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April 25, 2024

Hi everyone,

Whether you're new to PHP or a seasoned professional, there's always something for everyone in our weekly newsletter. Thia week we have a couple of beginner-friendly articles and tutorials that explores core concepts, best practices, and practical tips for building modern web applications. One of them is a list of top 10 testing frameworks in the Articles section. In Podcasts we have new episodes from North Meets South on Laravel 11, nested validation and the simplicity of Laravel. If you need tips on building a great resumé, Developer Tea shares some tips to level it up. Finally in our Reading section we have some interesting articles includng one on Enums that discuss old habits as well as modern best practices. We also have an insightful article on the iconv vulnerability for PHP when converting charsets to certain Chinese Extended encodings. We have all that and more, so we do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. If you're a student or developer on the move and want the latest PHP news and updates in one place, then subscribe to PHPWeekly.

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Asserting Exceptions in Laravel Tests
Laravel's recent release of Laravel 11.4 introduced the Exceptions facade, which adds conveniences around asserting exceptions in Laravel's exception handler. Before this release, I would typically use the $this->withoutExceptionHandling() to assert that a specific exception happened during an HTTP test.

Concealing Cacophony
Over the last few weeks I have been publishing a series of videos on writing PHP extensions. I record these videos through OBS, and then slice and dice them with Kdenlive. This editing is necessary to make up for my mistakes, shorten the time we wait for things to compile, and to remove the noise of me hammering away on my keyboard.

Top 10 PHP Testing Frameworks for 2024
In this blog, we will be focusing on automated testing frameworks and will be listing out the best PHP frameworks that will allow you to write your test cases in a standard format.

Elevate Your Laravel Eloquent Queries with Tappable Scopes
In this article, I want to go over how to use tappable scopes in Laravel. I’ve used similar patterns in Java Spring Boot, but never really considered using it in Laravel until I read Unorthodox Eloquent by Muhammed Sari which is an excellent guide to many advanced features in Laravel Eloquent.

Navigating the glibc Bug: A Call to Action for PHP Developers
The digital world we inhabit is underpinned by a myriad of technologies that work seamlessly to provide the functionalities we often take for granted. However, the discovery of a 24-year-old bug in the GNU C Library (glibc) has sent ripples through the PHP development community, highlighting the vulnerability of web applications and the importance of proactive security measures.


Web Scraping Specialists Wanted
If you're a skilled Web Scraping Specialist with a knack for creative problem-solving, join our remote team to gather data from e-commerce websites and enhance our data-driven solutions. Embrace challenging projects, overcome blocking technologies, and collaborate with a diverse global team in a flexible, fast-paced environment.

Junior PHP/Python Developer - Remote
We're looking for Full-Stack Developers to join our dynamic remote international team. As a developer, you'll work on a range of projects, including Business Intelligence systems, Legal SaaS, and cutting-edge online projects. You'll be responsible for improving legacy systems, monitoring technical systems, and delivering high-quality solutions. You should be proficient in front-end and back-end development, have strong problem-solving skills, and experience with Python, PHP, Postgres, MongoDB, and Linux servers. If you're a self-motivated team player, apply now.

Technical Support Manager - Remote
Are you interested in programming but don't have the experience yet to be a skilled developer? Join our team as a Technical Support Manager and be part of our SaaS company's success. You'll work closely with our customers to provide timely solutions, troubleshoot technical issues, and contribute to feature development. Using your skills, you'll quickly identify and resolve issues, while also working closely with our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You don't need to have programming experience to succeed in this role, but you should have a passion for technology and a desire to learn. You will help us enhance our products and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Tutorials and Talks

Setting up PHP 8.2 + Laravel 11 dev environment on Multipass
Setting up the dev box using Multipass on your machine.

Machine Learning with PHP
If you're interested in Machine Learning and PHP, Transformers PHP emerges as a game-changer, offering robust text processing capabilities within PHP environments.

