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November 24, 2022

Hi everyone,

As stated in the first article in our newsletter this week, security support for PHP 7.4, and therefore its end of life, ends in just over a week. Active support for PHP 8.0 ends in less than a week. If you've not adapted your code you might want to do it soon. We have new releases this week from Symfony, CakePHP, PHPStorm and Laravel. Finally, if you're planning on migrating to Mastodon,'s compiled a list of PHP developers who are already there that you might be interested in following. We hope our friends in the US are nicely settled with their loved ones, and those who are still in a mad dash to make it home to make it to Thanksgiving dinner we hope you all get to their destinations safely. 

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Active Support for PHP 8.0 Ends Next Week. Are you ready?
The time is almost up. Is your code ready for PHP 8.1? Version 7.4’s end-of-life is scheduled for next week.

The PHPer's Guide to OAuth
OAuth has become a very popular protocol when it comes to integrating with third-party and yet, there are many aspects that are not easy to put into practice for the first time.

Laravel Tooling: 4 Tools For Static Analysis
I’ve learnt over the years to embrace the range of amazing tools you can use to develop PHP and Laravel Applications.

Symfony, Shopware, WordPress, and how to improve PHP-based Web Development
I have many years of full-stack experience using classic stacks with server-side rendering using PHP and relational databases. And there are still many customers relying on this stack as well.

Laravel and PHP developers to follow on Mastodon
I love Twitter and I will be there until the ship goes down. Unfortunately, there are some strong signals that it may go away for a while or even permanently. I surely hope it doesn't come to that.

Tutorials and Talks

Valid Validators Validating Data
Validation is a must-have for any modern project, and in Laravel, it is super simple to get started.

Your First Laravel 9 Application
If you have never built a Laravel application, let me take a walk-through with you from scratch - with no perceived knowledge. 

Moving from Revue to Mailcoach
If you're currently using Revue, then you probably know it will shut down soon. Luckily it's very easy to move your audience from Revue to Mailcoach.

Working With Validation Error Messages in Laravel 9
Laravel allows the creation of form request classes for handling data validation logic.

Colocating Tests and Production Code in PHP(Unit)
Colocating tests and production code is the default in some programming languages and has become the de facto standard in others.

How to Use Boolean Value in Laravel 9
In this tutorial we will see how to use boolean value in laravel 9. Boolean value are 0,1 and true, false, For this section we will create blog post crud and add status in boolean value.

Laravel 9 - Eloquent Factory & Database Seeder Tutorial
In this post i am going to explain about creating dummy data in database by using Laravel Factory and Seed The Database by using Database Seeder.

News and Announcements

Symfony 6.2.0-BETA3 released
Symfony 6.2.0-BETA3 has just been released. Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.2.0-BETA2.

CakePHP Chronos 2.3.2 Is Released
See updates and details.

PhpStorm 2022.2.4 RC
PhpStorm 2022.2.4 Release Candidate is now available.

Laravel 9.40 Released
The Laravel team released 9.40 this week with a new lottery utility class, new validation rules, asserting a redirect to a named route, and more.

A Week of Symfony #829 (14-20 November 2022)
This week, the third beta of Symfony 6.2 was released so you can test it in your own projects before its final release at the end of November 2022. Meanwhile, the SymfonyCon 2022 took place this week in Disneyland Paris and it was a resounding success; gathering a huge and thriving community from around the World to get the latest updates from the Symfony ecosystem.

Podcasts and Vlogs

How To Code Well 183 - The Federated Web Is Not What You Think
The federated web is not all sunshine and rainbows.

The Stack Overflow: Cloudy With A Chance Of… The State Of Cloud In 2022
Early in the days of high-traffic web pages and apps, any engineer operating the infrastructure would have a server room where one or more machines served that app to the world.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 539: Adam Dymitruk on Event Modeling
Adam Dymitruk, CEO and founder of Adaptech Group, joins host Jeff Doolittle for an exploration of the event modeling approach to discovering requirements and designing software systems.

Developer Tea: You Know The Right Decision, Now Reduce The Friction
You know how to determine what would be a good decision. You have the tools and the reasoning; if you find yourself still not making the right decision, you may be tempted to focus on the "left side" - increasing the energy, gumption, reasoning, or motivation. Instead, focus on the barriers - the friction.

WP Builds: 304 – Steve Burge on running PublishPress and buying other plugins
Steve’s had a long history working with open source software, and, as you’ll hear, he’s not going anywhere.

Reading and Viewing

Laravel Forge in 2023: Here's Why It's A Good Idea To Use It
Laravel Forge is a service that automatically provisions optimized PHP servers.

Code Smell 181 - Nested Classes
Nested or Pseudo-Private Classes seem great for hiding implementation details.

PHP Try & Catch: What Are Exceptions And How To Handle Them?
Like in many other languages, exceptions in PHP are errors that can be caught and gracefully handled instead of crashing your app.

Scopes Are Way More Powerful Than You Think!
Today i will show you how much powerful scope is and you can save so much time using it.

Implementing Visitor Pattern in PHP and Symfony
I would like to show you how to use it to implement another design pattern: The Visitor pattern, less known than the Builder pattern but also very nice and useful.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A simple PHP package for sending messages to Slack, with a focus on ease of use and elegant syntax.

WordPress starter theme with a modern development workflow.

Simple laravel product import.

Synchronise files between multiple local or remote file systems.

Creates, store and calculate math operations stored in Json format string.

Bundle that allows redirect a messenge from one message bus to another.

Alternative to route:list console command with more emphasis on route names, shortened controller names, more compact middleware view and other small tweaks.

Generates Vue Router configuration from your Laravel routes.

Simple CLI progress bar for PHP.

Testing functionality bundle for APIs.

Symfony2 Bundle that provides request and response signing.


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