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April 15, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of

This week Joomla 3.9.26 and Cake 3.9.7 have been released.

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Which is the Best Hosting for Magento?
Magento is an effective and efficient solution to develop a complete e-commerce website with extensive requirements. With many themes and plugins, it stands out to be the best platform offering swift operations. Its growing popularity has led to the introduction of many Magento hosting providers, and choosing the best among them is not easy. Find the best hosting for Magento now.

What's New on - Q1 2021
Read our roadmap to understand how this work falls into priorities set by the Drupal Association with direction and collaboration from the Board and community. You can also review the Drupal project roadmap.

The State of PHP in 2021: Development Trends and Projections
With new improvements to the language, and the ever-growing need for polished, customer-facing digital experiences, PHP in 2021 is alive and well. But what does the future have in store for PHP?

Tutorials and Talks

Quick Tip: Laravel Jetstream Banners
If you're using Laravel Jetstream with Livewire or Intertia.js, the scaffolding includes a banner notification component in the app layout that you can utilise from your own views/Livewire/Inertia.js components. Notifications can be dispatched using Laravel's session.

How to Generate a PDF File in PHP
In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can generate PDF files in PHP. We'll use the TCPDF library to create PDF documents programmatically.

Bedrock for Modern WordPress Development
WordPress is the legacy content management system. That popularity has both inspired and depended upon constant modernization efforts by WordPress fans. The latest project to keep the classic CMS clicking two decades after its birth is Bedrock, an effort to turn WordPress into a Twelve-Factor app by the folks at Roots.

How to Install WordPress Locally on Windows in 5 Steps
Here are five simple steps to installing WordPress locally on a Windows PC.

The GraphQL API for WordPress is now Transpiled from PHP 8.0 to 7.1
Transpiling PHP code enables to use the latest PHP features for development, yet release the plugin with its code converted to an older PHP version for production, as to target a bigger user base.

Why You Should be Using WP_DEBUG_LOG in Your WordPress Development
Whether you’re a developer, or a site owner troubleshooting a problem with your site, understanding the WP_DEBUG_LOG constant for turning on the WordPress debug log is very important. In this post, I’ll cover how WP_DEBUG_LOG is used, how to find hidden errors, and why we don’t recommend third-party WordPress debugging plugins.

How to Fix the “Clickable Elements Too Close Together” Error (3 Methods)
In this article, we’ll explain what the “Clickable elements too close together” issue is, discuss why it happens, and walk you through three methods you can use to fix it. We’ll also explain what the “Content wider than screen” error is and how you can resolve it.

Build an On-Call Application With React Native and Symfony
This tutorial will help you build the beginning of an API in PHP using Symfony and the mobile application using React Native.

How to Generate Dynamic XML Sitemap for Website in PHP
I get emails daily asking me to provide links to their website, most of them are spammy websites. I really laugh them out. Those spammy backlink guys should learn and keep up with technology.

PHP Email Verification Script using PDO Extension
In this tutorial, we will learn how to verify a registered email id using PHP PDO extension.

Multi Step Form In Angular
Multi step Form is a long form broken into multi steps. It is not a multi forms rather than multi steps in a single long form. The reason behind it, short form is more easy to complete than long form. It is more comfortable for users to fill the form step by step because their mind should process fewer fields at a time.

How to Display Current Running Clock in PHP
To Display Current Running Clock in PHP, we use a PHP script where we set the default time zone and time, a jQuery code to take that response from the PHP script then show it to the web page.
News and Announcements 

Joomla 3.9.26 Release
Joomla 3.9.26 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses 2 security vulnerabilities and contains more than 30 bug fixes and improvements.

CakePHP 3.9.7 Released
The CakePHP core team is happy to announce the immediate availability of CakePHP 3.9.7. This is a maintenance release for the 3.9 branch that fixes several community reported issues.

API-Platform 2.6.4 Released
API-Platform 2.6.4 has just been released with multiple bugfixes. 

Create Controllers with a Custom Stub in Laravel 8.36
The Laravel team released 8.36 with a custom stub option when creating controllers, a useCurrentOnUpdate method for blueprint datetime columns in MySQL, a dispatch_sync() helper function, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch.

DrupalCon North America 2021: Keynote Speakers Making a Positive Impact in Open Source and Beyond
This year’s DrupalCon North America 2021 keynotes highlight the power of the global Drupal community to make a difference in some of the most crucial issues of our time and the future of digital experiences.

