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March 2, 2023

Hi everyone,

For our first newsletter for the month we have the latest updates from Laravel 10, Symfony and the latest release candidate for PhpStorm. We also have the latest instalment of PHP Annotated for the month of February. For podcasts this week we have new episodes from Laravel News on Visialising app data, North Meets South with Tighten co-founder Matt Stauffer and a discussion on what defines a Senior Developer on Developer Tea. Finally, we have some insightful articles in our Reading section that includes Kill Switches, Mastering error handling, and a very detailed Web interface Guideline from in Rauno Freiberg. Do check them out and have a look at the rest of this week's curated content.

We do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. We would like to thank those who sent over articles to us. If you have an article, tutorial or podcast that you would like to be featured in our newsletter, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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Symfony 6 and PHP 8: A Promising Future for Web Application Development
A Look at Symfony Usage by Country and the Latest Features of Symfony 6.

PHP Generators Or How To Simplify Iterators
Did you know that a PHP function can return multiple times?

Upgrading To Eloquent Accessors & Mutators From Laravel 9
Laravel 10 is making the headlines these days. However, many apps are stuck in older versions, or at least still use the syntax and methods of older releases.

Using Github Actions To Execute Your PHP Tests After Every Push
I've been developing my own symfony bundle and I would like to share with you how I'm driving continuos integration to execute my unit tests.

PHP 8.3 Coming Soon: json_validate()
PHP 8.2.3 was released on February, 14, while with time passing by we are closer and closer to the next important version of PHP 8.3.

9 Essential PHPStorm Shortcuts That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity as a PHP Developer
Here are 9 shortcuts that will save you heaps of time.

Deserilaization Disaster in PHP
Serialization is the process of converting complex data structures or objects into a format that can be easily stored, transmitted or reconstructed later.

Tutorials and Talks

Using Takeout With Local Valet And Docker Sites
I started using Laravel Takeout by Tighten as my database server and get connected to it from all my local sites.

Laravel Forge: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
In this article, we will explain what Laravel Forge is, how it works, what it offers, and why you should use it.

Simple PHP AJAX using JQuery
In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple AJAX application using PHP and JQuery.

Laravel CI with GitHub Action
GitHub Actions is a fantastic way to run your Continuous Integration workflows, from running your tests to checking static analysis and more.

A Quick Guide to Changing Laravel Passwords Using Tinker
To change a user's password in Laravel using Tinker, you can follow these steps.

Conserving Sentry Transactions by Ignoring Laravel Routes
Yet another case of trying to find an answer to a very particular problem, coming up empty, solving it myself, and posting about it for future generations.

News and Announcements

Laravel 10.1 Released
As typical after major releases, Laravel 10 tagged multiple patch-level versions and, most recently, v10.1.0. Here's what's new and updated in the latest Laravel 10 release.

PhpStorm 2022.3.3 Release Candidate
PhpStorm 2022.3.3 Release Candidate is now available, and it’s the final build before the stable release.

Symfony 6.2.7 Released
Symfony 6.2.7 has just been released. Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.2.6

PHP Annotated – February 2023
Welcome to the January installment of PHP Annotated, where we’ll catch up on the most exciting things that have happened in the PHP world over the last month, including curated news, articles, tools, and videos.

CakeFest: Call For Speakers Is Open
Don't miss your chance to speak at the one and only CakePHP conference.

A Week of Symfony #843 (20-26 February 2023)
This week, the upcoming Symfony 6.3 version experienced an intense development activity to finish many new features such as: adding a remember me option for JSON logins, allowing to trim parameters in XML config files, introducing a new Exclude attribute, allowing to define the batch size in Messenger component and allowing to extend the Autowire attribute.

Podcasts and Vlogs

How To Code Well: 191 - NHS Legacy IT Meltdown
JD Sports says 10 million customers hit by cyber attack.

PHP Ugly: 324: This Is PHPine
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about JSON Validate, Backend communication, trying to keep OBS running, and more...

Laravel News Podcast: Saloon, Banhammers, And Visualizing App Data
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

The Stack Overflow: The Open-Source Game Engine You’ve Been Waiting For: Godot (Ep. 542)
Juan Linietsky, cofounder and lead developer of the Godot Engine, joins the home team for a conversation about what led him to create an open-source game engine, how open source is shaping game development, and the well-worn path from playing video games to learning to build them.

North Meets South Podcast: Be kind. Speak truth. Don’t wait. with Matt Stauffer
Jake and Michael are joined by Matt Stauffer to discuss his journey and taking over more of an operational role within the consultancy he co-founded, Tighten.

Software Engineering Radio: Episode 552: Matt Frisbie on Browser Extensions
Matt Frisbie, author of Building Browser Extensions, speaks with host Kanchan Shringi about browser extensions, including key areas where they’ve been successful.

Developer Tea: Copy of What Defines a Senior Developer? - Systematically Communicating Value
In this episode, we'll discuss the importance of systematically communicating value to various audiences.

Shoptalk Show: 554: Jamstack Thoughts with Brian Rinaldi
Brian Rinaldi joins us to talk about the state of Jamstack in 2023, acronym confusion, SPA confusion, developing common tools of understanding, why Netlify bought Gatsby, and the state of developer conferences.

WP Builds: 315 – Thinking the unthinkable (TTUT). Episode 2: A.I. will kill us!
Welcome to the 2nd episode of our “Thinking the Unthinkable” series. Here, we attempt to rationalise negative views of WordPress and web design.

WP Briefing: Episode 50: 3 Interesting Trends from WordCamp Asia
On Episode fifty of the WordPress Briefing podcast, join WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy as she explores the three big trends from the inaugural WordCamp Asia.

Reading and Viewing

Kill Switches: Interrupting Long-Running Processes
A kill switch—sometimes known as a “Dead Man’s Switch”—is a type of safety mechanism common in machinery that interrupts a process in the event of an emergency.

Web Interface Guidelines
This document outlines a non-exhaustive list of details that make a good (web) interface. It is a living document, periodically updated based on personal learnings. Some of these may be subjective, but most apply to all websites.

Implementing TOTP-based Two Factor Authentication
Here is the story of how to implement a 2FA Authentication.

Symfony. Improving your tests with DoctrineFixturesBundle
Create fake data for your tests with the DoctrineFixturesBundle bundle.

Mastering Error Handling in Laravel: Best Practices for Smooth and Secure Development
Error handling is a crucial aspect of any software development project. It helps you identify and fix issues, provide useful feedback to users, and ensure that your application runs smoothly.

7 Concepts Every PHP Developer Must Understand To Succeed
These concepts are the foundations of a successful developer, and everyone who enters the industry must understand them all.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A Laravel 9 and 10 package that replaces Laravel Jetstream's TailwindCSS based Inertia stack with a Bootstrap 5.2 based Inertia stack.

This package provides a hassle-free way to incorporate authentication in your application by integrating with an external api.

Alpaca frontend theme for Magento 2 with rtl.

toolset for devscast symfony applications.

install command for pdf-font.

This package is used to easily interact with Microsoft Teams Connector API via Incoming Webhook, allowing to create notification channel.

Remove Symfony polyfills.

yii2 asset to

A Laravel Nova TinyMCE field with built in image gallery support.

Magento 2 module template for composer packages in a github repository.


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