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January 21, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of

This week sees new releases from Joomla and Laravel.

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Update from the Diversity Initiative
We wanted to update the community a bit about things happening within the diversity initiative.

How Breeze Grew in 2020
Breeze, our WordPress caching plugin, saw significant growth in 2020 with some very impressive download numbers and stellar reviews at

Happy 20th Birthday, Drupal
Today, on Drupal's 20th birthday, we are kicking off celebrations that will last throughout 2021. Together, let’s celebrate 20 years of Drupal and our Community - the inspired makers that keep Drupal innovative. 

If It Were Up To Me
If it were up to me, I'd change a thing or two about PHP. Of course, I don't have anything to say about PHP's development, and that's ok. I still find it an interesting thought experiment to discover what changes I'd like to make to the language I use on a day-by-day basis and I'd love to hear your thoughts as well. 

4 Powerful IDEs That Nobody Is Talking About
As a developer, you will definitely have a lot of projects to work on, different issues, a lot of files to handle, and you will also have to check everything at once on a daily basis in some situations. It might seem to be complicated and takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there are many tools on the web that make the development process much easier for developers.

Tutorials and Talks

Why Coding Standards Should Not Be Part of CI
Why do you use coding standards? To standardise the design of your code so that any contributor will produce somewhat similar PHP code. Where do we use it? In CI pipelines on every pull-request, locally in a command line or within PHPStorm. Now take these 3 places and drop coding standard from them.

How to Send Text Messages With PHP
Text messaging has become extremely widespread throughout the world—to the point where an increasing number of web applications have integrated SMS to notify users of events, sales or coupons directly through their mobile devices. If you're looking to grow your business, a PHP text message script can be crucial. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send a message to mobile using PHP code.

Rendering the WordPress Philosophy in GraphQL
WordPress is a CMS that’s coded in PHP. But, even though PHP is the foundation, WordPress also holds a philosophy where user needs are prioritised over developer convenience. That philosophy establishes an implicit contract between the developers building WordPress themes and plugins, and the user managing a WordPress site.

Moving <script> Inside <head> and The "defer" Attribute
With the introduction of the Symfony UX Initiative a lot of cool things are happening in the Symfony world related to JavaScript. Stimulus already has great integration thanks to the Encore.enableStimulusBridge() feature and Turbo has huge potential to give an SPA-like experience with server-rendered HTML.

Character Encodings and Unicode: What Every WordPress Developer Needs to Know About Strings and 🦄
Waaay back in 2003 Joel Spolsky wrote about Unicode and why every developer should understand what it is and why it’s important. I remember reading that article (and have since forgotten most of it) but it really struck me how important character sets and Unicode are.

How to Access PHP Class Constructor Optional Parameters That May Be Variable
PHP classes can have constructor functions that are called once a class object is created. Like other types of functions, constructor functions can have a variable number of parameters. This class demonstrates how to handle class constructor function calls by storing all the parameters in a way that they can be accessed later, regardless of the number of the parameters that were passed.

How to Batch Import Huge CSV Fast using PHP (Million Records in Seconds)
I know, I know! How can you put PHP and Fast in the same line? I would say, you are stuck in the past. You should try PHP 7 and experience it yourself. There will be a lot of criticism for this article. Kindly read through.

User Management System in PHP using Stored
A stored procedure is a set of SQL commands that have been compiled and stored on the database server. Once the stored procedure has been “stored”, client applications can execute the stored procedure over and over again without sending it to the database server again and without compiling it again.

How to Get HTML Tag Value in PHP
In this particular, How to Get HTML Tag Value in PHP, article we use the PHP DOMDocument Class which represents the HTML or XML document also serves as the root of the document tree.

Test-Driven Development has a Red-Green-Refactor cycle. First you write down your expectation as test code, then you make that test green. Writing code that works is hard enough, therefore we often fail at making it "pretty" at the same time. That is why we often end up with code that works, but is hard to maintain. Refactoring to the rescue.

