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September 29, 2022

Hi everyone,

One of the topics that was covered by Jake and Michael's discussion in their latest podcast was the return of in-person events. While virtual events like the recently concluded Laracon are still happening online, it is nice to see people are slowly starting to slowly organise in person events like PHP London and the upcoming Full Stack Europe conference next month to give a sense of a return to normalcy. However, some of our brothers and and sisters in the community are currently caught in the crossfires of conflict, and to those people and their families, we would like to extend our solidarity as they navigate through such difficult times. We hope that they never lose sight of the day when they will go back to enjoying their work and passions in peace and normalcy.  

All the best,

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Good Design Means It's Easy-To-Change
Software development seems to be about change: the business changes and we need to reflect those changes, so the requirements or specifications change, frameworks and libraries change, so we have to change our integrations with them.

Six New'ish HTML Tags You Can Use Right Now
Jeffrey Way of Laracasts showcases some nice HTML goodness.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Of React
Scan a variety of front-end job postings on just about any dev job board these days, and you’ll most likely find one qualification mentioned ubiquitously: React.

PHP in 1 Minute
Quick summary of PHP by Brent Roose.

Using Constructors The Right Way
Novice programmers’ five common faults when creating objects. Avoid these mistakes to code like a pro.

Tutorials and Talks

Simple One-Time Password Authentication In Laravel
When dealing with Authentication in Laravel, there are several options out of the box. However, sometimes you need something more specific.

Removing Jobs of a Specific Type from a Laravel Queue
A few days ago, a pending pull-request was merged by mistake. This caused a certain job to be pushed to the queue for over 100,000 times.

Safely upgrade from PHP 7.4 to 8.1 using Rector
I have to say it from the start, the only thing that comes close to safely upgrading a codebase is having a solid set of automated tests.

PHP Composer package to resolve Drupal Entities as simple Object/Array of fields
The article covers the implementation / working of the Entity Convert PHP library which i have created to reduce the need to write custom utility/helper functions or classes to get the value from fields associated with the Entities.

PHP: Attributes Vs Annotations. Optimising Doctrine Metadata
Attributes are one of the new features of PHP 8.0. Attributes contain metadata for classes, fields and methods, which can be accessed using Reflection API.

Create Laravel 9 CRUD Application Step by Step
If you are a beginner then this tutorial is for you to learn the first step of laravel framework.

Handling asynchronous errors in PHP with Laravel Queues, Symfony Messenger and Ecotone
Handling errors with grace may actually change the way you code and make your application more maintainable and more robust.

How to Encrypt Cookies in Symfony
Prevent cookie tampering in Symfony with custom encryption

News and Announcements

PhpStorm 2022.3 EAP Is Open!
The Early Access Program (EAP) for the next major PhpStorm release starts today!

Twig security release: Possibility to load a template outside a configured directory when using the filesystem loader
Affected versions: Twig >1.0.0,<1.44.7 || >2.0.0,<2.15.3 || >3.0.0,<3.4.3 are affected by this security issue.

CakePHP Bake 2.8 is released!
This includes a special new feature that adds support for keeping app-specific functions, properties and constants in model file with the new --update option for bake model.

Full Stack Europe - Workshops - October 5, 2022
Matthias Noback's is doing a workshop on static analysis & automated refactoring with PHPStan & Rector next week in Antwerp.

A Week of Symfony #821 (19-25 September 2022)
This week, Symfony development activity focused on finishing and polishing some new features for the upcoming Symfony 6.2 version, such us: updating codebase to use modern PHP features like null coalescing assignment and match statements; adding new config options for HttpCache; and updating some new panels in the Symfony Profiler.

Podcasts and Vlogs

How To Code Well 175 - Should Beginner Programmers Learn JavaScript, Python or PHP
It doesn’t really matter which programming language you start with as long as you START programming.

PHP Ugly 304: Sober September Gets Ugly
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about sober September fails, php[tek], Can I PHP, and more...

The Stack Overflow: Don’t Let Software Steal Your Time (Ep. 491)
While countless apps are competing for your attention, here's some tips on how to fight back.

North Meets South Podcast: Scheduling Conflicts, Validation Beyond The Request, And The Return Of In-Person Events
Jake and Michael discuss some ways to leverage Laravel's validation functionality along with value objects to improve your validation logic, refactoring applications, and the return of in-person events for 2023.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 530: Tanmai Gopal on GraphQL
Tanmai Gopal, CEO of, joined SE Radio host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about GraphQL.

The Rabbit Hole: 273. Working Agreements
The remote work landscape calls for conscious congruity amongst teammates, now more than ever.

Shoptalk: 534: Web Talks, AI Images, and Redesigning an API
Building websites is cool again, but what threat is there to all of us from AI created images? And how would you design an API in 2022?

Developer Tea: Diffuse and Focused Thinking
Diffuse thinking produces options and draws connections. Focused thinking narrows things down to a specific path. Use them both, and watch for when they collide.

WP Builds: 296 – Gutenberg, FSE, Block Themes (Variants), Blocks, Rich Tabor on the whole lot
So if you’ve kept up with the latest developments in WordPress then you’ll have heard the words / phrases ‘Gutenberg’, ‘FSE’, ‘Block Themes’, ‘Blocks’ and a lot more. You’ll also likely have heard of our guest on the podcast today, Rich Tabor.

Reading and Viewing

Critically Engaging With Models
Our worldviews are grown from other people’s models. How do we control what models we let in?

A Package To Manage Dynamic Servers
I'm proud to announce that our team has released a new package called laravel-dynamic-servers.

A Metric for Technical Debt
Technical debt is a prominent topic for any company running code as its main asset. However, unlike many other part of the company, there is often no clear metric about it.

Laravel Tip: Customising Maintenance Mode
I feel one of the lesser used features of Laravel is it’s maintenance mode.

Two Different Approaches For Authentication In PHP
If you have worked on some company, you probably had a badge. The badge is a way of authenticate yourself in that environment.

Using Symfony’s “RememberMe”? You Better Read This
Keep your users safe and your system secure.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Handy classes for Spatie's crawler when using it with Laravel.

JSON-RPC 2.0 Server for Symfony.

CAS authentication for Yii2.

Provides test helpers for Codeception when testing email functionality with MailCatcher.

Cardknox gateway for the Omnipay payment processing library.

Gizmo API wrapper for PHP.

Date Range Picker for Bootstrap Yii2 Extension.

Event subscriber for Laravel notifications.

Implements a queue for asynchronous processing of symfony command.

Add stats to the usercard for your forum users.

Symfony bundle that provides ability to create multiple sequences for invoice / user codes. Saving to database or files.


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