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November 2, 2023

Hi everyone,

It's the first newsletter for the month of November and it's also a week of latest releases. New updates for PHP 8.1 and 8.2 are now available. We also have the latest beta release from Symfony and updates for Laravel 10.29 ad CakePHP. There's also a new PHP Annotated for the month of October available. In podcasts this week we have new episodes from No Compromise about allowing non-developers to manage roles and permissions in the application interface. Do you think that's a good idea? Over at Developer Tea the topic is to spend time intentionally through expectation mapping. In a world where some of us are being pulled in different directions, this episode may provide some useful insights. Finally in our Reading section we have a blog on Hw Cookies are shaping the future, as well as Real time web applications with Laravel and a guide on Events and Listeners in Laravel. We have all that and more, so we do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. If you're a student or developer on the move and want the latest PHP news and updates in one place, then subscribe to PHPWeekly.

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The history of Laravel's dd function
Nuno Maduro has a new video showing the history of Laravel's dd helper.

Laravel Pulse - What we know so far
This week, Taylor gave a sneak peek of a new thing he's planning on releasing called Laravel Pulse. Outside of what you can see in the screenshot he shared, all we know for certain right now is it will be free and open source.

Mastering Exception Handling in PHP: Ensuring Code Resilience
Exception handling may not always be the center of attention, but it’s a programming technique that’s absolutely critical in PHP development. It’s all about ensuring your code can gracefully handle unexpected situations and errors.

The PHP open-source ebook
Some Drops of PHP is an open-source book dedicated to uncovering hidden gems in PHP. Within these pages, you'll find a curated collection of lesser-known yet immensely powerful PHP functions and techniques I've discovered, used, and mastered in my daily PHP endeavors.



Web Scraping Specialists Wanted
If you're a skilled Web Scraping Specialist with a knack for creative problem-solving, join our remote team to gather data from e-commerce websites and enhance our data-driven solutions. Embrace challenging projects, overcome blocking technologies, and collaborate with a diverse global team in a flexible, fast-paced environment.

Junior PHP/Python Developer - Remote
We're looking for Full-Stack Developers to join our dynamic remote international team. As a developer, you'll work on a range of projects, including Business Intelligence systems, Legal SaaS, and cutting-edge online projects. You'll be responsible for improving legacy systems, monitoring technical systems, and delivering high-quality solutions. You should be proficient in front-end and back-end development, have strong problem-solving skills, and experience with Python, PHP, Postgres, MongoDB, and Linux servers. If you're a self-motivated team player, apply now.

Technical Support Manager - Remote
Are you interested in programming but don't have the experience yet to be a skilled developer? Join our team as a Technical Support Manager and be part of our SaaS company's success. You'll work closely with our customers to provide timely solutions, troubleshoot technical issues, and contribute to feature development. Using your skills, you'll quickly identify and resolve issues, while also working closely with our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You don't need to have programming experience to succeed in this role, but you should have a passion for technology and a desire to learn. You will help us enhance our products and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Tutorials and Talks

Tip: Ensure model events are fired in your tests when using Model Observers
We will look at a couple of common scenarios where adding a couple of lines to your tests can future-proof your application from data loss.

Laravel Increment or Decrement a column value easily.
Level Up Your Laravel Skills with Eloquent's Increment and Decrement Functions.

How To Export CSV File In Laravel 10 Example
In this article, I will delve into the process of exporting CSV files in Laravel 10, a powerful PHP framework known for its simplicity and elegance.

Timed features availability in your PHP application
If you have several application features that should not be available today, but available tomorrow; if you have a list of planned events or something like this, you may use some code from this repo.

Change Laravel Authentication Model for FilamentPHP 3
With the increasing demand for personalized admin dashboards, many developers seek alternative solutions to the default user model within frameworks like Filament.

CRUD — Delete Data in Laravel
To delete data from a database in Laravel, you can use Laravel’s built-in query builder or Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping). Below are the steps to delete data from a database in Laravel.

How to Integrate PayPal with Symfony6?
Here we are going to see the procedure for integrating PayPal with Symfony Framework.

News and Announcements

PHP 8.1.25 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.1.25. This is a bug fix release.

PHP Annotated – October 2023
Welcome to the October edition of PHP Annotated! We’ll recap the most interesting developments in the PHP community over the past month, featuring handpicked news, articles, tools, and videos.

