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March 24, 2022

Hi everyone,

Most companies nowadays are used to having teams that work and collaborate together even though they live across different countries and time zones. It’s no different for us here at PHPWeekly. It’s a labour of love from a small group of people sprinkled across the world. The information and the resources we collect weekly are also from students and professionals from all over. In some articles the grammar may not always be accurate as the writers are not native English speakers, but once the code is laid out it’s universally understandable. It is such a pleasure to be interacting with such a global community, and this week we would like to thank those who sent in their articles to be featured in our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy this week’s issue. 

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Generics in Depth
I showed a very boring example of generics in the previous post, we’re going to do better in this one.

Get started with Symfony 6
How can you get started with Symfony 6? What are the best resources to learn Symfony? How can I learn about the latest best practices? That are legitimate questions I get from the community.

Cakephp Vs CodeIgniter: Explore the Latest Technology
Now we are presenting you the 2 most popular PHP frameworks in the market nowadays respectively for each, that are practiced constructing enterprise-class online software.

10 Ways to Use Functions in Your Code to Become a Better PHP Developer
Functions are fundamental to writing code, making it vital that you write them well. Well-written functions make your code efficient, easy to read.

Reasons Why Abolishing DST in the US Will be Worse for Users and Developers
Daylight savings time is hated by many, and twice per year a discussion reignites to get rid of it. Lot of folks feel this is a great idea. This year this decision seems especially close in the US. If this law passes, it will probably also change where I live.

Your Road To Symfony 6 Certification
Raise your target. This is a mindset fix, and the most important thing you should make before you decide to commit to the certification program.

30 Practices to be a Good Software Developer
YAGNI: “You Aint Gonna Need It”. Don’t write code that you think you might need in the future, but don’t need yet.


Junior PHP Developer - $2,000/month
We have a vacancy for a remote PHP developer to work for a company in the UK. Please click the above link to view the full specification.

Do you have a position that you would like to fill? PHP Weekly is ideal for targeting developers and the cost is only $75/week for an advert.  Please let me know if you are interested by emailing me at [email protected]

Tutorials and Talks

Cache Chunks of Your Blade Markup with Ease in Laravel
Ryan Chandler has introduced an amazing package called Blade-cache-directive that enables you to cache the chunks of your Blade markup easily in Laravel.

How to Retrieve MySQL Last Insert ID in CodeIgniter 4
In this post, I cover 2 different methods you can use and retrieve the MySQL Last Insert ID value after executing an INSERT statement in CodeIgniter. 

Using Symfony Form in WordPress
Once upon a time, a developer was asked to move a form from one application to another. The source application was a Symfony app. The target application was WordPress, the CMS that runs the Web.

Sanitize Input using PHP
In this tutorial, we are going the sanitize input in PHP before saving it to our database.

Null object design pattern in PHP 
The null object design pattern is a software design pattern in which checking for null values is replaced by using a null object.

Let’s Take Out the Trash: Writing Cleaner Code
Clean code plays a major role in the understandability of a code, along with that so does its readability, changeability, extensibility and maintainability.

PHP Contact Form with HTML Emails & Optional Captcha (Anti-Spam)
While there are many things that all modern websites should have, one of the most important pieces to that is a functional contact page.

News and Announcements

PHP Day Italian PUG (PHP User Group) 7 April 2022
An online and free event, organized by the Italian PUG (PHP User Group). phpday PUG Edition was born in 2020 from the will of the community to meet, not being able to do it like every year in Verona at phpday . The event is in Italian and will take place in a virtual venue that allows you to interact, meet and actively participate.

PhpStorm 2022.1 EAP #6
PhpStorm 2022.1 EAP build #6 is now available. To catch up on all the new features, check out our previous EAP blog posts.

Laravel 9.5 Released
The Laravel team released 9.5 with partial queue faking, a freezeTime() test helper, a storage assertDirectoryEmpty() assertion, closures in assertJsonPath(), and more.

CakePHP 4.4.0-RC1 Released
Changes include: CakePHP 4.4.0 requires PHP 7.4+.

