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August 5, 2021

"Be Gentle!!"

Hi everyone. We'd like to thank Katie for everything that she has done over the years collating and sending out PHP Weekly. She has moved on to otther things and we wish her well

This is the first edition put together by us without Katie. We may have some things wrong and please say so there are. Let us know if anything needs to be improved or send us your ideas.  We have Veronica helping now with our content and I'd also like to thank her for stepping up to do this!

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Top Drupal blog posts from July 2021
If you don’t want to miss the latest Drupal posts even during the summer holidays, we got you covered. Here’s our recap for July.

Why NPATH is a Terrible Code Metric
In his paper, they pull their punches on just how awful NPATH really is.

15 Analytics Plugins for WordPress
Here is a list of analytics plugins for WordPress. There are services — both free and paid — to track visitors and events, create page and post reports, produce heatmaps, and more.

WooCommerce vulnerabilities affect millions of WordPress sites
WooCommerce has announced that it has patched a critical vulnerability that affects millions of users.

WordPress 5.8 update extends Site Health interface for developers
Second major release of the year expands usability of PHP security tool.

How to render markdown with perfectly highlighted code snippets
Three new Spatie packages that make it easy to use Shiki in your PHP projects.


Tutorials and Talks

Adding a Facebook Messenger Chat Button in WordPress
Let’s look at how you can easily add a Facebook Messenger chat button in WordPress in just a few simple steps.

Using the PHP __construct magic method
We'll quickly cover the most popular PHP magic method - __construct.

Block Widgets, Template Editing, Media, and More: Enabling and Disabling WordPress 5.8 Features
Some say there is a plugin for everything, so we are about to test that theory against the WordPress 5.8 features list.

5 Easy Strategies to Make WordPress Enterprise-ready in 2021
Five strategies that can help you take advantage of the easy-to-use functionality of WordPress.

Laravel Eloquent selectRaw Query Tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn in detail how to write select raw and select DB raw query in laravel. And as well as learn, how to use selectRaw with joined table data.

News and Announcements

PASETO v2.0.0 released
This is v2.0.0 of the PHP implementation of PASETO.

Aimeos 2021.07 Release
Aimeos, the open-source Laravel e-commerce app, just released v2021.07, which includes a new default theme, a new settings panel, and more.

WordCamp US 2021 Online Happening on 1st October 2021
After the cancellation of WordCamp US 2020 last year due to some issues, the team is now ready to conduct an online WordCamp this year.

Laravel 8.52 Released
The Laravel team released 8.52 with taking multiple items from a collection using shift or pop, a new validation rule to ignore trashed models, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch. releases a list of Top Laravel Developers for July 2021 has released a list of Best Laravel Developers after analysing the service providers on stringent parameters to help the service seekers.

Laracon Online Summer 2021
Laracon Online is coming back to you live on September 1st, 2021! No hotels, no airfare, just signup and spend the day watching some of the best speakers right from your computer.

League/commonmark 2.0.0 Released
Highly-extensible PHP Markdown parser which fully supports the CommonMark and GFM specs.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly 247:Just Google ..... oh no don't, I was wrong
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Livewire, Vim, Generators, Constructor property promotion, and more...

Laravel Podcast: Upgrading, with Jason McCreary
Interview with Jason McCreary on updating Laravel application.

Oracle Groundbreakers: Heating up with MySQL
A conversation with both MySQL community managers on the latest in the community and the technology.

PHP Architect: Elasticsearch, Teaching PHP, Design Patterns, People, Joe Watkins, and more
Using Elasticsearch in an application, password complexity and entropy. Why you should use a password manager and more...

The Stack Overflow Podcast 360: From AOL chat rooms to Wikipedia, Reddit, and now, Stack Overflow
What does it take to build and nurture a healthy and growing online community? We talk with Phillipe Beaudette, our new VP of community, about his experiences.

Talking Drupal: #304 - Voice Content and Usability in Drupal
Today we are talking with Preston So about Voice Content and Usability in Drupal, as well as his book from A Book Apart Voice Content and Usability.

WP Builds: 39 – Use Patchstack to keep your WordPress website safe
So you might not have heard about the WordPress security company Patchstack before, but you will likely know about them!

PHP Roundtable: 082 A seat at the table
Sammy opens the Roundtable back up. Everyone talks about what they've been doing for the past few years. What we are up to now. And what the future holds for The PHPRoundtable.

Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 88: The Wonderful PHP 8 Features and Changes Part 2: The PHP 8 Null Safe Operator
In the second part of this podcast episode, Manuel Lemos and Samuel Adeshina comment specifically about the PHP 8 Null Safe Operator.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 470: L. Peter Deutsch on the Fallacies of Distributed Computing
L. Peter Deutsch of Aladdin Enterprises and formerly of Sun Microsystems joined host Jeff Doolittle to discuss the fallacies of distributed computing.

Reading and Viewing

Inside The Intensely Collaborative Community Of Magento Developers
Analytics India Magazine caught up with Shikha Mishra to get insights into her coding journey.

A Week of Symfony #761 (26 July - 1 August 2021)
This week, Symfony 4.4.29, 5.2.14 and 5.3.6 maintenance versions were released. This was the last release for the 5.2.x branch; if your projects are still using it, please consider upgrading them to Symfony 5.3.

Aaron Portnoy – ‘There’s no silver bullet for ransomware or supply chain attacks’
‘We don’t have the luxury of starting over’, offensive security specialist warns in wide-ranging interview.

What’s New in PhpStorm 2021.2
PhpStorm 2021.2 is a major update that introduces preliminary support for generics in PHP, enums in PHP 8.1, one-line array shape annotations, and improved automatic formatting of PHP code, as well as new inspections and refactorings.

Laravel vs. Symfony: A Side by Side Comparison
When facing the start of a brand new PHP application, there is one decision that can’t be overlooked: which framework should you use?

Refactoring to Laravel 8 Class Model Factories
Laravel 8 introduced new class based model factories and if you have an existing project you can use the legacy factories package to keep using the old factories.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.

Read and write spreadsheet files (CSV, XLSX and ODS), in a fast and scalable way.

A Multi-Framework Composer Library Installer

Yii 2
The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework

Laravel Debugbar
This is a package to integrate PHP Debug Bar with Laravel

Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS

PHP Tools for Visual Studio v1.55.14068
Adds Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 support.

Phive: Secure, Easy, and Contained Phar Manager
Composer supports installing PHP tools such as PHPUnit, PHP CS Fixer, PHPStan, and Phan if they are declared as dependencies in the composer.json file.

Open Source PHP Framework (originally from EllisLab)


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