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August 24, 2023

Hi everyone,

To code test, or not to code test? That's the topic of the guys over at PHPUgly this week. Which side do you fall under? It's another week and we've collected the best information and news about the wonderful world of PHP. We have a new security release from PHP 8.2 and in Laravel world, a new version of Laravel Herd has also been released. In our Podcast section we have new episodes from No Compromises on balancing a tool's strength with your team's style of writing code. Unlocking the power of DTO in Symfony is a very interesting article in our Reading section as well as the deep dive on Laravel Form requests. Finally we have tutorials on using Arrow function and a new way of routing in Laravel. We have all that and more, so we do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. If you're a student or developer on the move and want the latest PHP news and updates in one place, then subscribe to PHPWeekly.

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Livewire Real Time Presence
Dive into a hands-on experiment with Laravel and Livewire, exploring real-time page presence. Discover how to let users see who's viewing the same content in real-time. Packed with code snippets.

Laravel 11: A Fresh Face for the Most Popular PHP Framework
Hello, fellow Laravel enthusiasts! With Laravel 11 just around the corner, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch. For those who weren’t lucky enough to attend Laracon in New York or missed Taylor Otwell’s groundbreaking keynote, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Demystifying Unit Tests in Laravel: Building Robust Applications with Confidence
We'll dive into the world of unit tests in Laravel, one of the most popular PHP frameworks. We'll explore what unit tests are, why they are crucial, and how you can effectively implement them to build robust applications with confidence.

Making the case for Laravel as a Next.js alternative
Next.js is a powerhouse of a full-stack web framework with features like page-based routing, static-site generation, and dynamic React components, but what if I told you that you could get all of that with just PHP?

Beautiful Symfony Controllers With The “View” Event
Recently I embraced the power of the “View” kernel event offered by the framework. And it has been a lifesaver!

Unlocking Faster Execution with PHP OpCode Caching for PHP Performance
In this article, we will discuss the benefits of OpCode caching, how it works in PHP 8.x and the latest PHP version, benchmark tests and results, and how it relates to PHP 8.x performance improvements.


Web Scraping Specialists Wanted
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Junior PHP/Python Developer - Remote
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Technical Support Manager - Remote
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Tutorials and Talks

How to use Arrow Function in PHP with examples
It is available since PHP version 7.4 but many do not understand how to use it.

Building a Menu Bar Desktop Application with NativePHP package in Laravel
In this blog post I'll show how to come-up with a desktop application using Laravel with Blade templates.

Run Migration Files from Different Sub Directories in Laravel
Programmers are required to tackle extensive projects and manage a multitude of migration files. Utilizing the migrations folder for execution can occasionally become troublesome.

The new way of routing in the Laravel framework
As you know (hopefully) I’m in love with two frameworks: Laravel and Nest JS. The second one has a beautiful routing system that uses decorations directly in the controller file.

Creating Custom Attributes in PHP 8: A Guide
In this article, we'll dive deep into how you can create your custom attributes in PHP 8, enhancing your codebase with expressive metadata.

Unlock the Power of Dynamic Features in Symfony: The Ultimate Guide to implement Feature Flags
Feature flags, also known as feature toggles, are a programming technique that allows for the dynamic modification of an application’s behavior without the need to change and redeploy its code.

How to Test the Magento API in Postman
To test the Magento API in Postman, follow these steps.

News and Announcements

PHP 8.2.9 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.2.9. This is a security release. All PHP 8.2 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Laravel Herd v1.2.0 includes an App Creation Wizard, Tinkerwell integration, and more
Laravel Herd v1.2.0 is now released! Let's look at some of the features of this new version.

Pest v2.16 - Native function checks, new string expectations, and more
Nuno Maduro announced on X that Pest v2.16 is now out. This update comes packed with native functions support on the arch plugin, fresh expectations, and more.

A Week of Symfony #868 (14-20 August 2023)
This week, development activity focused on fixing bugs for stable versions. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 6.4 version added two new utility methods in the base AbstractController class to help you render template blocks. Lastly, the SymfonyLive Paris 2024 conference announced that its Call for Papers is open.

