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December 8, 2022

Hi everyone,

By the time this newsletter gets published, we will hopefully have the new PHP 8.2 release, and if you're unfamiliar with the new features, or just want to brush up on what's in store with this release, feel free to go over our previous newsletters by clicking here. For this week's issue, we have new updates from Xdebug, PHP Storm and CakePHP. We also have plenty of topics on our podcast section with new episodes from PHP Ugly, North Meets South and The Laravel News podcast. Finally, for our Reading section we have PHP Types Tips and Tricks, A guide to choose which version of Symfony to choose for your project, and the hidden cost of Software automation.    

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Writing Declarative PHP
What declarative programming is, and how to include more of it in your PHP code base.

Neovim as a PHP and JavaScript IDE
Laracasts has a new series featuring Laravel core member Jess Archer, which teaches you how to turn Neovim into a powerful PHP and JavaScript editor.

How To Make Your Entity Non-Anemic, And Keep The Consistency Of The Model
In this article, I want to show you, how you can change your thinking about entities and make them non-anemic.

Browser Testing With Laravel Dusk
The Laravel Dusk is a Laravel package that is used to run Browser tests on Laravel applications.

Laravel Files And Permissions: The Right Way
Running laravel on an nginx server can sometimes be frustrating for the first few times.

Laravel Workflow: Job Chaining vs. Fan-out/Fan-in
This article is part of a series on Larvel Workflow, a durable workflow engine that allows users to write long running persistent distributed workflows (orchestrations) in PHP powered by Laravel Queues. 

Tutorials and Talks

Using DTOs To Keep Context
DTOs, or Domain Transfer Objects, can be used for so much. Since PHP 8 was released, creating these fantastic classes in your projects has never been easier.

Dynamically Generating Thousands of OG Images for a Viral Twitter Campaign
If you spend any amount of time on Twitter, you'll notice that most links have some sort of image attached to them.

Error Types And Error Reporting In PHP
It is important to know about error types in PHP. By this knowledge it would be easier to find and solve errors. Basically we have 4 types of error in PHP and I will show you them with an example.

5 Laravel Relationship Tips That You Might Not Know About
Here, we will be looking at 5 Laravel Eloquent Relationship Tips that you might not know about.

How to use Custom Requests in Laravel
In this week's #QWW we're refactoring some code and replacing requests with custom requests.

PHP Variables Learn| Types Variables| Declare Variables
How to Create Php Variables| Php For Beginners with Examples.

How To Code Recursive Function To Get Subcategory Ids (Optimized & Unoptimized) Laravel
Today I Am Gonna Show You How To Get All Subcategory Ids Of A Parent Category Both “Optimized & Unoptimized”.

News and Announcements

Xdebug Update: November 2022
In this monthly update I explain what happened with Xdebug development in this past month. These are normally published on the first Tuesday on or after the 5th of each month.

Laravel 9.42 Comes With New Singleton Route Resources, Conditional Report Helpers, And More
The Laravel team released 9.42 this week with singleton route resources, conditional report helpers, and more.

CakePHP 4.4.8 Released
Updates: Improve compatibility of old PaginatorInterface alias.Improve assertMailSentWith comparisons with array values. Improved typehints and API docs.+more.

PhpStorm 2022.2.4 Is Now Available
We’ve released PhpStorm 2022.2.4, the fourth minor update for PhpStorm 2022.2. You can upgrade using the Toolbox App or from right inside the IDE.

A Week of Symfony #831 (28 November - 4 December 2022)
This week, Symfony 6.2 was released after having worked on it for six months to add lots of nice new features. Meanwhile, Symfony 4.4.49 (the last one of this branch), 5.4.16, 6.0.16 and 6.1.8 maintenance versions were released. Lastly, the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 conference will take place next week with a schedule packed with interesting talks.

Podcasts and Vlogs

How To Code Well - 185 - Costly Clouds
Why we’re leaving the cloud.

PHP Ugly: 313: PHP 7 Retirement Party
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about PHP 7 Retires, php[tek] CFP closes, THT, and more...

Laravel News Podcast: Blade flags, validators, and transferring your domain objects
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

The Stack Overflow: Taking Stock of Crypto’s Crash (Ep. 515)
Last one to leave turns off the microservices.

North Meets South Podcast: The One About Documentation
Jake and Michael discuss the various forms of documentation that can live within an organisation, where to put it, how to find it, and how to keep it up to date.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 540: Joe Nash on DevRel
Joe Nash of Twillio’s TwilioQuest discusses the role of developer relations/advocate, which is a role at tech companies in-between developers, marketing, sales, and HR.

Developer Tea: Don't Fear AI Taking the Coding Jobs
Square has APIs for almost every aspect of running a business from employee management, to order creation and tracking, to inventory synchronization.

Shoptalk Show: 544: Feedback, RSS Talk, Arc Brower, and Product Talk
Getting feedback for what you're building or writing, RSS feed reminiscing, Arc browser thoughts, products that didn't make that should have.

WP Builds: 306 – Application & Database Hosting at Kinsta
Well, time and tide wait for no one, and Marcel Bootsman plus Maciek Palmowski are on the podcast today to explain about how they’ve got a new offering, which is not specifically about WordPress at all.

Reading and Viewing

Unique Jobs And Reserving Resources On The Queue
When focusing in on some specific functionality of an application, such as notifications or queuing, I often head over to the docs and catch up on the current state of the art for different Laravel components.

10 Golden Heuristics for Solving a Coding Question in an Interview
In this post, I would like to share the strategy that I use to prepare for coding interviews.

Symfony : A Guide To Choose Between LTS And Latest Stable Version
When you start a project with Symfony, you must ask yourself which version to choose to get off to a good start but also to sustain your project throughout its life cycle.

How MVC Framework Works (Basics)
The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework is an architectural pattern that splits applications into three main parts, read to learn how it works.

Clean Your Controllers Like Your Bedroom
This is going to be short and straight with simple examples so bear with me as you see why I think we should see our controllers as our bedroom.

PHP Types Tips and Tricks
Using types in PHP can help you write better, more robust, and more self-documenting code.

The Hidden Cost of Software Automation
The pitfalls of automation to avoid. A lesson from the past.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

General helper fol building Laravel Application.

Simple & Secure PHP Image Captcha.

A Smart color library to create, convert, mix, generate, export colors.

CakephpTwilio plugin for CakePHP.

Secure your laravel API with Google Firebase Auth and also get a full Firebase Admin SDK.

A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA).

Create SEO proof breadcrumbs.

Simple & Secure PHP Image Captcha.

Dumplie - simple but powerful shopping engine.

Simple stock management for Isotope eCommerce.

The Elegant Contracts package.


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 encrypt php scriptsProtect your PHP Code
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