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January 14, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of

The team at have announced the release of PHP 8.0 1, among others, this week.

There are also releases from Laravel and Joomla.

Have a good week,

Stay safe and well.

All the best,

Ade and Katie

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PHP vs JavaScript – What to Choose When Entering the World of Programming?
There are currently over 600 completely different programming languages on the market. Therefore, it is no wonder that if we want to start learning one of them, we want to choose the one that has a wide range of applications that will be useful in an industry that is in high demand. What are the basic differences between PHP and JavaScript?

2020 Year in Review: Business in the Front, Business in the Back
2020 has been a difficult year for us, but we still did very well and feel very fortunate. Despite the fear and uncertainty of a pandemic and hiring difficulties, we managed to ship a ton of new product features, welcomed three new faces to the company, reorganised our teams, improved customer support, got our organic traffic trending upward again and had a nice bump in revenue.

Websites Should Be More Like Star Wars
I have to admit I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I can enjoy one of the movies from time to time. Whenever I watch one there is one thing that always stands out: the movement in everything Star Wars related feels… odd. So what does that have to do with websites?

40 "Free Forever" Tools for Developers
I am sharing the list of my go-to "Free forever" tools. For easier reading, I've categorised them based on their primary function.

Tutorials and Talks

How to Paginate Data With PHP
Pagination is essentially the process of taking a set of results and spreading them out over pages to make them easier to view. 

5 New Combos Opened by Symfony 5.2 and PHP 8.0
Conjunction of 2 releases came in December 2020, Symfony 5.2 and PHP 8.0. I wanted to give them a fresh try, so I've updated composer.json in 3 projects, run the Rector upgrade set, and this happened...

Scaling PHP FPM Based on Utilization Demand on Kubernetes
Ever since I've migrated to Kubernetes I've been working on a Matomo Helm chart. Part of that Helm chart is having autoscale it on how busy PHP FPM is, a.k.a. the percentage of busy workers.

Evaluating Cookies to Hide Backdoors
Identifying website backdoors is not always an easy task. Since a backdoors primary function is to conceal itself while providing unauthorised access, they are often developed using a variety of techniques that can make it challenging to detect.

A Guide to the WordPress Template Hierarchy (2021 Edition)
In this article, we’ll explain what the WordPress template hierarchy is and how it works. Then we’ll provide a full breakdown of the template files involved in each type of WordPress page (including a cheat sheet for reference), to help you use them to your advantage.

Object Properties, Part 2: Examples
In my last post, I went over some of the pros and cons of various proposals for making PHP objects more immutable-ish, and the contexts in which they would be useful. I also posted the link to the PHP Internals list, where it generated some interesting if meandering discussion (as is par for the course on Internals).

Ray Desktop Debugging for PHP
Ray is a desktop app for macOS and Windows that displays debugging information in a dedicated window. 

PDO Crud v4.3 – Advanced PHP CRUD Application
PDOCrud is an advance PHP based CRUD application that supports Mysql, Pgsql and Sqlite database.

Moving Live Projects From Forge to Envoyer 
Recently  I switched my live projects from Forge to Envoyer for deployments. In this post, I’d like to share the steps involved in doing this. First, I’ll explain some context about my decision to switch.

Mastering Binary and Bitwise in PHP
I recently caught myself working on different projects that required me to rely heavily on bitwise operations in PHP. From reading binary files to emulating processors, this is a very useful knowledge to have and a very cool one too.

How to Use PHP Secure Hashing Functions to Avoid Storing Passwords in Plain Text
SHA is a family of algorithms that process a string of data and compute a number called hash. Hash computing is useful for several purposes. One of the purposes is to be able to check if the hash of a password entered by the user matches the hash of a password stored in a database.

Cross-site Request Forgery (Anti-CSRF) Protection in PHP
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack is a common security abuse that happens around the world wide web. Protecting the server against this attack is a first-level protection mechanism in protecting your website.

Set and Display Session Data in CodeIgniter
When we develop a website, we need to track user’s state and activity for this we have to use Session. In CodeIgniter session library or class already available to use. We just initialise it on our program.

PHP 8 and WordPress
PHP 8 was released recently, while WordPress still supports PHP 5.6. Supporting such a wide range of PHP versions in one codebase is challenging.

Highlight Laravel Blade Templates with Highlight.php
Out of the box, Highlight.php doesn't support Laravel Blade templates. I'll show you how to register a custom syntax so that you can start highlighting your Blade content.
News and Announcements 

PHP 8.0.1 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.0.1. This is a bug fix release. All PHP 8.0 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

PHP 7.4.14 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.4.14. This is a security release. All PHP 7.4 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

PHP 7.3.26 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.3.26. This is a security release. All PHP 7.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Laravel 8.22 Released
The Laravel team released 8.22 yesterday with a new event fake assertion, a collection method to reduce associative arrays to a single value, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch.

Joomla 4 Beta 6 and Joomla 3.10 Alpha 4 Are Here: Test Them Now!
Once again the Joomla Project is pleased to announce the availability of the Joomla 4.0 Beta 6 release, and Joomla 3.10 Alpha 4. We invite you to download, install and test the package to improve quality assurance for the forthcoming 4.0 release and to discover the new features introduced in this major release.

One Week Left to Enjoy the Early Bird Registration for SymfonyLive Online Conferences
Early bird registration for all SymfonyLive Online conferences ends next week on January 18th 2021. Get now your workshop only ticket or conference only ticket or combo workshop and conference ticket at Early Bird price! Call for Papers for all SymfonyLive Online conferences ends on January 25th 2021, send in your talk proposals now!

Free Ticket to The Online PHP Conference!
I’m very happy to be speaking at The Online PHP Conference this year. As you can guess from the title, this is an online event so is easily accessible right from your desk.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Call It A Day Podcast Ep 12: How I Got My First Clients
In this episode, I want to talk about how I got my first clients with my one-man business.

PHPUgly #218: Viva PHP 2021
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas welcome 2021 and kick off the year with a ton of discussion on what they would on over the holiday and what they are looking forward to in the new year. 

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #732 (4-10 January 2021)
This week, Symfony added support for binary/negatable options in console commands and introduced a feature in PhpUnitBridge to log deprecations into a file. In addition, it fixed some PHP 8 compatibility in DependencyInjection component and added future PHP 8.1 compatibility in VarDumper component.

php[architect] Magazine January 2021 - Newfangled Views
The new year is the perfect time to shake us out of our doldrums. This issue dives into sprucing up your web applications with new front end technologies like React and VueJS. We also cover how to be an effective lead developer, use PHP streams, verify third-party assets, and mimic cloud storage locally.

Xdebug Update: December 2020
Another monthly update where I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month. These will be published on the first Tuesday after the 5th of each month.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A refreshingly simple PHP content management system and web framework.

OpenCart is a free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants that provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online store.

Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of PHP projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere.

Digital Asset Management PHP app.

Better Reflection is a reflection API that aims to improve and provide more features than PHP's built-in reflection API.

A petite library of essential encryption functions for PHP (5.3+).

Thruway is an open source client and router implementation of WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol), for PHP. 

Knapsack is a collection pipeline library implementing most of the sequence operations proposed by Clojures sequences.

Highly-extensible PHP Markdown parser which fully supports the CommonMark and GFM specs.

PHP web application framework that simplifies the difficult parts of creating and maintaining a secure, scalable website.

Custom PHP curl library for the Laravel 5 framework.

The efficient and elegant JSON API 1.1 server library for PHP.

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