2 weeks left before SymfonyLive Paris 2022 pre-conference workshops
Pre-conference workshops at SymfonyLive Paris 2022 are in 2 weeks, on April 5-6 2022! There are still seats available, get trained before the conference, book your training in French now!

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly 278: Time flies when talking DST
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHP Enums, PHP Testing, APIs, Timezones, and more...

Maintainable Podcast: Idit Levine - Production is the Real Test
Robby speaks with the Founder and CEO of, Idit Levine about scenarios where rewrites are appropriate so that you can pivot your technology startup, why cleaning up technical debt early-and-often is vital, and fostering collaboration within your open source community.

Laravel Podcast: Laravel Excel, with Spartner's Arne Schoenmakers & Patrick Brouwers
In this episode, Arne Schoenmakers and Patrick Brouwers talk about Spartner’s popular package, Laravel excel. It is a supercharged, simple way to export and import powerful excel data.

How To Code Well: 50 - What is Syntax?
Today's topic is on Syntax.

Laravel News Podcast: Caching, Capturing, and Community-Driven Content
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

The Stack Overflow Podcast: McDonald’s is to Chipotle what REST APIs are to GraphQL (Ep. 424)
Ceora, Ben, and Matt talk with Danielle Man, Director of Engineering at Apollo GraphQL, about how an MIT program for high school girls helped kick off her career, her path from IC to engineering manager, and how Apollo became what it is today.

The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast 248. Common Mistakes Tech Leads Make with Kelly Wu (Replay)
Today on the show, we welcome special guest, Kelly Wu. Kelly is a software consultant and as a consultant has worked with many different tech leads and teams throughout her career. Most engineering teams will have a tech lead and have experience either working with a tech lead or actually being one.

No Compromises Podcast: When to calculate a value versus when to store it in the database
For some values, it can be tricky to know whether it's better to calculate it on the fly or when to calculate it once and store in the database. We talk through a recent scenario we bumped into, and what factors to weigh when making this decision.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 504: Frank McSherry on Materialize
Frank McSherry, chief scientist at Materialize, talks about the Materialize streaming database, which supports real-time analytics by maintaining incremental views over streaming data.

WP Builds 270 – Make your website international with WPML
So your WordPress website is up and running. You’re growing. The website is getting noticed. Wonderful. You add in some products as well, and it keeps growing. Even more wonderful. Then you hit a wall. The language barrier.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #794 (14-20 March 2022)
This week, Symfony announced the merging of SymfonyCloud into In addition, SymfonyCasts published the new (and free) Symfony 6 video tutorials. Finally, SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 conference announced the end of its early bird registration period.

Validate your PHP API tests against OpenAPI definitions – a Laravel example
This article demonstrates how to write integration tests that compare API responses to OpenAPI 3.0.x definitions in order to validate that the former conform to the latter.

Clean Coders Hate What Happens to Your Code When You Use These Enterprise Programming Tricks
This talk by Kevlin Henney looks at how a handful of coding habits, design practices and assumptions can systematically balloon code and compound its accidental complexity.

The Value of a Good Database Model
You might think that the way your store your data isn't really that important. Well it's more important than you think it is.

Errors when using groupBy() in Laravel
Are you getting errors with laravels groupBy()? Here is short explanation of why.

Docker from scratch for PHP 8.1 Applications in 2022 ... with webservers, queues and databases
In the fourth part of this tutorial series on developing PHP on Docker we will revisit the previous tutorials and update some things to be up-to-date in 2022. The article will be split in 3 subparts.

How Much Does PHP Development Cost?
This blog will tell you about the cost driving factors and how much PHP development costs.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A thin and light scaffolded Laravel Dusk environment.

Use UUID or Ulid as optional or primary key in Laravel.

Allows to connect your `Laravel` Framework translation files with `Vue`.

PHP library to detect and manipulate indentation of strings and files.

Livewire component that provides you with a wizard that supports multiple steps form while maintaining state.

Docbook Tool for static documentation generation from Markdown files.

Mime detection library.

Create images with embedded text using advanced typography.

Web acceptance testing.

PHPIDS (PHP-Intrusion Detection System) is a simple to use, well structured, fast and state-of-the-art security layer for your PHP based web application.

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