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May 4, 2023

Hi everyone,

It's teh first newsletter of the month and we have lots of the latest news and updates for you this week. We have new updates from Laravel 10, Cake PHP, PHPStorm and Symfony. In podcasts, PHP Roundtable will be streaming live tomorrow, the 5th of May with the team from Open Sourcing Mental Health, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and providing resources to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities. If you would like to join the discussion live, click on their link in the podcast section. We also have the latest podcast episodes from The Rabbit Hole and No Compromises on the topic of Interviewing Developers like a human. Finally, if you'd like to know more about real life SQL injection attacks and how it could impact your clients and business, check out our Reading section for that along with cool things you can do with Git from a recent talk at Full Stack Europe. We have all that and more, so we do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. 

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Use ChatgGPT To Ask A Question To The Laravel Docs
Ask a question to the Laravel docs is a new project by Cosme Escobedo that uses ChatGPT to generate answers from the official Laravel documentation to your questions.

Saying Goodbye to WIP Commit Messages
There are two kinds of developers: those that write commit messages and value a repo's history and those that don't.

Things Considered Harmful
Someone on the internet shared their concerns about Laravel. They made a post on /r/php, a subreddit I moderate. They titled it "Laravel considered harmful", and currently it's the fifth most upvoted post of all-time on /r/php.

The Battle of With vs Load in Eloquent: Which One Wins?
In the realm of Laravel's Eloquent ORM, developers often find themselves faced with a crucial decision: should they employ the "with" method or the "load" method?

Securing Your PHP Application: Best Practices
In this blog post, we will discuss the best practices for securing PHP applications.

10 Tips for Optimizing PHP Performance and Speeding Up Your Website
In this post, we’ll cover 10 tips for optimizing PHP performance and speeding up your website.


Web Scraping Specialists Wanted
If you're a skilled Web Scraping Specialist with a knack for creative problem-solving, join our remote team to gather data from e-commerce websites and enhance our data-driven solutions. Embrace challenging projects, overcome blocking technologies, and collaborate with a diverse global team in a flexible, fast-paced environment.

Junior PHP/Python Developer - Remote
We're looking for Full-Stack Developers to join our dynamic remote international team. As a developer, you'll work on a range of projects, including Business Intelligence systems, Legal SaaS, and cutting-edge online projects. You'll be responsible for improving legacy systems, monitoring technical systems, and delivering high-quality solutions. You should be proficient in front-end and back-end development, have strong problem-solving skills, and experience with Python, PHP, Postgres, MongoDB, and Linux servers. If you're a self-motivated team player, apply now.

Technical Support Manager - Remote
Are you interested in programming but don't have the experience yet to be a skilled developer? Join our team as a Technical Support Manager and be part of our SaaS company's success. You'll work closely with our customers to provide timely solutions, troubleshoot technical issues, and contribute to feature development. Using your skills, you'll quickly identify and resolve issues, while also working closely with our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You don't need to have programming experience to succeed in this role, but you should have a passion for technology and a desire to learn. You will help us enhance our products and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Tutorials and Talks

Top 10 Laravel Audit Security Issues
Since the start of 2022, I’ve spent my time conducting Security Audits and Penetration Tests for Laravel applications. I’ve audited apps of all sizes, from tiny apps with a handful of controllers, right through to huge apps with a multitude of modules, and many different coding styles and app structures.

Invoice PDF Generation With Browsershot
Invoicing is boring and manually writing up invoices even more so, that's why you should automate the entire process in your app.

How To Use Custom Slots In Full Page Livewire Components
In this article I'll an undocumented, but very useful trick to use slots in Livewire.

PHP 8.2: Deprecated
This new version seems to deprecate common structures used by developers, so you might want to look into the changelog. Here are some notable ones, to me.

Strings. How Do I Force Text To Wrap After A Certain Number Of Characters?
One function that most developers find very handy is wordwrap. If you have a long string of text that contains no particular formatting, you can use wordwrap to insert a character, such as newline character (\n), at a specified interval.

Unleashing the Power of Xdebug for PHP Debugging
A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Using Xdebug in Your PHP Development Workflow.

Builder Design Pattern With Php
The Builder design pattern is a creational design pattern that separates the construction of a complex object from its representation, allowing for more flexible and modular object creation.

Finding The Shortest Path Between Nodes In A Weighted Graph With Php
In my last article I shared my code for searching a path in a graph using breath first search.

How to Secure Your Laravel API with Passport
In this article, I will explore the key features of Laravel Passport and how to use it to secure your API. I’ll cover the following topics.

News and Announcements

Laravel 10.9 Released
The Laravel team has released version 10.9 with several new features and enhancements. Among the changes are named static methods for middleware, new HTTP status assertions for feature testing, and the ability to prune all canceled and unfinished queue batches.

