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March 17, 2022

Hi everyone,

They say you need to find a task that brings you joy for just five minutes a day. We all need a break from things, and for some it can be a short catch up with friends, finding a new tune on Spotify or just taking a couple of deep breaths just to stay sane and grounded. For us here at PHP Weekly, it's always been a pleasure to collate the latest news from the PHP community to our subscribers in the hope that skimming through our newsletter is a welcome reprieve from your daily grind. As of writing this, we're just 16 subscribers away from 17K. Thank you to everyone who's joined us. And if you're reading this and haven't subscribed yet, please do. 

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BytesThe Funniest JavaScript Newsletter on the Internet
If you're interested in JavaScript and web dev (and spicy memes), you should check out the Bytes newsletter. I've got a feeling you'll like it.


The Case for PHP Generics — Generics in PHP #4
There are some very good reasons why generics will never be support in PHP's current runtime type checker.

Common SQL errors for Laravel Developers
Why write this little guide since Laravel uses Eloquent to talk to the database? The answer is simple, the errors the database returns are SQL errors and if you don't know how to interpret them then your life as a developer will be harder.

Code That Breathes
Have you ever needed to maintain a project that wasn't yours? A project that, when you first opened it, gave you chills down your spine? Even without reading the code in detail, you could already tell it was a mess.

10 Excellent Platforms For Building Mobile Apps
These mobile app software providers help you to create a simple and fully-functional mobile app including numerous attributes without any coding. You can use these mobile app development platforms to create two types of mobile apps as Native and Web apps.

How to implement Clean Architecture with Laravel
So today, I'm going to present you a working implementation of the Clean Architecture principles inside a Laravel app, as explained in The Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin.

How Bad Hardware Can Ruin a Software Developer’s Workday
I recently got a new notebook from my employer because my old one was getting pretty slow. It’s uncanny how much my happiness level increased.


Junior PHP Developer - $2,000/month
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Tutorials and Talks

Implement a Custom Driver for Laravel Socialite
Laravel Socialite is an official Laravel package to authenticate with OAuth providers. It supports authentication with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub, and Bitbucket. But, what if you want to use a different driver?

How To Install Cakephp on Debian 11
In this tutorial we learn how to install cakephp on Debian 11. cakephp is rapid application development framework for PHP.

Laravel 9 Tutorial #14
In Part-14 of the Laravel 9 Tutorial to create a Multi-Vendor E-commerce Website in Laravel, we will continue working on admin settings in which we will add the functionality of updating admin details.

Constructor Property Promotion with PHP 8
In today's PHP workshop, we will see why the promoted constructor property is game changing in PHP 8.

Master PHP & It's Core Concepts, Cheatsheet
I Won't Be Using Code Snippets Because One Can Not Learn By Copy Pasting Forever, With that being said let's begin.

How To Use Interface Segregation Principle in PHP/Laravel
In this tutorial, I’ll show you in a very simple way with the example, how you can use ISP(Interface Segregation Principle) in PHP/Laravel. let’s start walking…

News and Announcements

Statamic 3.3 Released
Statamic 3.3 includes a brand new Antlers engine packed with powerful new features, streamlined Blade interoperability and tag/modifier helpers, dynamic conditional form fields, new query builder methods, and a whole lot more.

PhpStorm 2022.1 EAP #5
The fifth build of the PhpStorm 2022.1 Early Access Program comes with improvements for popular PHP template engines Blade and Twig.

WordPress 5.9.2 Security and Maintenance Release
This security and maintenance release features 1 bug fix in addition to 3 security fixes. Because this is a security release, it is recommended that you update your sites immediately. All versions since WordPress 3.7 have also been updated.

Only 4 weeks left before SymfonyLive Paris 2022
Join us next month, on April 7-8 2022, for the French SymfonyLive conference, check out the entire schedule! Normal price ends on March 14th 2022.

