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May 26, 2022

Hi everyone,

We've reached the end of our Book Giveaway and we've drawn the 7 lucky winners who will be sent a free copy of PHP & MYSQL: Server-side Web Development. We already announced the first 
winner on our socials and reached out via email to the other winners, so check your inbox (and even your spam folder), confirm your details with us so we can award you your prize. We would like to thank Wiley Publishing and Jon Duckett for making our giveaway possible. 

This week's newsletter is packed with new podcast episodes from Voices of the ElePHPant and PHP Internals, as well as interesting articles on improving productivity with tools for devs of all disciplines.  

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The Guide To Laravel Admin Panels
Are you researching different options to ship an admin panel for your Laravel application? One idea would be to build it from scratch with Laravel. After all, this PHP-based framework facilitates building various products, including internal tools.

The 4 Basic Libraries Every Symfony Project Needs To Improve Code Quality
Everytime we think to start a new Symfony project we need to think about which libraries are needed to have a good code quality. It happens to me and with every single other Symfony developer, for sure.

Speed Up Your Laravel Website Super Fast
There are some tips you'll follow to create your laravel app super fast. 

The 14 Best Productivity Tools for Developers of All Disciplines
There are so many different software tools on the market that aim to ease the process of getting things done.

The Modern Developer Stack — 2022 Edition
The dev stack is evolving. I asked Scott Hanselman, Juraci Paixã, and Ilai Fallach what's new in their developer toolbox. Here’s what I found out.

8 Programming Laws Every Developer will Encounter And How to Wield Their Power
Over the years, I’ve observed recurring patterns and pitfalls fundamental to engineering processes. The funny thing about these is they’re not related to the endlessly debated topics of engineering blogs.

Best Practice of Using PHP Enums
Hi, as you know, PHP enums were introduced with PHP 8.1, so there is a good chance you may not use them until now or perfectly.

Tutorials and Talks

Eloquent Performance: 4 Examples of N+1 Query Problems
In this article, I will show a few different examples of what to watch out for, including the cases when the problem is "hidden" in unexpected places in the code.

Creating Dynamic HTML Tooltips with Alpine and alpine-tooltip
After integrating Tippy into a few projects with Alpine.js, I decided to write my own plugin to make the integration easier and the API a little nicer.

Creating Your Own Color System With Tailwind
In the previous blog post I talked about how we are implementing the Oh Dear redesign. In this post I go into more detail on why and how we implemented a tailwind-like color system which supports all the colours used throughout the redesign.

How To Prevent SQL Injection In PHP: Three Essential Methods
Ignoring SQL injection mitigation skills can be disastrous, especially for a junior developer who has recently been hired by a tech business. Trust me, you don't want to be in this nasty situation on your first job.

Insights for Dealing With PHP OOP Limitations When Keeping Specific Implementations at the Edges of a Software
Keeping specific implementations at the edges of software is a well-known best practice in software development, and it usually works well as a heuristic for building powerful object-oriented structures and easy-to-maintain code.

Laravel 9 Cookie Usage Tutorial With Code Example 2022
Cookies play an important role while dealing a user’s session on a web application. In this chapter, you will learn about working with cookies in Laravel based web applications.

Laravel 9 Middleware Tutorial With Example 2022
Today, I will impart to you how to make custom middleware in Laravel 9 application.

News and Announcements

Laravel 9.13 Released
The Laravel team released 9.13 with a value() collection method, new test response helpers, an array map convenience method, and more.

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” Released
Say hello to “Arturo” and WordPress 6.0, inspired by Grammy-winning jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill.

CakePHP 3.10.4 Released
The 3.10.4 release fixes an encoding issue with the verified tokens feature of CsrfProtectionMiddleware released in 3.10.3.

PhpStorm 2022.1.2 Preview
There’s a new preview available of PhpStorm 2022.1.2, the upcoming minor release of PhpStorm. It brings a bunch of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Tinkerwell 3 - The PHP code runner is released
The team at Beyond Code released Tinkerwell 3 with intelligent code completion, magic comments and a stunning new design.

Dutch PHP Conference DPC Online Edition - Friday 24 June 2022
Join us for a full day of insights, inspiration & community around PHP and Web Technology!

Last day of regular registration for SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition
We are thrilled to welcome you online next month for the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference! Here is the entire event agenda entirely organized online.

Podcasts and Vlogs

Voices of the ElePHPant: Interview with Matthias Noback
Cal Evans hosts his friend Matthias Noback as they talk about Domain Driven Design and Matthias’ new book “Recipes for Decoupling.

PHP Internals News: Episode 101: More Partially Supported Callable Deprecations
In this episode of "PHP Internals News" I talk with Juliette Reinders Folmer (Website, Twitter, GitHub) about the "More Partially Supported Callable Deprecations" RFC that she has proposed.

PHP Ugly: 287: PHP Doesn't Scale
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHPRoundtable Discord, Laravel Scaling, 8.2 Release Manager, and more...

How To Code Well 157 - Remote Working Is Not A One Size Fits All Perk
In todays show I am talking about remote working and why its not a right fit for everyone in software development.

The Stack Overflow Podcast: Make your open-source project public before you’re ready (Ep. 444)
The home team talks about the past, present, and future of crypto; good reasons to go public with your open-source project before you think you should; and the importance of test-driven development.

The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast 256. Pragmatic Folks Part 1 - Feedback Loops(Replay)
Today's episode is the first of a three-part Pragmatic Folks series and we are joined by Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt to talk about the 20th anniversary edition of The Pragmatic Programmer.

WP Briefing: 279 – Design Aesthetics
We are at the end of Season 2, where we are looking at the Design process, and today we are discussing ‘design aesthetics’.

Reading and Viewing

A Week of Symfony #803 (16-22 May 2022)
This week, Symfony development activity focused again on fixing and polishing the new features of the upcoming Symfony 6.1 version. Meanwhile, we announced the last talks and speakers of the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference.

Test form requests in Laravel with Request Factories by Worksome
A month or two ago, I was busy writing tests for a Laravel app. More specifically, I was testing a Laravel post request...

A Package To Create Livewire Powered Wizards In No Time
I'm proud to announce that our team has released a new package called laravel-livewire-wizard. Using this package, you can set up multi-step wizards quickly using Livewire.

6 Productivity Practices for New (or Old) Developers
Humans are complex creatures, with a wide variety of motivations for getting work done. Our motivation as developers is not purely extrinsic, or financial—sometimes it's for the joy of delivering code.

There’s No Real 100% in Software Development
As a young software developer, I once told the new manager that the feature we worked on was completed. He then asks me, “Can you confirm that it is 100% all bug-free?”. I know I have tried my best to code and test. I was tempted to say “Yes”. But I can’t.

Attacker Caught Hijacking Packages Using Multiple Techniques to Steal AWS Credentials
Multiple supply chain attacks from the same attacker were reported today by s0md3v. (1) PHP package hautelook/phpass with over 2.5 million installations was hijacked using the RepoJacking technique.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A library for validating your Laravel app's config.

StringBuffer is a PHP class providing operations for efficient string buffering.

A Simple MySQL Library for PHP.

Laravel-Weather let you get weather info from qweather.

Eloquent roles and abilities.

Iconify icons collection in JSON format.

Automate translations uploading/downloading.

Salesforce REST client for PHP.

Core package to integrate with AWS. This is a lightweight AWS SDK provider by AsyncAws.

Parse your DSN strings in a powerful and flexible way.


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