CakePHP Chronos 3.0.0-beta3 Released
Updates: Default ChronosTime to server time by @othercorey, Add ComparisonTrait::isSameMonth()/ComparisonTrait::isSameYear() by andrii-pukhalevych, 3.x: re-add setISODate by @LordSimal +more

PhpStorm 2023.1.1 is released
The first bug-fix update for PhpStorm 2023.1 is now available. You can update to it using the Toolbox App or right from inside the IDE. You can also download PhpStorm 2023.1.1 from the website.

Symfony 6.3.0-BETA1 released
Symfony 6.3.0-BETA1 has just been released. Here is the list of the most important changes since 6.2

A Week of Symfony #852 (24-30 April 2023)
This week, Symfony 5.4.23 and 6.2.10 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, we continued polishing the new features of the upcoming Symfony 6.3 release, including the addition of return types to the entire codebase. Finally, we published more information about how to become a Symfony partner to gain visibility among tech experts in conferences.

Laravel Live UK 2023
Laravel Live UK 2023, the official Laravel conference for the UK, is coming to London for a two-day conference on June 22nd and 23rd 2023. Join hundreds of Laravel and PHP enthusiasts for inspirational talks, engaging networking, and amazing learning opportunities.

php[tek] 2023 - Chicago, IL
Join us for the 15th Annual Web Developer Conference, php[tek] 2023, May 16-18 2023.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly: 333:There's Something About PHP
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Latest in php[tek] news, new Honeybadger, PHPRoundtables, elePHPants, and more...

Laravel News Podcast: Laracon AU Returns, Telescopic Guzzle, And Security Audits
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

The Stack Overflow: How A Top-Ranked Engineering School Reimagined CS Curriculum (Ep. 565)
The home team welcomes a student and a professor from engineering powerhouse Olin College for a discussion of computer science education and how Olin prepares its students to hit the ground running as software engineers.

No Compromises Podcast: Interviewing Other Developers Like A Human
Some interviewing techniques can be pretty disrespectful of the applicant's time or humanity. On today's episode we talk about some ways of approaching an interview to put the person at ease and help them to do their best.

Software Engineering Radio: SE Radio 561: Dan DeMers on Dataware
Dan DeMers of joins host Jeff Doolittle for a conversation about data collaboration and dataware.

Developer Tea: Planning is About Creating Clarity, Not Certainty
Planning will give you the illusion of certainty. What you really need to execute on your plans is clarity.

Shoptalk Show: 563: Getting Pulled by the Algorithm, AI Training Data, and SVG Drawing
There's a special guest on the show who takes aim at the billionaires in web dev, do we know better than the algorithm for news, why is AI training data such a secret, Chris and Dave discover JetBrains, monorepo struggles, and SVG drawing tools.

WP Builds: 324 – Having A Career In Tech And WordPress with Fränk Klein
On the podcast today we have Fränk Klein, and he’s here to discuss the important topic of making a career from using WordPress. Like any other career, in technology, there’s really no replacement for knowledge.

The Rabbit Hole: 299. Seven Senses and Software Development
Created by occupational therapists, a “sensory diet” is a treatment strategy designed to help children feel calm, ready to learn, and in control of their bodies. Do you ever fidget with a pen during a meeting? Or take a walk to combat the after-lunch lull?

The PHP Roundtable 087: Open Sourcing Mental Health
On this panel we sit down with the team from Open Sourcing Mental Health whose motto is "Stronger Than Fear".

Reading and Viewing

Advanced Git Magic
Here's the recording of a cool talk by Pauline Vos given at Full Stack Europe 2022. In this talk she shares a couple of cool things you can do with Git.

Automatically Clear Ray When Running Tests via PHPUnit or Pest
Having your application covered with a good suite of tests has many benefits. The most significant benefit is the confidence that everything is working as expected.

Tinker like a 10x: Mastering Artisan Tinker REPL for Laravel Part 2
In this article, we will delve into the practical applications of Tinker for various use cases.

Creating a DTO with Traits in PHP
In this article, we’ll walk through an example of creating a UserDTO class using two traits — StaticCreateSelf and ToArray — that will help streamline the process of creating and using DTOs in your PHP applications.

SQL Injection: Real Life Attacks and How it Hurts Business
A single malware request can hurt your business. Vulnerabilities of your code can result in: Significant data theft Loss of your customers' trust...

Creating Dynamic Web Applications with PHP and MySQL
We'll cover the fundamentals of PHP and MySQL, and provide tips and best practices for building dynamic web applications.

Exploring the Power of PHP Object-Oriented Programming
In this post, we’ll explore the power of PHP object-oriented programming, and show you how to create classes, objects, and methods to make your code more modular, reusable, and efficient.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Local filesystem adapter for Flysystem.

Provides the Contao Managed Edition.

Manipulate easily cookies and session cookies in PHP with new features.

Scope Applicator is a PHP trait that makes data filtering and sorting easy.

This library allows you to attach Lazy Listeners to a ZF2 EventManager.

Laravel Admin with Semantic UI.

A package to create datatables using alpinejs, tailwind, livewire and laravel.

Template methods to quickly make use of FocusPoint, LazySizes, and Object-fit.

Http Router for handling request path.

Enable auto fill of uuid field to Laravel Models and enable find by uuid function.

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