Solution for Project Euler Problem #700: Eulercoin
Problem: Imagine a sequence 1504170715041707*n mod 4503599627370517 where n is an integer increasing from 1. Find the subsequence of this sequence where every next element is smaller than a previous one. All the solutions I've read about include brute force calculations. I found a better one and I can't stop myself from posting it.
News and Announcements 

Joomla 3.9.24 Release
Joomla 3.9.24 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses 3 security vulnerabilities and contains more than 35 bug fixes and improvements.

Laravel 8.23 Released
The Laravel team released 8.23 yesterday with a new sole() query builder method, enhancements to throw_if and throw_unless, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHPUgly #219: Programming Pears
We continue the 2021 year with episode 219. This week on the podcast, Eric, John and Thomas talk Open Source, Event Sourcing, a Cool New PHPStorm Extension, and much more.

Andrew Schmelyun Podcast: Playing Around with Laravel 8 Authentication Packages
In anticipation of an upcoming video, I'm learning about the current authentication packages available for Laravel. This includes Breeze, Jetstream, Fortify, Sanctum, and more. Come watch as I get a project set up in one or more of these, and let's learn more about them along the way.

The Stack Overflow Podcast 303: What Would You Pay for /dev/null As A Service?
There is nothing that isn't better as a managed cloud service.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #733 (11-17 January 2021)
This week, Symfony added a new shortcut to render forms and set the needed HTTP status code when the form contains errors. In addition, Symfony appointed Oskar Stark as a new member of the Symfony Core team and it published an update on the diversity initiative.

Interview of Gerasimos Tsiamalos, Co-founder and Web Designer at CSSIgniter
My name is Gerasimos Tsiamalos and I’m a designer/frontend dev and the co-founder at where we design & develop premium WordPress products, mostly themes but lately also blocks for the new block editor.

Video: Using the Terminal in PhpStorm
Christoph Rumpel demonstrates how to use the built-in terminal in PhpStorm. He goes through some of the basics and shows you how to incorporate the terminal effectively into your daily work.

The Month in WordPress: December 2020
We bid goodbye to 2020 in style with the release of WordPress 5.6 and the launch of Learn WordPress. But these weren’t the only exciting updates from WordPress in December. Read on to learn more!

Learn PHP 8: Using MySQL, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 Paperback - Published 6th Oct. 2020, by Steve Prettyman
Write solid, secure, object-oriented code in the new PHP 8. In this book you will create a complete three-tier application using a natural process of building and testing modules within each tier. This practical approach teaches you about app development and introduces PHP features when they are actually needed rather than providing you with abstract theory and contrived examples.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Introducing DevKinsta, the Free Local WordPress Development Tool (for Everyone)
The world needs developers and web designers to create things online. A fast website, an online learning platform, an ecommerce store. To different extents, they all need development work to come to life.

Self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

NamelessMC is a free, easy to use & powerful website software for your Minecraft server, which includes a large range of features.

Provides functionality that helps writing PHP code that has runtime-specific (PHP / HHVM) execution paths.

Powerful, easy to configure uptime monitor. It will notify you when your site is down (and when it comes back up).

Phinx makes it ridiculously easy to manage the database migrations for your PHP app. In less than 5 minutes, you can install Phinx and create your first database migration. Phinx is just about migrations without all the bloat of a database ORM system or framework.

An asynchronous event driven PHP socket framework. Supports HTTP, Websocket, SSL and other custom protocols. PHP>=5.3.

PIP is a tiny application framework built for people who use a LAMP stack. PIP aims to be as simple as possible to set up and use.

Modern API development in Laravel.

Flextype is an open-source Hybrid Content Management System with the freedom of a headless CMS and with the full functionality of a traditional CMS. Building this Content Management System, we focused on simplicity. To achieve this, we implemented a simple but powerful API's.

Powerful open source CMS that allows you to create professional websites and scalable web applications.

BEdita 4 is a ready to use back-end API to handle the data of your mobile, IoT, web and desktop applications. It's also an extensible framework to build your custom back-end API via plugins.

Complete Pipedrive API client for PHP.

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