CakePHP 5.0.2 Released
Improvements include: TranslateBehavior now allows using _translations.{locale}.field_name style naming for default locale. LoggedQuery::getContext() now includes the query that was emitted +more.

PhpStorm 2023.3 EAP #5
In this build, you can find several quality-of-life improvements across the various subsystems.

Laravel 10.29 Released
This week, the Laravel team released v10.29 with the ability to see all middleware in route:list, CLI dump output updates, and more. This week's release saw a lot of small fixes, added tests, and miscellaneous changes; see the changelog for a complete list of updates.

Symfony 7.0.0-BETA2 released
Symfony 7.0.0-BETA2 has just been released. Here is the list of the most important changes since 7.0.0-BETA1.

A Week of Symfony #878 (23-29 October 2023)
This week, Symfony continued tweaking and polishing the upcoming Symfony 6.4 and 7.0 releases. In addition, we published new blog posts about the main new features of Symfony 6.4 and 7.0. Finally, we announced three new speakers for the SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 conference.

Podcasts and Vlogs

PHP Ugly: 358: A Better PHP API Platform
This week on the podcast, Eric, John, and Thomas talk about Updates to php[tek].TV, htmx, API Platform Framework, and more...

The Stack Overflow: Zero trust with zero problems
The home team chats with Alex Bovee, cofounder and CEO of identity access management company ConductorOne, about balancing security and productivity in developer workflows, why tech companies have shifted everything left, and the logic behind zero trust.

No Compromises Podcast: Should You Manage Roles And Permissions With A UI?
Just about every application needs the concept of roles and permissions. Often, there's a desire to allow non-developers to manage roles and permissions in the application interface, but is that a good idea?

Software Engineering Radio: SE Radio 587: M. Scott Ford on Managing Dependency Freshness
M. Scott Ford, the CTO of Corgibytes and host of the Legacy Code Rocks podcast, discusses managing dependency freshness.

Developer Tea: Spend Your Time Intentionally Through Expectation Mapping
In this episode, I provide you a simple framework as a starting lens for getting a better idea of how you are spending your time in relation to who cares the most about those investments.

Shoptalk Show: 589: CSS Functions, Read It Later, Making Money in Business, and More
A quick bit of union news follow up, CSS function round up, Read It Later inside Feedbin, fun uses for a Stream Deck+, how to turn up the money dial in your own business, and having the audacity to call yourself a publisher.

WP Builds: “Thinking the unthinkable (TTUT). Episode 347: Who needs a Content Management System (CMS) anyway?” with Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley
It’s the 18th episode of our “Thinking the Unthinkable” series and our topic is “Who needs a Content Management System (CMS) anyway?”

WP Briefing: Episode 65: Little Sun Success
Join WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy as she looks at a recent WordPress success story, the clean energy solution Little Sun, and learns about their WordPress story.

Reading and Viewing

Building Message-Driven Framework — Foundation
Most of the materials will say not to build your own Messaging Framework, yet somehow we’ve a lot of them, better or worse, internal or open sourced.

How Cookies Are Shaping the Future: Exploring the Concept of Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS)
Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS), also known as Partitioned cookies, enable developers to designate a cookie for partitioned storage, creating a distinct cookie jar for each top-level site.

Real-time Web Applications with Laravel: Streaming Responses Using Server-Sent Events
In this article, we will explore how to implement real-time data delivery in Laravel applications using Server-Sent Events (SSE).

PHP ORM: Data Mapper vs Active Record
Object-relational mapping (ORM) is a programming technique that maps entities in a database to objects in a programming language.

Explaining Events And Listeners And Subscribers Using Easy Examples in Laravel
This system allows you to keep your application logic clean and decoupled, ensuring each part of your app does one thing and does it well.

Environment Configuration in Laravel
Configuring the environment in Laravel involves various settings to customize your application for different environments (e.g., local development, staging, production).

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A machine learning library for PHP.

An alternative to the native WP function `get_template_part` that can pass arguments to the local scope.

PHP Input Conform Handler.

SOLID Compliant OOP Validation.

Symfony Bundle For Surveys.

Send Laravel logs to a Telegram chat via Telegram Bot.

LAEditor is Code Editor for LaraAdmin which is a Open source Admin Panel for Laravel based Applications & CRM's.

Simple library for value type casting.

A collection of utilities for the Silverstripe UserForms module.

Laravel N+1 Query Detector.

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