SymfonyLive Paris 2024 - Call for paper is open!
SymfonyLive Paris 2024, our annual conference in French language, will take place from March 28 & 29! Prepare now your participation by submitting a talk or workshop proposal, taking advantage of early bird tickets or becoming a conference partner!

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly: 348: To Code Test, or Not to Code Test
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Taking test to get a job, AI Spots, phptek 2024, and more...

The Stack Overflow: Medical research made understandable with AI (ep. 601)
On today’s episode we chat with CEO Dipanwita Das and CTO Hellmut Adolphs of Sorcero, which uses AI and large language models to make medical texts more discoverable and readable, helping knowledge to more easily spread, increasing the changes doctors and patients will find the solutions they need.

No Compromises Podcast: Tools should work for you, not boss you around
PHPStan is a great tool, but if you're not careful it might push you to write code in a way you wouldn't normally write it. How can you balance a tool's strengths with your team's style of writing code?

North Meets South Podcast: State machines, pending objects, and named constructors
Jake shares news of a package he's working on to help define state charts in PHP, then we get into the weeds on the pending object paradigm, as well as using named constructors as an alternative to "new-ing" up a class.

Maintainable Podcast: Adriana Villela - On Being a Serial Refactorer
Robby has a chat with Adriana Villela, a Senior Developer Advocate at Lightstep. Adriana highlights that well-maintained software should be software that one can understand when they go into the code even if they’re not super familiar with it.

Software Engineering Radio: SE Radio 577: Casey Muratori on Clean Code, Horrible Performance?
Casey Muratori caused some strong reactions with a blog post and an associated video in which he went through an example from the “Clean Code” book by Robert Martin to demonstrate the negative impact that clean code practices can have on performance.

Developer Tea: Interrogate Your Decision Making Rules
Decisions are made in many ways, but one important type of decisionmaking tool is the "rule." This is something you follow without any cognitive processing.

Shoptalk Show: 579: One Day Builds, Spicy Slugs, and What Next for CSS?
Have you ever been an auctioneer? Sometimes when God closes a shed, he opens a sauna.

WP Builds: 338 – Calvin Alkan on the state of WordPress security plugins. Security mini series 1/4
This is first of four podcast episodes related to WordPress security. For the first time ever, I feel like I need to add some context to the show notes so that you understand the context of what I’m doing here.

Reading and Viewing

Why Agility–not Agile–is the Best Tool for Project Management
As you search for a development partner to bring your company’s application to life, it’s important to evaluate not just a potential partner’s ability to code, but their ability to run and deliver projects.

Laravel Form Requests deep dive
In Laravel, validating forms is key to maintaining the safety and accuracy of user data. The FormRequest component simplifies this by keeping the validation rules in a dedicated class, rather than in the controller. This also makes the code neater and allows for special functions related to the request, like fetching a model or changing a data type of a field.

Basics of PHP Variable Scope Explained
Understanding PHP variable scope is crucial for efficient programming. Without a proper scope, you may encounter errors that will cost you valuable coding time.

Async-or-swim evolution? Asynchronous PHP: Non-Blocking Code Execution
Before we go anywhere, let’s just cover off the difference between synchronous and asynchronous code execution.

Implementing the Factory Pattern in a Laravel Application
In this article, we’ll delve into the Factory Pattern and learn how to implement it in a Laravel application.

Unlock the Power of DTO in Symfony with This One Library!
Every developer, at some point in their journey, has faced the daunting challenge of managing and validating a barrage of incoming data.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Send Email from Laravel using Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS).

Order bulk actions: Module for Magento 2 by outer/edge

Redis Cache, Session and ActiveRecord for the Yii framework.

Hyperledger Fabric client SDK in PHP.

This package offers an API to colorize strings of text with various ANSI colors using static methods.

Simple web crawler based on Symfony components and Guzzle.

Locks library for PHP.

Create shareable links from your eloquent models.

A PHPUnit plugin to aid randomized unit testing.

A simple package that converts HTML into plain text using DOM methods.

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