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July 8, 2021


As many of you know Katie and I have run this newsletter since 2013 and it has definitely been a labour of love for us both!! We have never made any money from it, but it has been good fun. Katie has made the decision to move on and will not be able to work on the newsletter after the next few weeks and I would like to thank her for never missing a week! Thanks Katie for all you have done

We will be continuing to run PHP Weekly, but looking at how to adjust what we do. Any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!!

If you find any useful PHP resources, news, tools, special offers etc, please let us know 🙂

Thanks for your continued support

All the best

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The 10+ Best Places to Find and Hire WordPress Developers in 2021
As a WordPress-based online business grows, it experiences a greater need to hire developers who are skilled at WordPress theme development, plugin customisations, programming and more. In this article, we will highlight 10 trusted platforms and sources, and some tips on how to find and hire the best WordPress developers.

DuckDuckGo Review: The Privacy-Focused Search Engine
In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about DuckDuckGo and its many privacy features.

Call For Interest: The Update Framework (TUF) Signing Server for Drupal Packages
As the Drupal project has first moved to support Composer for php-based dependency management, and now looks to implement an automatic updates system - we intend to significantly strengthen the security of our central package delivery.

18 Best WordPress Community Plugins for 2021
Whether you’re an online freelancer or running a brick and mortar store, having a website is no longer enough to get and retain customers. Along with your website, you need to create a community of customers and engage with them.

Tutorials and Talks

How to Build a Simple REST API in PHP
In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to build a simple REST API with PHP and MySQL.

How to Export Database Records to Excel using PHP(Laravel)
Have you encountered a challenge where you need to export records from the database to excel using Laravel? We will be using Maatwebsite Laravel package.

User Registration and Login Using CodeIgniter
In this tutorial, we will learn about user registration and login using CodeIgniter. First, we will create a database cidb. In this database, we will create a MySQL table tblusers. 

How to Manage Laravel Categories to Be Added to Your Models Easily
Many applications need to organize their objects into categories. Often those objects are stored and retrieved using model classes. This package provides traits to simplify the development of model classes that need to be organized into categories. It also simplifies the translation of texts that can be used to shows the categories in different languages.

Bootstrap Cards Design With Examples
Bootstrap is one of the leading frontend frameworks for building websites. It provides CSS and JavaScript bundles to design enriched UI components with little effort. We will learn how to design Bootstrap cards in a website. 

Add FaceID and TouchID Login to Your Laravel Apps
Add "Sign in with FaceID/TouchID" to your web apps, in less than a minute!

What Is Echo In PHP With Example
Generally, peoples are call out PHP echo is a function, however, the echo in PHP is not a function but it is a language construct. This PHP echo statement is majorly used for displaying the value of variables and strings on the web page.

Auto-Updating Twitter Banners
This is powered by dynacover - a really nifty tool created by Erika Heidi that automagically generates and uploads dynamic Twitter banner images! I’m running a slightly modified instance with a custom template that updates every 10 minutes via cron. Currently, my banner is showing my recent Twitter followers as well as my GitHub sponsors, though I’m thinking of some other interesting things I can pull into it in the near future.

Orchestrate Applications With ZendPHP
What is orchestration and does your PHP application need it? In this latest blog article, we take a look at orchestration as it relates to PHP applications in the cloud, in Docker, and using ZendPHP.

Create Beautiful Responsive And Flexible Event Calendar For React Application
A fully responsive and flexible event calendar for React application with monthly and weekly calendar component to show the custom events.
News and Announcements 

PHP 8.0.8 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.0.8. This is a security release. All PHP 8.0 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

PHP 7.4.21 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.4.21. This is a security release. All PHP 7.4 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

PHP 7.3.29 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.3.29. This is a security release. All PHP 7.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Joomla 3.9.28 Release
Joomla 3.9.28 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses 5 security vulnerabilities and contains 15 bug fixes and improvements.

WordPress 5.8 Release Candidate 2
The second release candidate for WordPress 5.8 is now available! 🎉 WordPress 5.8 is slated for release on July 20, 2021, and we need your help to get there—if you have not tried 5.8 yet, now is the time!