Exploring the Power of PHP: Building Dynamic and Scalable Web Applications
In this guide, we'll embark on a journey into the world of PHP, exploring its core concepts, best practices, and practical tips for building modern web applications.

Implementing Push Notifications with PHP and Firebase: Engage Users with Real-Time Updates
In this guide, we'll explore how to implement push notifications using PHP and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), enabling you to send real-time updates to your users' devices with ease.

How to Preview Laravel Notification Emails
It’s a hassle trying to test your the HTML of your notification class by sending multiple requests to trigger the Notification to your mail.

Automating Laravel CI/CD with GitHub Actions on Namecheap
Have you had some struggles hosting your Laravel application on namecheap? Or you have been looking for a way to automate your deployments to your namecheap server? This article is for you.

How to make REST API in PHP Native and MYSQL. Study Case : Transaction API
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a basic understanding of how to set up a simple API that can perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on a MySQL database.

News and Announcements

Anonymous Event Broadcasting in Laravel 11.5
This week, the Laravel team released v11.5, with anonymous event broadcasting, Blade performance improvements, generating URLs with query parameters, and more.

Property Hooks Get Closer to Becoming a Reality in PHP 8.4
The Property Hooks RFC passed a significant milestone, getting an overwhelmingly positive 34 "yes" votes and only 1 "no" vote. That's well above the required 2/3 majority required to pass.

A Week of Symfony #903 (15-21 April 2024)
This week, Symfony continued adding compatibility with the upcoming PHP 8.4 version and also focused on tweaking and polishing the new features of the upcoming Symfony 7.1 version. Meanwhile, we published more information about some of the talks that will be part of the SymfonyOnline June 2024 conference.

SymfonyOnline June 2024: Crafting Elegant Symfony Tests
SymfonyOnline June 2024 is in less than 2 months: on June 6-7, get ready for the impressive lineup of speakers and topics. Visit here to learn more and don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Laravel Live Denmark: A Two-Day Event in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 22-23, 2024
Laravel Live Denmark is a two-day Laravel conference that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on August 22-23, 2024. This event will be the first Laravel conference in the Nordic countries, where more than 300 Laravel and PHP enthusiasts worldwide will gather for two days of talks, learning, and networking.

Podcasts and Vlogs

The Stack Overflow: Is GenAI the next dot-com bubble?
The home team talks about the current state of the software job market, the changing sentiments around AI job opportunities, the impact of big players like Facebook and OpenAI on the space, and the challenges for startups.

North Meets South Podcast: Laravel 11 learnings, nested validation, and the simplicity of Laravel
Jake and Michael discuss some of the gotchas upgrading from a previous version of Laravel to 11.x, integrating a React frontend built in parallel to its backend, nested validation, and the simplicity of using a batteries-included framework like Laravel.

Maintainable Podcast: Martin Emde - Ruby Central and the Art of Being Tolerant to Change
In this episode of Maintainable, our host Robby Russell sits down with Martin Emde, a sage in the Ruby community and the current Director of Open Source at Ruby Central.

Software Engineering Radio: SE Radio 613: Shachar Binyamin on GraphQL Security
Shachar Binyamin, CEO and co-founder of Inigo, joins host Priyanka Raghavan to discuss GraphQL security.

Developer Tea: The Top Resumé Mistake I See, Plus the Best Resumé Advice I've Ever Received
After today's episode, your resumé is going to get better! In this episode I will share the biggest mistake and the best advice I've ever received about building a great resumé.

Shoptalk Show: 612: Matt Haughey on a Fantasy Blogging CMS Setup
Matt is here to talk about creating the perfect fantasy CMS for blogging, moderating comments at Metafilter, building sane defaults into programs, how difficult the web is, do we want AI in our CMS, and where is content headed on the internet?