INTERNATIONAL PHP CONFERENCE HYBRID 2021: June 7–11th 2021 | Berlin or Online
Every year in June the International PHP Conference Berlin is the go-to event for PHP and web enthusiasts! This year, too, we look forward to meeting you again! Because we want to ensure that the lively exchange of knowledge and ideas so typical of International PHP Conference continues to work well, we were one of the first in the conference industry to develop our hybrid concept. Tickets are on sale now.

Dutch PHP Conference - June 17-18th 2021 Online
In light of health and safety recommendations from public health authorities, and our assessment of the duration of this pandemic, we will be organising the DPC conference as an 100% online event on June 17 & 18, 2021. Join us for 2 full days of Insights, Inspiration & Exclusive talks around PHP and Web Technology!

Podcasts and Vlogs

Who Is WordPress?
In this episode, Josepha explores the five groups within the WordPress ecosystem and provides a high-level example of how they interact and support one another. As always, stay tuned for the small list of big things and a contributor highlight.  

PHPUgly #231: Super Villains
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHP Internals, Laravel Octane, the new PHPStorm, and more...

The Stack Overflow Podcast 328: For Twilio’s CIO, Every Internal Developer is a Customer
When your customer base is your internal engineering department, you can't make everyone happy all the time.

php[architect] Podcast: Serverless LAMP, Refactoring Legacy Code and Functional Programming
Eric, John, and Oscar talk about the features and columns from the March 2021 issue, Lambda PHP.

Laravel Podcast Series 4: Episode 27 -  Packages, with Freek Van der Herten & Marcel Pociot
We all use third party packages in our Laravel applications, and even Laravel itself is composed of packages. But how do they work? How do you pick the best packages? What can packages actually do? In this episode Laravel's most prolific package authors join us and answer these questions and many more.

Post Status Draft Podcast - Post Status Excerpt (No. 3) - The Future of “Single” WordPress Plugin Devs, Thoughts On Jobs
What’s the future for solo WordPress plugin developer-entrepreneurs? How can young people start careers in WordPress?

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #745 (5-11 April 2021)
This week, the upcoming Symfony 5.3 version added new integrations to the Notifier bridge, such as the Microsoft Teams integration, and introduced the concept of required badges to Security passports.

People of WordPress: Tyler Lau
In this People of WordPress contributor story, we chat to Tyler Lau from the US on his relationship building work in marketing and his WordPress journey. Read on to discover his story which shows it is often what you have learned from negative experiences in your life that can make you a major asset to a product team.

Rafal Gicgier’s Experience as a WordPress Developer and Codeable Expert
Rafal Gicgier is a certified Codeable Expert and also among the top WordPress developers. He specializes in building custom WordPress themes and plugins and also loves to work around Gravity Forms and WooCommerce sites. He is also the founder of WP-doin, a WordPress and WooCommerce development agency.

Exploring Event Sourcing
My colleague Brent and I are currently preparing a premium course on event sourcing in Laravel. In this stream, we explained the foundations, shared some thoughts on some of the concept, and answered questions from the audience.

Get the Complete 2021 Superstar Backend Developer Bundle for only $39.99
Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 98% off the Complete 2021 Superstar Backend Developer Bundle. Explore the server-side of web and app development with 35+ hours of content on HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

PHP server health status, light themable Web UI and REST API displaying lots of system stats.

Flexible, feature-rich, free open-source content management platform that empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations around the world to easily manage their web site.

Fast PHP framework made with very loose optional components.

Here lives a simple mu-plugin to whitelabel and modernise wp-login.php. No admin panels, no bloat – just a simple filter to optionally customise the CSS properties with your colour palette.

A decentralised usenet community based on the Spotnet protocol. Spotweb requires an operational webserver with PHP5.6 installed, it uses either an MySQL or an PostgreSQL database to store it's contents in.

A PHP-based self-hosted URL shortener that can be used to serve shortened URLs under your own custom domain.

A platform to create documentation/wiki content built with PHP & Laravel.

The easiest way to build robust parsers in PHP.

Allows you to manage and organise columns in the posts, users, comments and media lists tables in the WordPress admin panel.

A simple instant messaging website backend build with ThinkPHP6 and Swoole.

A fast reverse proxy written in PHP that helps to expose local services to the internet.

The leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.

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