most important changes.

Symfony 4.4.0 Released
Symfony 4.4.0 has just been released with a list of the most important changes.

PHP Japan Conference - 1st December 2019, Tokyo
PHP Conference Japan is the biggest PHP festival in Japan, held in Tokyo. This one day festival covers all topics of PHP from an introductory seminar for early beginners to dedicated topics in detail for a wide variety of topics, like frameworks, DevOps, security or PHP internals. 

DayCamp for Developers - December 20th 2019 Online
The web has changed. The tech necessary to build modern web applications is constantly evolving. Busy developers have a tough time keeping up and keeping their existing projects moving forward. We have 5 great speakers presenting on different aspects of Modern Web Programming who will help you stay current. Join us and learn. Tickets are on sale now.

Sunshine PHP Conference - February 6-8th 2020, Miami
The SunshinePHP Developer Conference is hosted by the South Florida PHP community (SoFloPHP) in Miami, Florida from February 6th - 8th, 2020, and you're invited! We'll host some of the best speakers, awesome talk topics, latest technologies and up to date news in PHP. Don't forget our Hack-a-thon and Uncon'ference, as well as a great hallway track! The conference has something for every level of PHP developer. Tickets are on sale now.

php[tek] May 18th-21st 2020 - Nashville, TN
Welcome to php[tek] 2020 where we combine leadership, expertise, and networking in one event. A relaxing atmosphere for tech leaders and developers to share, learn and grow professionally while also providing you with the knowledge to solve your everyday problems. Join us on the journey to be excited about work again!

Podcasts and Vlogs

Voices of the ElePHPant - Interview with Rob Allen
This week Cal interviewed sofware consultant and developer Rob Allen, of Nineteen Feet.

MageTalk Magento Podcast #210 - An Interview with Ampjar Founder Pete Davis
In today's episode, the boys mix up the format a bit by starting with a recap of MagentoLive Europe and then moving into an interview with Ampjar's Pete Davis in which they discuss social media and Ampjar's unique way on capitalising on healthy social engagement. Listen now!

PHP Internals News: Episode 36: What Didn’t Make It Into PHP 7.4?
In this episode of "PHP Internals News" we're looking back at all the RFCs that we discussed on this podcast for PHP 7.4, but did not end up making the cut. In their own words, the RFC authors explain what these features are, with your host interjecting his own comments on the state of affairs.

Laravel News Podcast LN105 - Container Object, Signing In With Apple and Resource Preloading
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials and happenings in the community.

The Laracasts Snippets Episode 112 - Focus on Two Hours, Not Two Years
Every developer should develop and manage at least one project themselves. Doing so not only harnesses your discipline, but it also forces you to flex product-related muscles you've never used before.

php[podcast] Episode 26: Object Oriented Programming, PHP 7.4, CPP Extensions with Lochemem Bruno Michael and Dependency Injection
Just before the Thanksgiving holidays in the United States, we reviewed the November 2019 issue “Object Orientation.”

Reading and Viewing

Drupal Business Survey 2019
The annual Drupal Business Survey is an initiative of Drupal agencies One Shoe and Exove, and was published in 2016 for the first time. The survey aims to gather valuable insights from Drupal business leaders to identify opportunities and challenges for the Drupal market. This year, the survey asked Drupal business leaders from all over the world about their experiences with selling Drupal projects, their vision on community contributions and their expectations toward Drupal 9.

Interview with Alex Moreno López: Materialise Your Digital Dreams with Drupal
In our latest Drupal Community Interview, we spoke with Alex Moreno López, Technical Architect at Acquia. Alex shared with us his thoughts on the future of Drupal and open source, what technologies he's most excited about, and who has inspired him the most in the tech industry.

A Week of Symfony #673 (18-24 November 2019)
This week, Symfony released 4.4.0 and 5.0.0 versions. Symfony 5 was released on stage during Fabien's keynote at the SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019 conference, which was the biggest Symfony conference ever, gathering more than 1,600 developers from all around the world.

PHP Web Frameworks Software Market Forecast, Manufacture Size, Developments and Future Scope To 2024
PHP Web Frameworks Software Market Outlook provides thoughtful analysis of current issues facing the industry, along with current facts and statistics about the production and application in PHP Web Frameworks Software Market.. The PHP Web Frameworks Software market accounted for $XX million in 2018, and is expected to reach $XX million by 2024, registering a CAGR of YY% from 2019 to 2024.

Interview with Kyle Maurer – Director of Operations at Sandhills Development
Kyle Maurer, the director of operations at Sandhills Development, is a well-known WordPress enthusiast who organises WordPress meetups and WordCamps. In this interview, Kyle talks about how his career transformed from a marketing guy to a full-time coder. 


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.

Starbug PHP is an open source framework for PHP that employs an MVC design pattern.

This is the API behind the website (the new version of it), the mobile applications and many other consumers. This project is a dependency for the majority of the other projects under the organisation

Provides a clean and simple way to configure the WordPress-bundled PHPMailer library, allowing you to quickly get started sending mail through a local or cloud based service of your choice.

This bundle provides a wrapper for using dompdf inside symfony.

Kimai is a free, open source and online time-tracking software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is built with modern technologies such as Symfony, Bootstrap, RESTful API, Doctrine, AdminLTE, Webpack, ES6 etc.

Refreshingly simple PHP content management system and web framework. Elefant is a fast, lean tool for building everything from simple websites to complete web applications.

The most comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform available for Linux, Solaris, macOS, Windows and BSD operating systems.

Lab manager, experiment notebook, database for research labs.

Project management and collaboration over the internet.

SilverShop is an e-commerce shopping cart module for the SilverStripe CMS.

Declarative style of authorisation and validation in laravel.

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