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September 23, 2021

Hi everyone,  

We’re a couple of weeks before the last quarter of the year, and we’ve had some mini milestones. We’ve had the most number of new followers for a month on Twitter (Thank you!), and our subscriber numbers continue to grow with every week. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new subscribers. We hope that our content will contribute to your own milestones - for your career and/or study. As always, if you have anything to contribute please email us at [email protected].

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10 Best PHP Books to Help You Learn PHP
Programming or developing is a skill, and you cannot master them just by reading books. However, reading one can surely help you get started.

Self-Taught Progrmmers vs Programmers with a College Degree: Who is More Efficient?
If you’re a normal person who doesn’t think much about coding, you’d probably believe that self-taught programmers are better than those who went to University.

10 Best PHP Development Tools
Most developers appreciate the features of PHP as it is a very versatile programming language. Moreover, there are many tools that not just smooth the work but also enhance the whole process and final result.

PHP Annotated — September 2021
You can read more about this news in the September edition of PHP Annotated. As usual, we’ve carefully selected a variety of excellent articles, tools, videos, and streams for you.

Matthias Noback: Quick Testing Tips: One Class, One Test?
I've mentioned this several times without explaining: the rule that every class should have a test, or that every class method should have a test, does not make sense at all.

Tutorials and Talks

Investigating an incident: how to log effectively (PHP)
In this article, we'll sort out how to organize logging in a PHP app, how to use it efficiently, and what libraries might be useful.

Hacking Laravel to achieve modularity
As a project grows it becomes advantageous to break down its monolythical app/ folder into smaller chunks called modules.

Using SQS FIFO Queues
AWS's Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a great, high-scale, and extremely inexpensive way to get reliable queues.

Backend Operations in PHP from 0 to Hero (Part 3: Heavy Operations and AJAX)
In the last tutorial, we made a PHP script that performs customisable backend operations that take in user input.

Create Simple API using Laravel Lumen and Improve Its Error Handling
We will explore about how to create a simple registration API using Laravel Lumen and of course improve its error handling too.

How To Increase Session Lifetime In Laravel
In this tutorial we will see you how to increase session timeout in Laravel. In this example we can see how to set / increase session lifetime in Laravel 6/7/8.

The way declare(strict_types=1) works in PHP
Readers of my previous article noticed that I used the strict_type declaration and asked me what it does. In this article I will explain what it does and why I started to love using it.

News and Announcements

Preparing Your Apps and Bundles for Symfony 6
According to Symfony Release Process, every two years Symfony releases the last version of a branch (X.4) and the first version of the next branch (Y.0) at the same time. That will happen at the end of November 2021, when both Symfony 5.4 and Symfony 6.0 will be released.

Krayin is an Open-Source CRM Built with Laravel
Krayin is an open-source customer relationship management (CRM) app built with Laravel and Vue.js

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 is released
The second bug-fix update for PhpStorm 2021.2 is now available!

The CakePhp Conference - 7-8th October 2021
This year we've done our very best to make our ticket prices as affordable as possible, allowing everyone to attend the conference, no matter where you are in the world.

PHP 8.1.0 RC 2 available for testing
The PHP team is pleased to announce the release of PHP 8.1.0, RC 2. This is the second release candidate, continuing the PHP 8.1 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Voices of the Elephpant
Ep#361 – Interview with Dana Luther

PHP Ugly 254:Testing Patience
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHP generics, MimeType testing, Writing Unit Test, and more...

Laravel News Podcast: Morph Maps, API responses, and AWS mistakes
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

WP Builds: 247 – ‘T’ is for Themes
Hello, It’s another A-Z of WordPress. The series where we attempt to cover all the major aspects of building and maintaining sites with WP. Today is for T for Themes…

The Stack Overflow Podcast 376: Writing the roadmap from engineer to manager
Engineer and manager have a surprising amount of similarities: both are building things, but the feedback loop for managers is a lot longer.

Software Engineering Radio Episode 477: Josef Strzibny on Self Hosting Applications
Josef Strzibny the author of Deployment from Scratch discusses how and why it’s valuable to learn how to self host applications.

WP Briefing: Episode 16: A Sneak Peek at WordPress 5.9
In addition to this episode’s small list of big things, Josepha Haden Chomphosy reviews the upcoming 5.9 WordPress release and its Full Site Editing features.

The PHP Roundtable: 083: 10 Years Of Laravel
10 years of Laravel, and the framework continues to grow stronger with the passing of each release. More and more talented developers are creating packages and contributing to the overall health of Laravel.

The Laracasts Snippets: Trust the Process
Every time I learn something new, I have to re-remind to trust the process. I'm not sure why. That feeling of "I can't" never goes away.

The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast: 224. Aristotle Project -- Meaning
Financial security, building working relationships, having a positive impact on the people around you; which of these examples resonates with the way you find meaning in your work? It could be one of them, or all or them, or you may have completely different sources of meaning.

Reading and Viewing

Eloquent Performance: TOP 3 Mistakes Developers Make
I've talked a lot about Eloquent on this channel but decided to pick the three most common mistakes related to performance.

The birth and death of a framework
Every once in a while, maybe every couple of years, someone has an idea that revolutionises the tech industry. All popular frameworks that we use day by day once started out as such a small and insignificant idea: React, TypeScript, Tailwind, Electron, Laravel.

A Week of Symfony #768 (13-19 September 2021)
This week, Symfony continued preparing the upgrade to a fully-typed codebase, including the release of a command utility to patch type declarations in your own code and a blog post explaining how to prepare your apps and bundles for Symfony 6. F

It's Not The Language - It's You
A language is a rather inert thing. Sure, it evolves as it's developed by its creators/maintainers but it does so in line with its ways and its philosophies which may not align with what you think it's best.

My Lessons learned as Software Engineer
I will be honest in what I have learned.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Enhanced PostgresSQL Driver for Laravel
Laravel PostgreSQL Enhanced is a package by Tobias Petry that offers many missing PostgreSQL-specific features to Laravel.

Easily create and work with code snippets from PHP

Scan source code for calls to ray() and related calls.

Rich Text for Laravel
Integrates the Trix Editor with Laravel. Inspired by the Action Text gem from Rails.

Use Kafka Producers and Consumers in your laravel app with ease!

Security, performance, marketing, and design tools — Jetpack is made by WordPress experts to make WP sites safer and faster, and help you grow your traffic.

The VarDumper component provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable. It provides a better dump() function that you can use instead of var_dump().

Deploy and execute AWS Lambda functions from your Laravel application.

Highlight PHP code in terminal

wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

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