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July 22, 2021

Thank You!!

I would like to say a big thanks for all of the supporting emails that we have received over this past week. We appreciate the offers for help and suggestions for topics. Keep them coming!

If you have something to say for the wider PHP Community, let us know as we would love to include you. Any ideas you have also

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Contribution Recognition and the Drupal Project
In this retrospective post, guest author Matthew Tift of Lullabot reflects on Drupal's contribution recognition system, how it has impacted open-source sustainability, and how it might be standardized and adopted by other open-source projects.

Best Comments Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce
Comments can turn your WordPress website into a lively community where users can interact through questions, discussions, advice sharing, and even videos and photos. 

A Series of Unfortunate Commits: Notable Software Security Stories
In March, news broke that two malicious commits were introduced onto the in-development PHP 8.1 branch by perpetrators pretending to be Rasmus Lerdorf and Nikita Popov. The response by the PHP community to this attack was a shining example of the openness and transparency of the open-source world.

Yii Framework vs Laravel
How a website functions? Have you never thought of being curious about it? What’s going on behind the scenes “the user interface” you interact with. Well, in the tech space, the more you know, the better! 

Tutorials and Talks

Understanding PHP Constructors
In this article, we're going to discuss the basics of constructors in PHP. You'll learn the purpose of PHP constructors and how to use them.

Setting HTTP Status Code Based on Exception in Slim 4
One thing that’s quite convenient is to be able to throw an exception with a valid HTTP code set and have that code sent to the client.

How to Render Markdown with Perfectly Highlighted Code Snippets
When reading technical blogpost around the web, you might have noticed that code highlighting is not always perfect. Shiki is the code highlighter that uses the textmate parser VSCode uses under the hood.

Syncing WordPress Database Changes Between Environments: How We Handle Merging in 2021
Database synchronization is a problem that still gets raised almost every month in the local WordPress communities I’m part of – “if I am making changes to my local site, what happens to any updates made on the live site, if I push my local database back to live?”

How to Set Up a LAMP Environment With XAMPP on Ubuntu Linux
Want to develop PHP-based applications on your Ubuntu machine? Here's how to configure a LAMP environment with XAMPP.

Refactoring to Laravel 8 Class Model Factories
Laravel 8 introduced new class based model factories and if you have an existing project you can use the legacy factories package to keep using the old factories. 

Cake Bakery Management System Using PHP & MySQL
This online application enables the end-users to register online, select the cake from the e-menu card, read the E-menu card, and order the cake online. 

A PHP Framework in 140 Characters
Read this article to learn how to overcome the challenge of making a small but useful framework in just 140 characters.

Material Design Tabs For Vue.js
A fully customizable material design tabs for Vue.js, which is inspired by Android Material Design and easy to integrate in your project and light-weight.

Why Is My WordPress Site So Slow? (And How to Fix It)
Your website is downright sluggish, and customers leave your site before the content is even loaded. You wanted as quick as a flash and instead your site is dull and slow—it’s almost like watching paint dry! But don't worry, with the tips in this article, you'll be able to get your site running quickly again.
News and Announcements 

WordPress 5.8 Tatum
Introducing 5.8 “Tatum”, our latest and greatest release now available for download or update in your dashboard.

PhpStorm 2021.2 Beta: Generics Support Is Coming
PhpStorm 2021.1 Beta is now available. We are adding preliminary support for generics in PHP. Let’s get straight to it.

PHP Conference Japan 2021 - October 2nd-3rd 2021
We are excited to announce the PHP Conference Japan 2021 🎉 It will be 2 days online conference this year. The Call for Papers is now open.

Longhorn PHP - October 14-16th 2021, Austin, TX
A 3-day conference to help PHP developers level up their craft and connect with the larger PHP community.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Episode 13: Cherishing WordPress Diversity
In this episode, Josepha Haden Chomphosy discusses the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to the fabric of the WordPress project and how we can move from a place of welcoming it to cherishing it.

PHP Internals News: Episode 91: is_literal
In this episode of "PHP Internals News" I chat with Craig Francis (Twitter, GitHub, Website), and Joe Watkins (Twitter, GitHub, Website) about the "is_literal" RFC.

PHPUgly #245: Exposing Secrets
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Secrets, Conferences, NeoVim, Github AI, and more...

The Stack Overflow Podcast 358: GitHub Copilot Can Write Code For You. We Put It To The Test
If you're looking for regex, meet your new best friend.

php[architect] Podcast: Debugging, Automation, GitHub Actions, Bug Bounties, and API Security
Eric, John, and Oscar chat about the articles in the June 2021 issue, Debug, Rinse, Repeat.debugging.

Post Status Excerpt (No. 16) — Syed Balkhi on Acquiring SearchWP
Syed Balkhi talks with David about his acquisition of SearchWP, his vision for the plugin, and he calls for developers to stay mission-focused.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #759 (12-18 July 2021)
This week, Symfony development activity focused on adding more types to private properties of all components in the upcoming 6.0 version. Meanwhile, Symfony 5.4 introduced a change to better differentiate between system and app cache directories.

The State of Laravel Survey
Laravel celebrated its 10th anniversary a few weeks ago. Today it is the most popular PHP framework used by thousands of developers every day. The emerged ecosystem around Laravel is huge and new trends are popping up all the time. This survey is an attempt to gain insight into the representation of the diverse technologies and behaviors of this outstanding community.

PHP 8.1 Performance Is Continuing To Improve With Early Benchmarks
Each PHP release continues to improve in the department of performance. Even after the sizable performance improvements made with PHP 7, PHP 8 is continuing to further optimize the performance regardless of using its new JIT.

Cloudways Interview with Web Developer Shruti Balasa
Shruti Balasa has been in web development for a decade, and in that time, she’s established herself as a prolific Laravel expert, course creator and YouTuber. 

Code-level Visibility for PHP
Code-level visibility gives you insights into where your PHP code spends the most time and uses the most CPU.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Command-line control panel for Nginx Server to manage WordPress sites running on Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and Let's Encrypt.

ClassicPress is a community-led open source content management system for creators.

Easiest way to create beautiful administration backends with Symfony.

A framework for building rich, data-driven applications in PHP and MySQL.

A much faster alternative to youtube-dl built for PHP applications.

A PHP client for (Spring Cloud) Netflix Eureka service registration and discovery.

The Semaphore Component manages semaphores, a mechanism to provide exclusive access to a shared resource.

This plugin adds a Stackable Spawner System to PMMP. When you place a Spawner, you can stack additional Spawners onto the same Spawner to increase it's spawn rate. 

Modern PHP user login and management framework++.

Leaf is a PHP framework that helps you create clean, simple but powerful web apps and APIs easily.

Jane is a set of libraries to generate Models & API Clients based on JSON Schema/OpenAPI specs.

Microweber is a Drag and Drop website builder and a powerful next generation CMS based on the PHP Laravel Framework.

Modern CMS with shop features based on fullstack symfony and sylius components.

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