PhpStorm 2021.2 EAP #5
PhpStorm 2021.2 EAP build #5 is now available. To catch up on all the new features, check out our previous EAP blog posts.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Episode 12: WordPress – In Person!
In this episode, Josepha Haden Chomphosy talks about WordPress – In Person! The WordPress events that provide the dark matter of connection that helps sustain the open source project.

Call It A Day Podcast Ep 22: My Live Coding Failures
In this episode, I talk about my live coding failures. I regularly do live coding during meetups, conferences, live streams, etc. As always when you do something live, it can go wrong. (and will go wrong) Let me tell you about the scenarios where I failed while live coding or where something else was not working as expected.

The MongoDB Podcast Ep 62 Introduction to Modern Databases for Educators with Julianna Chen and Eoin Brazil
MongoDB is the fastest growing database on the market today in terms of users. Having MongoDB skills on a resume is extremely valuable. So, as an educator, the challenge is how to teach this so that your students have a well-rounded, current, up-to-date set of skills when they're ready to enter the job market. Today's episode addresses this specific requirement with the introduction of a new course built and published by the MongoDB University Curriculum Engineering team.

PHPUgly #243: Project Managementality
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about NFT of the new internet, facial recognition, LunarVim, and more...

North Meets South Web Podcast Episode 99: Hiring Developers, Managing Projects and Bases of Knowledge
In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss some different approaches (or lack thereof) and tools for managing development projects, hiring developers, and centralised knowledgebases. 

The Stack Overflow Podcast 353: Bring Your Own Stack – Why Developer Platforms Are Going Headless
We chat about the new options and tools - from a headless CMS to edge data processing - that Shopify is offering developers.

Delicious Brain Waves Episode 6 - The Process of a WordPress Product Acquisition with Brad Touesnard and Iain Poulson
In this episode of the Delicious Brain Waves podcast, Brad and Iain chat about the recent Delicious Brains acquisition of Advanced Custom Fields.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #757 (28 June - 4 July 2021)
This week, Symfony 4.4.26, 5.2.11 and 5.3.3 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, Symfony deprecated the configuration of tags on RegisterListenersPass and continued adding types, including union types when possible, across the entire codebase.

Xdebug Update: June 2021
In this monthly update I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month. These will be published on the first Tuesday after the 5th of each month.

PHP Version Stats: July, 2021
Here we are with a brand new version stats update.

Interview With Milana Cap, Freelance WordPress Engineer at Toptal
In continuation with our tradition of having influential WordPress experts share their success stories, today we have Milana Cap, a WordPress contributor, and developer with tons of experience under her belt. Let’s hear it from her on how she got introduced to WordPress and how her success began.

The Month in WordPress: June 2021
In the “WordCamp Europe 2021 in Review” episode of the WP Briefing podcast, Josepha Haden talks about the importance of collaboration, which is vital in building WordPress. This edition of The Month in WordPress covers exciting updates that exemplify this philosophy. 

Source Diving Laravel Google Fonts
In the first part of this stream, my colleague Seb explains how spatie/laravel-google-fonts works under the hood.


Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $50/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

All PHP functions, rewritten to throw exceptions instead of returning false, now for PHP8.

The leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data, Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites & apps and visualise this data and extract insights.

A static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP applications.

A flexible, elegant, fast and easy-to-use content management system written in PHP.

Laravel package to integrate ECS/POS Print Driver for PHP.

Provides a solution to daily management of data stored in an LDAP directory. Becoming the cornerstone of the information system, the corporate directory becomes more complex offering more data and managing more infrastructure services.

An easy-to-use PHP QrCode generator with first-party support for Laravel.

Solarium is a PHP Solr client library that accurately models Solr concepts. 

Handle roles and permissions in your Laravel application.

ReactPHP's core reactor event loop that libraries can use for evented I/O.

Reference Database of all functions, constants, classes, interfaces on PHP standard distribution and about 100 extensions.

Instant Upgrades and Automated Refactoring of any PHP 5.3+ code.

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