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July 14, 2022

Hi everyone,

Last week we featured a new podcast from Laravel Magazine. This week, after a few months of hiatus, we have a new podcast episode from the PHP Roundtable on the state of PHP user groups. We also have a new security release for PHP 8.1, as well as new releases from PHPStorm, Cake PHP and PHPStan. Do check out the rest of the articles in this week's newsletter. 

Finally, we have a fifth winner from our book giveaway that will win a copy of PHP & MYSQL: Server-side Web Development. Congratulations to Eddie Gjaltema. 

We hope you enjoy this week's issue. If you want to be featured feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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Rootless Containers and Why They Matter
PHP users increasingly containerize their applications, which provides predictability and ease of deployment.

What is Complexity? Write Better Laravel, Part 1
In this article you will learn what "complexity" means in software design, and what exactly makes code complex.

New Composer Audit Command and Security Audits in Composer 2.4
When a new package is installed, or an existing package is updated, Composer looks up the package version numbers on known security vulnerability announcements, and reports if there are any known vulnerabilities in the list of packages.

Why Are Model Observers In Laravel A Bad Practice?
While it sounds cool to have this kind of plug and play solution — there are certain cases when this will backfire on your project if you tend to overload this feature with business logic.

7 Crazy Trends in Laravel Development
Laravel is a popular choice among enterprises because of the following trends.

Tutorials and Talks

Cleaning Up Laravel Controllers
Controllers play a huge role in any MVC (model view controller) based project. They're effectively the "glue" that takes a user's request, performs some type of logic, and then returns a response.

Building Your Website Using Jigsaw
As developers, the chance of you having a personal website is pretty high. After all, it is what we do - and most likely, you have rebuilt this countless times.

How To Calculate Keyword Frequency And Draw The Bar Chart in PHP
This post shows you how to calculate the keyword frequency from text and draw the bar chart by using the JpGraph library.

How to add PHP CS Fixer to Your Project
There are many rules that can be set, I usually use these. It follows the PSR12 code standards and checks both the src and tests directories.

Auto-Refresh Livewire Components While Keeping States With Vite
Today, let's check out how we can improve working with Livewire and Vite together, by using the Vite Livewire Plugin by Fabio Ivona.

Local Scopes - Advanced Way to Query data in Laravel
It is a querying method in Laravel in which we can create a specific scope or you could say it is a function in a Model file that can query data that is used redundantly all over the project, let me simplify it with an example.

CakePHP 4 Tutorial 2022 - HasMany & BelongsTo Associations (Part 6)
In this part we are going through the associations CakePHP automatically detects if you have a valid database schema.

News and Announcements

PHP 8.1.8 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.1.8. This is a security release.

New release: PHPStan 1.8.1
ReadWritePropertiesExtensions are part of ClassPropertiesNode...

Introducing our new Laravel Options package
When developing web applications, you probably encounter a lot of places where someone needs to select one or more options in a select or multi-select.

PhpStorm 2022.2 Beta
Below is a roundup of the most notable updates included in the upcoming 2022.2 release.

CakePHP 4.4.2 Released
Improved EntityTrait::_accessible type annotation. Added the encrypt and trustServerCertificate options to SqlServerDriver. + more.

A Week of Symfony #810 (4-10 July 2022)
This week, the upcoming Symfony 6.2 version added a new feature to login users programmatically. In addition, it deprecated the recently added renderForm() method because it improved the render() method to deal with form variables.

Laracon Online Is Now Accepting Speaker Submissions
Laracon Online is returning on September 14th, 2022, and will continue to be streamed free for everyone on YouTube!

Podcasts and Vlogs

Call It A Day Podcast: #39 A Good Coding Day
Mastering PhpStorm Video Course.

PHP Roundtable 85: The State of PHP User Groups
An international panel of PHP Community members discusses the stat of PHP User Groups. How to get involved, so of the pitfalls, and a lot of the benefits of being a part of the community.

How To Code Well: My Thoughts On Kubernetes After 3 Months
Kubernetes lends itself well to micro services and not monolithic applications.

PHP Ugly: 293:PHP Biscuits
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Amazon Codewhisper, New Features coming to PHP 8.2, Event Sourcing, and more...

Laravel News Podcast - Faster Asset Compilation, Faster Pagination, And Query Correlation
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

No Compromises Podcast: Should You Fix All Bugs In A Legacy Project?
You've inherited a legacy app. It's "running fine" in production, but when you add an error reporting tool, you see hundreds of errors, warnings, and notices logged each day. What do you do?

The Stack Overflow Podcast: Money that moves at the speed of information (Ep. 462)
The home team chats with Devraj Varadhan, SVP of Engineering at Ripple, about crypto companies bracing for economic uncertainty, how Ripple’s solutions might help to expand financial inclusion in underserved markets, and why companies should take the long view rather than getting distracted by hype.

North Meets South Web Podcast: Speeding towards Vite, Shifty workbenches, and documenting your applications with JMac
Jake and Michael are joined by Laravel Shift's Jason McCreary (JMac) to discuss to latest frontend tooling for Laravel, Shift Workbench, and approaches to documenting your applications.

Software Engineering Radio Episode 520: John Ousterhout on A Philosophy of Software Design
John Ousterhout, professor of computer science at Stanford University, joined SE Radio host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about his book, A Philosophy of Software Design.

WP Builds 286 – Living The Life That Working In Tech Can Allow
This episode is like no other we’ve ever put out, because it’s not really about WordPress, more about a lifestyle that working with WordPress might allow you to have.

Reading and Viewing

Programmatic Methods to Sending a Fax in PHP
I am a Senior Developer Relations Engineer in RingCentral. Recently I was troubleshooting a support case that was escalated to me.

Why DRY Is The Most Over-Rated Programming Principle
I figured I'd kick off my new blog with the most click baity thing I could think of. I suspect any developer reading this is aware of the DRY principle because it is just so ubiquitous.

My Road To Fibers With ReactPHP
The road to fibers didn't start for me in 2021 when the fibers RFC went into vote.

An Engineer’s Best Tips for Writing Documentation Devs Love
It’s fun to watch an enthusiastic speaker sharing what they’ve learned. And at the PyCon 2022 conference earlier this year that speaker was Mason Egger, an engineer turned lead developer advocate at Gretel.AI, a platform offering synthetic /privacy-protecting data.

Short-lived or Long-lived Flags? Explaining Feature Flag lifespans
Feature flags (aka. feature toggles) are becoming increasingly relevant in software development as they provide the ability to toggle features on or off in production, perform a gradual rollout of features and enable A/B testing experiments.

Knowing your Knowledge Stack
Sharing knowledge is a crucial behaviour for anyone working in a team. In this article we’ll define the term “Knowledge Stack” and discuss why it’s important to think about yours.

If Programming Is Hard, Why Are There So Many Software Developers?
Looking through tech company employee stats, you’ll realize that there are an insane amount of developers working at each firm. If there are that many developers, then why did everyone used to say that programming is hard?

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Plugin to simplify WordPress complicated functions.

Create your routes using attributes in your controllers.

Library to organizer your model and validations.

Powerful wrapper for improved cookie integration on Laravel.

Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension.

Yii2 Gii Extended templates and generators.

Easily add sub domains to your CakePHP application using route prefixes.

A fast implementation of offset/limit pagination for Laravel.

Integrate searchable field-level encryption in Laravel applications.

PHP WebSocket library.


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