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August 12, 2021

Hi Everyone. 

Welcome to another edition of PHP Weekly.
A number of interesting updates this week. As ever, if you have anything to contribute please email us at [email protected]

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021 — Results
In May 2021 over 80,000 developers told us how they learn and level up, which tools they’re using, and what they want.

Oracle's MySQL HeatWave goes on Autopilot
The second release of MySQL HeatWave adds a dose of machine learning-based automation to optimise performance.

Memcache PHP Extensions for Memcached Caching Daemon
Memcached is a caching daemon designed especially for dynamic web applications to decrease database load by storing objects in memory.

Bug Bounty Radar - The latest bug bounty programs for August 2021
This month, we asked security pros what they thought about China’s new vulnerability disclosure law, which requires researchers to hand over information on vulnerabilities, including zero-days, to the authorities.

Directory Uploads in PHP 8.1
One of the new features in PHP 8.1 is that PHP's $_FILES super global variable now contains the path to the files uploaded by the user.

What is Dependency Injection in PHP?
For those who are curious and think too much about Dependency Injection in PHP. 

Tutorials and Talks

How to Wiki GitHub Pages Automatically for PHP Projects using PHP Documentor 
Extract documentation from PHP projects hosted in Github and generates documentation in Markdown format using phpDocumentor.

PHP EvTimer Class – Usage and Examples
EvTimer is a watcher class that creates an instance to run an event loop. It sets time and interval to run the event loop iterations.

How To Reset Password By Email Using PHP7 And MySQLi
Database schema changes are necessary to perform when an application needs to evolve and store more information in its database tables.

PHP Flash Messages
This post provides a quick introduction to this new framework, and describes what’s possible by sharing a few practical tips and examples.

News and Announcements

Latest PEAR Releases (08.09.2021)
pearweb_phars 1.10.20

Latest PECL Releases (08.03.2021)
datadog_trace 0.62.1, uopz 7.0.0 and couchbase 3.2.0

Immutable Date Casting in Laravel 8.53
The Laravel team released 8.53 with immutable date and datetime casting, a queue monitoring command, and the latest changes in the 8.x branch.

PHPkonf 2021 Online
PHPkonf 2021 is a community organized PHP conference based in Turkey. This year we will gather online with 16 speakers in 2 parallel tracks to discuss PHP throughout the day. Join us on September 2nd for free!

PHP 8.1.0 Beta 2 available for testing
The PHP team is pleased to announce the first beta release of PHP 8.1.0, Beta 2. This continues the PHP 8.1 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki.

Joomla 4 Stable 17th August
Joomla! will be 16 on the 17th August 2021and it is with great pride that the Joomla! Project would like to announce the planned launch of Joomla 4.0 and Joomla 3.10 to coincide with its birthday celebrations.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly 248: PHP Deviants
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Filament a Laravel Admin package built using the TALL stack, math problems, the evaluation of PHP objects, and more...

The Stack Overflow Podcast 364: What’s the blast radius when your database goes down?
From Oracle to AWS to MongoDB, Mark Porter has played a pivotal role in the history and development of software databases.

Oracle Developer Live — Simplifying Modern App Dev
In this short preview I talk with Ophelia Hernandez about her upcoming DevOps session at Oracle Developer Live next week on automating continuous deployments to the cloud.

Software Engineeering Radio: Episode 471: Jason Meller on Choosing the Right Tech Stack for a Greenfield Project
Jason Meller, CEO and CTO of Kolide, discusses the strategies and heuristics for finding a tech stack for your next startup or project.

The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast: Remote Work for Introverts vs. Extroverts
The transition to remote work in early 2020 was abrupt for everyone, but some found themselves thriving more than others, in many cases, thanks to their personality type.

Simply PHP Unscripted: Ep.44 - The Truth Behind Being An Entrepreneur in 2021
When you think about "Entrepreneurship" many people think it means flexibility, more freedom, more joy, more recognition, more meaning and hopefully in the long run, more money.

North Meets South Web Podcast: Reminiscing, testing validation, and (not) paddlin' your database
Jake and Michael reminisce over the past five years of the show, discuss having (and then not having) kids, testing form validation, testing around third-party boundaries, and solving scaling issues on

Talking Drupal #305 - Project Browser
Today we are talking about The Project Browser Initiative with Chris Wells.

PHP Architect: Interview with Ken Marks
Eric van Johnson and John Congdon talk to Ken Marks about his article in the July issue, Mentoring and Teaching PHP and his new book PHP Web Development with MySQL

WP Builds 240 – ‘P’ is for Plugins
​The series where we attempt to cover all the major aspects of building and maintaining sites with WP. Today is for P for Plugins.

Reading and Viewing

Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Market – Industry Trends and Forecast to 2027
PHP web frameworks software market is expected to be growing at 17.20% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027

Widgets in WordPress 5.8 and Beyond
WordPress 5.8 brings the power of Gutenberg blocks to widget areas.

A Week of Symfony #762 (2-8 August 2021)
This week, the upcoming Symfony 5.4 version added new integrations to the Notifier component, marked the Request::get() method as internal and introduced a smooth upgrade path for security factories.

The 9 Best MySQL Books for 2021 Based on Real User Reviews
Our editors have compiled this directory of the best MySQL books based on Amazon user reviews, rating, and ability to add business value.

Cloudways Interview with Senior PHP Developer Daniel Abernathy
Daniel talks through his journey, his experience working with PHP and Laravel, setting up PHP events, and so much more.

The Exceeding Cleverness of Laravel's Atomic Database Locks
​MySQL's "advisory locks", which let you acquire a lock that is not table dependent.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

API Version Control in Laravel
API Version Control is designed to manage versions of API endpoints elegantly.

PHP Pipe Operator
Enable method chaining or fluent expressions for any value and method.

Flexible Fields for Laravel Nova
Flexible Fields is a Laravel Nova package that allows you to easily create repeatable fields or blocks within a resource.

Composer Normalizer Package
Composer Normalize is a plugin for Composer that normalizes the composer.json file in your projects.

Laravel Typescript
Lets you generate TypeScript interfaces from your Laravel models.

The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database.

Regex Helpers for Laravel
hotmeteor/regex is a set of ready-made regex helper methods for use in your Laravel application.

A collective list of free APIs

sample code for several design patterns in PHP 8

Laravel Mail Export
​Laravel Mail Export is a simple mailable trait and interface to export emails to a storage disk once sent.

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