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November 25, 2021

Hi everyone,  

The long wait is finally over. By the time this newsletter is sent out we’ll all probably have the GA release for PHP 8.1 - with new features and changes that we’ve covered in the previous weeks. 

The PHP community was also abuzz this week with the announcement of Nikita Popov’s departure from Jetbrains next month and the formation of the PHP foundation. If you’re keen to know about what’s next for PHP and what you can do to support the community, you can read all about it here. The only thing constant in this world is change, and so will look forward to good things for the community as it continues to grow and evolve. We also want to wish our readers in the US a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Feel free to tag us with your turkey pictures on Twitter.  

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The New Life of PHP – The PHP Foundation
During PHP’s 26-year history, the language has been actively developed by a huge number of people, such as Rasmus Lerdorf, Zeev Suraski, Andi Gutmans, Nikita Popov, and many, many others. In 2021, PHP is in for another round of evolution.

New features and improvement in Laravel Jobs and Queues since the original v8.0 release
In this fourth post of the series, I've gathered new features added to Jobs and Queues in Laravel 8.

Twig - The Ultimate Guide to the Premier PHP Templating Language
Learn how to make the code for your site's frontend simpler, cleaner, dryer, more logical, and secure with Twig.

Laravel Best Practices You Should Follow
To make Laravel development a breeze, you need to follow the best practices from time to time.

PHPUNIT Test Coverage Report
Writing test is inseparable from programming. If you want to be sure about deploying your code without unexpected failure, writing test is going to be of an assistance.

PHP in 2021? A Big Yes!
5 Free Resources to learn PHP

Granular permissions with Laravel APIs & React frontend
In this article, I’ll explain how to implement the granular permissions system using Laravel APIs as our backend and React.js as our frontend

Tutorials and Talks

How to make Laravel app can interact with user by email using Webhook
I hope this post will help you if you need your app can interact with user by email, such as email approval, review from email etc.

Improve Symfony Tests Performance
For all the latest Symfony projects at my company we were writing unit and mostly functional tests, occasionally improving their performance, but didn't have a chance to summarize all the improvements we made to speed up the test suite.

Our improved changelog workflow for packages
For years, my team and I manually updated the changelog for our 250+ packages.

PHP note: For Loop Performance
About a year ago I started to writing code...

Laravel 8 Passport OAuth 2.0
For every application authentication system to controls the potentials of the application.

PHP Access Modifiers Example
In this example we will see PHP access modifiers example. In PHP default access modifier is public.

What is function overloading and overriding in php?
In PHP, what do you mean by function overloading and function overriding. and what is the difference between both of them?

News and Announcements

PhpStorm 2021.3 RC
PhpStorm 2021.3 RC is the final build before the third major update of PhpStorm.

New in Symfony 5.4: DependencyInjection Improvements
In Symfony 5.4 you can use tagged iterators as arguments of service locators, which simplifies the injection of tagged services in other services.

Symfony 5.3.11 released
Symfony 5.3.11 has just been released.

Laravel 8.73 Released
The Laravel team released 8.73 with support for Countable objects in the string pluralizer, allowing closures for determining cache TTL, a lazyByIdDesc() query builder method, and the latest changes in the v8.x branch.

PHP Foundation Announced
The PHP Foundation has been announced as an entity for funding the work of developing the PHP language.

Latest PECL Releases (11.23.2021)
PHP 8.1 support

A Look at WordPress 5.9
WordPress 5.9 is expected to be a ground-breaking release. It will introduce the next generation of themes with Twenty Twenty-Two joining the fun and over 30 theme blocks to build all parts of your site.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHPUgly 263:PHP Will Last
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHP Music, PHP Dynamic Properties, PHP Foundation, and more...

How To Code Well: 136 - Breaking Changes in PHP
Today I want to discuss the Deprecate dynamic properties RFC in PHP 8 and give you my view on breaking changes in software development.

Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Ben Ramsey
Listen as host Khayrattee Wasseem talks with Ben Ramsey – Release Manager for PHP 8.1 and Staff Engineer at Skillshare.

Laravel News Podcast: PHP in the future, code analysis, and intercepting mail
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

The Stack Overflow Podcast 395: Who is building clouds for the independent developer?
Big enterprise clients looking for "lift and shift" are lucrative clients in the cloud market. But there are also millions of independent developers who need cloud tech at their scale.

Maintainable Podcast: Chris Birchall: Re-Engineering Legacy Software
Robby speaks with Chris Birchall, author of Re-Engineering Legacy Software and Lead Software Developer at 47 Degrees. 

WP Builds 255 – ‘XYZ’ is for disappointing series ending for the ‘A- Z of WordPress’
We could have tried to eke this one out. According to one online crossword solver there are 378 Words Starting With X, but I imagine X for xeroxed – how to copy your WP website, might be going too far! So we just decided to end with a pathetic whimper!

The Rabbit Hole - The Definitive Developer's Podcast: 231. Prime Directive
Star Trek fans will know that the Prime Directive is the unbreakable mission statement of the Starfleet. It's a guiding principle, deciding the course and tone for whatever the team encounters.

Software Engineering Radio Episode 487: Davide Bedin on Dapr Distributed Application Runtime
Davide Bedine, a cloud solution architect at Microsoft and professional Dapr enthusiast joined host Jeff Doolittle to discuss his book, Practical Microservices with Dapr and .NET. Dapr, the Distributed Application Runtime

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #777 (15-21 November 2021)
This week, Symfony 5.4.0 BETA3 and 6.0.0 BETA3 versions were published so you can test them on your applications before their final release at the end of the month. In addition, the Symfony Core Team added four new members to help grow the Symfony project in the next few years.

Musings, Ninja Ones: 2 - 1
I wrote some time ago about the Bus Factor of PHP, the number I came up with was 2. Just after I wrote about this, JetBrains reached out to me and others and we discussed the idea of starting a foundation.

Deploy PHP Apps with Docker - The Essentials
So, why deploy with Docker, especially when there are so many other deployment options?

Effectively using Facades and Hexagonal Architecture to separate bounded contexts
Using facades and hexagonal architecture can help you keep your bounded contexts separated. In this blog post I will explain how.

Eloquent findOrFail caveats
I use Model::findOrFail a lot in Laravel. Recently, I realized it’s not always the best option.


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Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Log Routes Statistics for Users and Teams
Laravel Route Statistics is a package by @bilfeldt to log stats about users and teams usage of routes in a Laravel application.

Laravel Livewire Calendar Component
Laravel Livewire Calendar is a component by Andrés Santibáñez to show events in a good looking monthly calendar.

A validation library using Either from marcosh/lamphpda

Awesome tips for Laravel

Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets).

PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

Highly opinionated mocking framework for PHP 5.3+

Give thanks (in the form of a GitHub ★) to your fellow PHP package maintainers (not limited to Symfony components)!

wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages: Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely.

Fast request router for PHP

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