WP Builds: 369 – No Script Show, Episode 8 – Designing an effective homepage
This week, it’s all about something called ‘component based web design’, but before that, a few words about what this show is about… Over the years our reliance on tools like Page Builders mean that we’ve not kept up with the new technologies which are becoming available to us via the browser, HTML and CSS…

PHP Architect: Community Corner: Keith “Danger” Casey
In this episode, Scott talks to Keith “Danger” Casey about being called “Danger”, his talks at php[tek] 2024, and the benefits of going to conferences.

Frontmatter Podcast: Barry O’Reilly, Author of Residues: Time, Change, and Uncertainty in Software Architecture
Barry O’Reilly is the author of the Leanpub book Residues: Time, Change, and Uncertainty in Software Architecture. In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Barry about his background and career, Complexity Science and its connection to his fascinating concept of Residuality theory in the fields Software Architecture and Computer Science, and his experience as a writer.

Mostly Technical: 31: Fight or Win
Ian & Aaron discuss HelpSpot's future, Aaron reveals his next course, the secret to building courses, the "edge", spouse GPS tracking, the Doordash tax.

Software Unscripted: Season 1 Episode 89 Compiling Smart Contracts with Lucas Rosa
Richard talks with Lucas Rosa, a compiler engineer working on the Aiken programming language for smart contracts, about tradeoffs in language and compiler design, property-based testing, syntax and familiarity, and compile-time evaluation of constants.

Syntax: Pro VSCode Setups
Join Scott and Wes as they dish out the juiciest VSCode secrets for coding like a boss (or a Tolinski)! From speedy navigation to must-have extensions and the sickest themes, get ready to level up your coding game.

The Changelog: Run Gleam run
This week we’re joined by Louis Pilfold, the creator of the Gleam programming language. For the uninitiated, Gleam is a functional programming language for building type-safe systems that compiles to Erlang and JavaScript and it’s written in Rust.

Reading and Viewing

Mitigating the iconv Vulnerability for PHP (CVE-2024–2961)
Recently, CVE-2024–2961 was released which identifies a buffer overflow vulnerability in GNU libc versions < 2.39 when converting charsets to certain Chinese Extended encodings.

CVE-2022–35914 deep dive: GLPI
In my prep for the OSCP exam, I came across a somewhat controversial box: GLPI. It’s recommended on TJnull’s very popular OSCP practice list, and is listed in OffSec’s Proving Grounds platform as an “Easy” machine. After beating my head against it for a few hours, I took a look at the somewhat hidden hover tooltip for this machine, and discovered that the community doesn’t quite agree with OffSec’s rating.

From Old Habits to Modern Best Practices: Introducing Enums
Have you ever stared at a giant switch statement in your PHP code, muttering, “There has to be a better way!”?

Implementing Server-Sent Events (SSE) in Laravel
Server-Sent Events (SSE) is a simple and efficient technology for pushing real-time updates from the server to the client over an HTTP connection. In this article, we’ll learn how to implement SSE in a Laravel application.

PHP: Implementing proxy for keepalive connections using Nginx
The main advantage of PHP languages is the simplicity, as developers don’t have to worry about resource utilisation and memory leakages; PHP will destroy all objects and free all memory after each request execution.

Student Management System In PHP With Source Code
The Student Management System is a simple system developed PHP MySQL database, Using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, J Query, and Modal.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A Symfony bundle to integrate Yubikey OTP validation service.

DotKernel dependency injection component using class attributes.

Provides Enhanced Error Handler for Yii1 application.

This package allows separating roles for admins and other types of users while stored in the same users table.

Creating custom fields for eloquent models has never been easier.

An easy to use PHP API for the METRC state licensed seed to sale cannabis API using the Guzzle library.

Compile and protect your php code from been stolen. No risk deployments to client's servers.

Custom Block alert Kirby CMS blocks editor.

Test library for Test Anything Protocol (TAP).

laravel validation for japanese character, hirakana, katakana, zenkaku, hankaku.

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