CakePHP Training
The official CakePHP online training courses provide you the opportunity to learn from the experts in the CakePHP community,

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Internals News: Episode 99: Allow Null and False as Standalone Types
In this episode of "PHP Internals News" I talk with George Peter Banyard (Website, Twitter, GitHub, GitLab) about the "Allow Null and False as Standalone Types" RFC that he has proposed.

PHP Ugly 277: PHP, Baseball, Cars, and Grifters
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHP Event Sources, Code Styles, and more...

The Stack Overflow Podcast: Crypto feels broken. That’s because it’s the internet circa 1996 (Ep. 422)
Ben talks with entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Pakman, who recently left his longtime role as a partner at veteran VC firm Venrock to become managing partner at CoinFund.

The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast 247. No more PRs -- Try Mob Programming Instead!
Everybody knows one of those senior dev gatekeepers for codebase who just swat PRs away and block every code review that comes through.

North Meets South Web Podcast: Vim throwdown, Part 2
In this episode, Jake and Michael continue their journey down the Vim rabbit hole, and cover thrilling topics such as the leader key, custom bindings, vim-test, and Git worktrees.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 502: Omer Katz on Distributed Task Queues Using Celery
Omer Katz, a software consultant and core contributor to the Celery discusses the Celery task processing framework, it’s architecture and the underlying messaging protocol libraries on which it it is built; how to setup Celery for your project, and examine the various scenarios for which Celery can be leveraged with host Nikhil Krishna.

Simply PHP: How to Avoid Technical Debt
How To Avoid Technical Debt with Chad and Tony.

WP Builds 269 – What does a web design process look like?
Nathan and David are taking contrasting approaches to getting their new businesses running and their first client’s site built. She is a new lawyer with no previous site called Ms A.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #793 (7-13 March 2022)
This week, Symfony development focused on fixing bugs and finishing new features for the upcoming Symfony 6.1 version. One of those new features is a button to copy requests as cURL commands in the Symfony Profiler. Meanwhile, the SymfonyLive Paris 2022 conference announced its complete workshop and talk schedule.

Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022
Gartner expects these 12 technology trends to act as force multipliers of digital business and innovation over the next three to five years. Here’s your quick guide to what the technologies are and why they’re valuable.

NexoPOS is an Open-Source Point of Sale System Built With Laravel
NexoPOS is an open-source point of sale system built with Laravel, Tailwind, Vue.js, and other open-source tools. It provides free and paid modules that offer tools needed to manage stores.

Using PHPStan with Symfony - static analysis for better PHP code quality
Software developers are not robots, even after seven years of PHP programming experience, I do sometimes make bugs in the code. In the age of smart IDEs, it's getting harder and harder to make silly mistakes, most IDEs catch them very well, but it still happens.

Scheduling Execution in PHP
We often need to schedule the execution of given business functionality in our applications. The timing depends on what we want to achieve. It may be monthly executed invoices or notifications sent after the user was registered on the website.

Containerizing nginx + PHP FPM on Alpine Linux
How I learned to stop worrying, and love the PHP container.

PHP caching that is 450 times faster than Redis, Memcache, and APC - utilizing fast disk-based flat-file database cache architecture
Introducing Element is an open source application that is available for free. The custom-built API Service that connects the front-end javascript application to the PHP-based server-side database engine is a vital component of Element.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Cache chunks of your Blade markup with ease.

PHP Class converter to namepaces.

Bullet PHP Micro-Framework
Bullet is a functional PHP micro-framework that helps you easily create REST APIs and web applications that automatically conform to the requirements of the HTTP specification.

Purl is a simple Object Oriented URL manipulation library for PHP 7.2+

Guzzle, an extensible PHP HTTP client.

A PHP library providing ISO 3166-1 data.

A library for working with StatsD.

Role-based Permissions for Laravel 5.

Bugsnag notifier for the Laravel PHP framework. Monitor and report Laravel errors.

PHP library that provides a filesystem abstraction layer − will be a feast for your files!

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