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November 4, 2021

Hi everyone,  

Podcast fans are in for a treat in this week’s issue, because we have a full line up that includes new episodes from Voices of the ElePHPant, Laravel News, Maintainable and Simply PHP Unscripted. Just click on your favourite podcast and enjoy the selection of engaging topics from the PHP community. We hope you enjoy this week’s podcasts along with all the articles, tutorials and news we curated for this week’s issue. 

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Top Code Editors and IDE for PHP Development
As many experienced coders will attest, the right IDE and/or code editor is vital for producing and maintaining high quality code.

Top Web Development Trends You Should Know About
You can take advantage of custom website development with the latest website development trends to develop robust and out-of-the-box websites.

The Best Laravel Tutorials For Beginners
Are you a beginner who want to master Laravel? Then here is the list of best Laravel Tutorials For Beginners.

A Detailed Roadmap to be a Full Stack Developer in 2021
This article gives you the complete roadmap of a full-stack developer with which any person can become a successful developer, covering from beginner to advanced levels.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Join a Tech Community
No matter where you are in your developer journey, it is really important to join a tech community. Healthy tech communities can provide valuable learning opportunities, growth, mentorship and career advancement.

Want to Have Tech Recruiters Find You? 16 Important Things to Remember
Hands down, the most important thing on LinkedIn is a well-crafted headline, otherwise none as the title or tagline at the top of your profile.


Tutorials and Talks

How to update large data in Laravel
Sometimes you need to update the data in your Database. The easiest possibility is to just run an update in your MySQL Database. This is not always working. Especially when you use events or you also want to update relations.

Getting Started withPHP in 2022
If you're learning PHP, or want to refresh your knowledge, we've put together this guide to PHP in 2021/2022.

Getting Started with Laravel Sail for Docker on WSL 2
Adam Culp of Beachcasts php programming videos shares how using Laravel Sail for Docker on WSL 2 makes life easier.

Migrate Entities to Microservice From Doctrine
Doctrine is one of the most used ORMs in PHPLand, with many applications heavily coupled to it.

Avoid describing your data multiple times in a Laravel app using laravel-data
In the vast majority of applications you work with data structures. Sometimes that data is described multiple times.

How to share data across multiple views in Laravel
In this tutorial we will discuss how to use view composers to share data across views that are rendered within your Laravel application.

Create your first Laravel app in 3 steps
I will share about how to create Laravel app in these 3 steps (windows).

News and Announcements

PHP 8.1.0 RC 5 available for testing
The PHP team is pleased to announce the release of PHP 8.1.0, RC 5. This is the fifth release candidate, continuing the PHP 8.1 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki.

New in Symfony 5.4: Console Autocompletion
Symfony 5.4 and Symfony 6.0 will be released simultaneously at the end of November 2021. According to the Symfony release process, both versions will have the same features, but Symfony 6.0 won't include any deprecated features.

PhpStorm 2021.3 EAP #6
To make PhpStorm fully ready for PHP 8.1, we recently introduced support for the `new` operator in initializers, first-class callables, and some major deprecations in the language.

Larastan v1.0 Released
We are pleased to see the release of Larastan v1.0 this week, a package to help analyze Laravel application code.

PHP UK conference (16-18 Feb 2022)
The largest dedicated PHP event in Europe, PHP UK welcomes hundreds of leading developers to London for three days of workshops, talks, networking and socials.

Laravel Worldwide Meetup #11: Building APIs & Models/Spotlight With Livewire
Here's the recording of the latest edition of the Laravel Worldwide meetup. Philo Hermans showed off two great Livewire packages that he made.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Voices of the ElePHPant: Ep#364 – Interview with Michael Bodnarchuk
Listen as host Khayrattee Wasseem talks with Michael Bodnarchuk creator of Codeception & CodeceptJS. This is a deep dive into the journey of someone who started from scratch creating & releasing opensource softwares.

Laravel New Podcast: TALL Toast, soft deleting parents, and cheating at modern PHP
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

Maintainable Podcast: Heidi Waterhouse: Documentation: The Best Diff is a Red Diff
In this episode, Heidi shares the benefits of relying on documentation templates, getting over the paralysis of a blank page, why teams should consider hiring technical writers, speaking at conference, as well as her formula for outlining a tech talk idea.

Simply PHP unscripted: Ep. 50 - The Challenges of The Giving Back Program
In this episode of the SimplyPHP Unscripted Podcast, Tony and Vee sit down to talk about the Giving Back Program. What it is, the history of the program and the challenges it has.

PHPUgly 260: Copilot
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about VSCode, Github Copilot, New Apple Hardware, and more...

How To Code Well: 121 - New home, new code
We have a new website for the podcast with a shiny new contact form.

The Stack Overflow Podcast 389: The big problem with only being able to solve big problems
Audrey Lawrence of Amazon discusses Timeseries Databases and their new database offering Amazon Timestream.

WP Builds 252 – Let someone else take care of your website policies
So… you build WordPress websites and you love it. You know what you don’t love? Policies. Admit it, you don’t do you?

The Rabbit Hole - The Definitive Developer's Podcast: 228. When to Pair Program
In today’s episode of The Rabbit Hole, Dave Anderson and Sophie Creutz attempt to answer the question: when should you pair program and what should you pair on?

WP Briefing: Episode 19: The People of WordPress
In this nineteenth episode, WordPress’s Executive director, Josepha Haden Chomphosy, discusses and expresses gratitude for the inspiration behind the People of WordPress series, HeroPress.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #774 (25-31 October 2021)
This week, Symfony 4.4.33 and 5.3.10 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, Symfony development activity focused on finishing and polishing many new features for the upcoming Symfony 5.4 and 6.0 versions.

Modern PHP data Encryption/Decryption with Sodium extension
Throughout the years PHP has added support for several extensions, libraries, and algorithms to encrypt and decrypt data.

How all Frameworks can Bump to PHP 8.1 and You can Keep Using Older PHP
Imagine hypothetical situation: new major Symfony and Laravel are released in December 2021. We'll already have PHP 8.1 out by that time.

The Case for Route Attributes
I've been thinking about route attributes lately. By doing so, I came to realise that I've got a somewhat strange relation with annotations a.k.a. attributes.

Laravel Authentication: UI vs Jetstream vs Fortify vs Breeze
In this article, I want to outline as simply as possible the differences between four first-party Laravel packages – UI, Jetstream, Fortify and Breeze.

Bet you’ll learn at least one new PHP feature in this article?
I came across this one on Twitter lately, and it seems a lot of PHP developers were shocked by the existence of this feature — including me. If you ever need to reset the time part of a string you’re parsing as a DateTime, this could save you a few lines of code.

Tests are for the Future
Tests are for the future. They provide documentation, help you avoid regressions, and allow you to refactor with confidence.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Create Rich Data Objects in Laravel
Powerful data objects for Laravel

Blast — Storybook UI Development for Laravel Blade
Blast lets you render examples of your app's components using the blade templating engine and Storybook Server within your Laravel app.

Adds static analysis to Laravel improving developer productivity and code quality.

Custom search engine for WordPress and web developers.

Dump masked information from your database.

pheature-flags/toggle-model v0.2.1
Pheature flags toggle model implementation

It's like Tailwind CSS, but for the PHP command-line applications.

Plivo PHP Helper Library

Free and Online Accounting Software

A tool that can speed up linting of php files by running several lint processes at once.

Modern CMS with shop features based on fullstack symfony and sylius components

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