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March 3, 2022

Hi everyone,

You are reading this because you are part of a community. A niche community, in fact. A community bound together by a computer language that’s not to everyone’s taste, but nevertheless, a global community it has become. It’s alive and surprisingly thriving. It’s also a community of such giving and generous people. People who share their knowledge and expertise to every level of learning this resilient programming language. We hope you're in good spirits as you read this, and even though there are dark skies looming above, we will be counting down the days when we see clear skies again, and we as a community will carry on sharing and teaching this ever evolving and relevant language we continue to code.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and we hope you enjoy this week's issue.   

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Laravel 9 Roadmap 2022
This article will be discussing what we can expect from Laravel 9 in 2022 and how it will change the developer landscape in the coming years.

How to Improve Your Website’s Performance With CodeIgniter
What are some useful CodeIgniter hints for enhancing the performance of your website? Continue reading to find out.

Good Developers vs Bad Developers
Every profession has its good sides and its bad sides. As an experienced software developer, I enjoy many aspects of my daily work, but there are also things that I don’t like or even hate.

How to Improve the Style of Your Codebase and make your life happier and easier.
Let me describe a common scenario: let’s say that you are a new Software Engineer in a development team in a well-known company. When you get there, you are presented with numerous ongoing projects. As usual, some of those are new and others legacy systems that everyone is too afraid to touch.

47% of Devs Say Bad Project Managers Are Their Biggest Problem
What’s the first thing that people think of when they hear the word ‘developer’? For many people, it’s probably ‘money’ or maybe companies like ‘Facebook’ or ‘Google’.

Top 18 Video Calling APIs | 2022
Nowadays, you can integrate Video calling in any app or website easily with WebRTC APIs from different providers.


Remote PHP/vue.js Developer Needed - US company
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Tutorials and Talks

PHP Docker Images Tips and Tricks
In this post, I'll detail that Dockerfile, showing how you can use the same file to create different custom PHP Docker images, as well as demonstrate some additional techniques you can use.

Enable File Attachment with CodeIgniter 4 form helper
The CodeIgniter 4 PHP framework has many built-in helper libraries. One of them I use a great deal is the form helper.

PHP Login Form with MySQL database and form validation
Login form – an entry point of a website to authenticate users. PHP login system requires users to register with the application first to log in later.

Adding MySQL 8 to Laragon
Using MySQL 5.7 for development still comfy for you, right? But why don't try the higher version since it will you higher read/write performance.

Laravel Tutorial #7: Create Models and Setup Admin Panel
In the next few articles, I'm going to show you, step by step, how to create a blog application using Laravel.

Build a Laravel application with a MySQL database
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a mood tracker application with Laravel 9, connect it to a PlanetScale MySQL database, make database schema changes, and deploy your database branch to production.

Setting up Laravel with Inertia.js + Vue.js + Tailwind CSS
This guide was written using Laravel 8, but it 100% works on Laravel 9.

News and Announcements

Symfony 5.3.16 released
Symfony 5.3 is backed by JoliCode. JoliCode is a team of passionate developers and open-source lovers, with a strong expertise in PHP & Symfony technologies. They can help you build your projects using state-of-the-art practices.

Laravel 9.2 Released
The Laravel team released version 9.2.0 with an array keyBy method, an Eloquent attribute static constructor, moving the Laravel CORS package into the framework, and more.

Symfony 6.1 will require PHP 8.1
To make a long story short, prior to PHP 8.1 property types must be available when preloading a class. That's an issue for Symfony when a property references the type of an optional dependency.

Yii1 Spreadsheet Extensions
This extension was built because the extension phpoffice/phpexcel is marked as "archived/abandoned" and there was no Yii1 extension as successor to use the recommended PhpSpreadsheet library.

phpday 2022 - 19 and 20 May 2022
phpday is the yearly gathering for the European PHP community, since 2003.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Architect: Parallelise Your Code
This month’s release touches on some examples that keep PHP and its community strong, relevant, and a fun language to code.

PHP Ugly 275: Rubber Necking PHP
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Symfony, Condition Breaks, Pis, and more...

How To Code Well 148 - The Best Bug Tracking Tools
It doesn’t mater what tool you use as long as you have eyes on the issues Friction hurts progress.

The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast 245. Seven Wastes of Software Development (Replay)
Dave and Michael break down the seven points as they appear in the book Implementing Lean Software Development by Mary and Tom Poppendieck and chat about their experience and thoughts on each.

The Stack Overflow Podcast: Is functional programming the hipster programming paradigm? (Ep. 418)
Cassidy, Ceora, and Matt discuss functional programming and where it got its reputation as “the mustachioed hipster of programming paradigms.” Cassidy used to run a workshop teaching functional programming with JavaScript and currently works with Elixir, “a fully functional programming backend.”

Episode 501: Bob Ducharme on Creating Technical Documentation for Software Projects
Bob DuCharme, an experienced technical writer and author talks about writing documentation for software products.

North Meets South Web Podcast: Vim throwdown, Part 1
In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by Jesse Leite, and kick off a mini-series on using Vim for PHP development.

WP Builds 267 – Where’s the next client coming from? – Series 1 / Episode 6
Nathan and David are taking contrasting approaches to getting their new businesses running and their first client’s site built. She is a new lawyer with no previous site called Ms A.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #791 (21-27 February 2022)
This week, Symfony announced that Symfony 6.1 will require PHP 8.1. This is needed to fix some issues related to PHP preloading. We also decided to extend Symfony 6.0 maintenance by an additional 6 months to give you more time to prepare the migration to PHP 8.1. Finally, Symfony announced the last talks and speakers for the SymfonyLive Paris 2022 conference.

Why you should never trust your users
The primary goal of a developer is to gain the trust of our users. We want them to trust our code, trust our apps, and trust our brand.

How to assist your product marketing team as a software engineer
Product marketing and engineering are seen as opposites. But having a good relationship between the two will help you build better products. Here are some ways how software engineers can help product marketers.

Getting OpenSwoole and AWS SDK to Play Nice
I have some content that I store in S3-compatible object storage, and wanted to be able to (a) push to that storage, and (b) serve items from that storage.

Server side rendering with Laravel + Inertia.js + Vue.js
SEO is really important so you should have SSR (server side rendering) whenever you are building a SPA (single page application).

Elegant and readable randomness using Faker
Using random examples in your test suite is a great way of getting additional confidence from it; lowering the risk of writing code that only works for a tailored set of data.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A huge list of free programming books in various languages.

Easy Laravel Bot interaction for Laravel.

Record the change log from models in Laravel.

Captcha solver extension for humans.

UI Bakery RegEx Library
a curated list of useful regular expressions for different programming languages.

Role-based Permissions for Laravel 5.

A lightweight template parser used by PyroCMS.

Object-Oriented API for PHP streams.

Samsui is a factory library for building PHP objects useful for setting up test data in your applications.

A php.ini scanner for best security practices.

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